Box Score

Scheduled Game: SASKATCHEWAN*


Saskatchewan112« FINAL
Trinity Western101


Game Date: 10/27/2006Location: TWU, Langley, BC
Game Time: 7:30 pmAttendance: 158
Referee: Ward Surmen, Asst. Referee: Dave Miller, Mike Perko
SaskatchewanTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Stephen Krieg (15) - 9:10
Jordan Schidlowsky (10) - 48:36
Josh McCaig (12) - 29:22
Total Goals Scored21
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target39
Total Shots522
Corner Kicks37
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards10
Yellow Cards23
Other Fouls1113
74Derrick Ng (GK)90185,3
2Matt Lebel620/00/00
3Brendan Garrity900/00/00
5Saud Ahmad900/00/00
6Brandon Ferridge900/00/00
7Christopher Zoller900/10/00
10Jordan Schidlowsky*901/03/11
11Steven Irinici900/00/00
14Michael Veszi901/00/00
15Stephen Krieg*900/02/21
17Alvi Campos900/00/00
8Nathan Reis190/00/00
9David Patterson90/00/00
Trinity Western
20Tyler DeJong (GK)90210,1
2Diaz Kambere901/04/10
4Bruno Napoleao900/02/20
5Justin Farenik900/01/00
7Mustafa Demirci810/01/00
8Adrian Kekec850/03/20
11Patrick Kelly900/03/20
12Josh McCaig*900/05/21
14Stefan Leslie900/00/00
15Jason Flint720/00/00
19Justin Cordick810/03/00
9Josip Maras51/00/00
16Nathan Pogue180/00/00
17Mirco Maras91/00/00
22Goran Vitic90/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men’s Soccer (Canada West)
Friday, October 27, 2006
TWU Spartans (1) vs. the University of Saskatchewan Huskies (2)



LANGLEY, British Columbia
– The Trinity Western University men’s soccer team had the edge in every statistical categories but the most important one in Saturday nights Canada West soccer match against the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. The Spartans out shot the Huskies 22-5 and had the edge in corner kicks, 7-3, but TWU could not get enough balls into the back of the Saskatchewan net as the Huskies prevailed 2-1.

The win moves Saskatchewan to 5-7-1, while the loss drops TWU to 7-5-1. The win evens the season series between the two squads at 1-1. Saskatchewan lost by a similar 2-1 score in their earlier meeting on September 23 in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan used counter attack strategy and patience, as they looked to take advantage of TWU miscues. