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Scheduled Game: CALGARY


Trinity Western303« FINAL


Game Date: 8/26/2006Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 12:10 pmAttendance: 35
Referee: Dave Bazett, Asst. Referee: Martin Reid, Craig Rohla, Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
CalgaryTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Adrian Kekec (8) - 33:37
Nathan Pogue (16) - 37:32
Adrian Kekec (8) - 45:00
Total Goals Scored03
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target49
Total Shots1216
Corner Kicks19
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards11
Other Fouls76
99Jordan Wanner (GK)50366,0
3Matthew Reid900/00/00
6Dustin Rundell450/00/00
9Brendan Gerritsen650/01/00
20Adam Onulov900/00/00
7Carlos Cruz580/01/00
13Lauren Ramos450/02/20
16Adam MacDonald750/01/00
18Maz Tabsh450/00/00
2Andrew Waiand590/01/00
10Daney Zuniga450/01/10
00JP Crecenzi400/00/00
5Hani Tabsh450/00/00
8Devin Delany150/00/00
11Brian Delaney320/00/00
12Ryan Holbrook450/02/10
14Tanmeet Singh450/00/00
15Nate Heywood450/00/00
17David Bird250/03/00
19Kit Shepperty311/00/00
Trinity Western
20Tyler DeJong (GK)45033,0
7Mustafa Demirci900/04/10
10Nick Perugini710/00/00
17Mirco Maras450/01/10
19Justin Cordick790/01/10
8Adrian Kekec*900/03/22
9Josip Maras721/01/10
16Nathan Pogue*900/05/21
4Bruno Napoleao900/00/00
5Justin Farenik550/00/00
14Stefan Leslie900/01/10
1Adam Alvaro450/00/00
6Brendan Campbell350/00/00
15Jason Flint320/00/00
18Shawn Parkes110/00/00
22Goran Vitic130/00/00
23Joel van Vliet80/00/00
30Kris Alexander110/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men’s Soccer (pre-season)
Saturday, August 26, 2006
TWU Spartans (3) vs. the University of Calgary Dinos (0)


Spartans Make it Two Straight
3-0 win over Dinos gives TWU two wins in a row

LANGLEY, British Columbia
– For the second day in a row Trinity Western University’s Adrian Kekec (4th year, forward, Burnaby, B.C., transfer – Capilano College) scored twice as the Spartans scored three goals in 12 minutes to defeat the University of Calgary Dinos 3-0 Saturday afternoon at TWU’s Spartan Field.

The two teams played evenly for much of the first half. But as the clock wound down TWU slowly took control. The Spartans got on the board in the 34th minute with Kekec’s first goal of the night.

Kekec took a chip from Mirko Maras (2nd year, Maple Ridge, B.C., transfer – Capilano College) and split the Calgary defenders to go in alone on the Dinos net. Kekec went around Calgary keeper Jordan Wanner and neatly placed the ball into the open net.

Four minutes later TWU scored their second goal of the afternoon when forward Nathan Pogue (2nd year, Seaside, Oregon) took a pass from midfielder Nick Perugini (4th year, Montreal, Que.) and went up the left side of the pitch. Pogue finished the play with a shot into the lower right corner of the Dinos net.

Kekec got his second of the afternoon just before the end of the half. Mirko Maras started the play with a blistering shot from the top of the box. Calgary’s Wanner made the stop but he could not corral the rebound as it went off to his right. Kekec, who was headed to the net on the shot, jumped on the rebound and placed it into the left side of Calgary’s net.

The second half saw each team with a couple of quality chances, but neither squad was able to find the back of the net.

TWU keepers Tyler DeJong (2nd year, Abbotsford, B.C.) – first half, and Adam Alvaro (2nd year, North Vancouver) – second half, earned the shut out for TWU. Calgary’s Wanner and JP Crecnzi split the goal tending duties for the Dinos.

Next up for the Spartans is a two match road trip through Oregon beginning with Concordia University on Tuesday, August 29 and concluding with a match against Evergreen State University on Wednesday, August 30. Next up for the Dinos is at the University of Saskatchewan on September 8.

Match Notes: Kekec has four goals in two games for the Spartans...TWU out shot Calgary 16-12...and had the edge in corner kicks at 9-1...the Spartans had nine shots on target, while the Dinos had four...




Calgary Period: 1Trinity Western
Jordan Wanner at goalie for CALGARY.00:00
00:00Tyler DeJong at goalie for TWU Spartans.
01:31Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
Foul on CALGARY.
09:01Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci WIDE.
09:45Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
10:22Offside against TWU Spartans.
11:26Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on CALGARY.
12:58Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
Shot by CALGARY Lauren Ramos, SAVE Tyler DeJong.14:35
Shot by CALGARY Lauren Ramos, SAVE Tyler DeJong.15:55
16:21Shot by TWU Stefan Leslie, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
Foul on CALGARY.
18:24Corner kick by TWU Josip Maras.
20:10Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
20:49Shot by TWU Josip Maras, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
Foul on CALGARY.
22:44Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
25:50Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci HIGH.
27:06Shot by TWU Justin Cordick, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
Foul on CALGARY.
33:37GOAL by TWU Adrian Kekec (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Mirco Maras.
*chip up mid 1v0,round keep LRC
34:41Yellow card on TWU Josip Maras.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
36:44Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
37:32GOAL by TWU Nathan Pogue, Assist by Nick Perugini.
*thr LS sht LRC
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Corner kick by CALGARY Maz Tabsh.39:05
Shot by CALGARY Daney Zuniga, SAVE Tyler DeJong.39:42
Shot by CALGARY Carlos Cruz BLOCKED.40:40
42:18Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci BLOCKED.
42:39Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec WIDE.
42:46Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
Shot by CALGARY Brendan Gerritsen HIGH.44:17
45:00Shot by TWU Mirco Maras, SAVE Jordan Wanner.
45:00GOAL by TWU Adrian Kekec, Assist by Mirco Maras.
*rbd LS 1v0
Calgary Period: 2Trinity Western
CALGARY substitution: Nate Heywood for Daney Zuniga.45:00
CALGARY substitution: Hani Tabsh for Maz Tabsh.45:00
CALGARY substitution: Tanmeet Singh for Dustin Rundell.45:00
CALGARY substitution: Ryan Holbrook for Lauren Ramos.45:00
45:00TWU substitution: Adam Alvaro for Tyler DeJong.
45:00TWU substitution: Goran Vitic for Mirco Maras.
45:00Adam Alvaro at goalie for TWU Spartans.
Shot by CALGARY Ryan Holbrook WIDE.46:54
48:40Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue HIGH.
Shot by CALGARY Andrew Waiand BLOCKED.49:53
JP Crecenzi at goalie for CALGARY.45:00
CALGARY substitution: JP Crecenzi for Jordan Wanner.45:00
54:19Offside against TWU Spartans.
54:54TWU substitution: Brendan Campbell for Justin Farenik.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
57:29Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue BLOCKED.
57:53TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Goran Vitic.
CALGARY substitution: Brian Delaney for Carlos Cruz.57:53
Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
CALGARY substitution: Kit Shepperty for Andrew Waiand.58:34
59:53Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.
Yellow card on CALGARY Kit Shepperty.60:23
Shot by CALGARY Ryan Holbrook, SAVE Adam Alvaro.62:08
CALGARY substitution: David Bird for Brendan Gerritsen.65:07
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Shot by CALGARY Adam MacDonald HIGH.67:56
71:12TWU substitution: Joel van Vliet for Nick Perugini.
71:45TWU substitution: Justin Cordick for Josip Maras.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
CALGARY substitution: Devin Delany for Adam MacDonald.74:48
78:00Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue BLOCKED.
78:38TWU substitution: Kris Alexander for Justin Cordick.
79:19Offside against TWU Spartans.
Foul on CALGARY.
79:19For TWU: #4 Bruno Napoleao, #6 Brendan Campbell, #7 Mustafa Demirci, #8 Adrian Kekec, #14 Stefan Leslie, #15 Jason Flint, #30 Kris Alexander, #1 Adam Alvaro, #18 Shawn Parkes, #16 Nathan Pogue.
Shot by CALGARY David Bird HIGH.84:19
Shot by CALGARY David Bird WIDE.85:51
Foul on CALGARY.
Shot by CALGARY David Bird WIDE.89:19

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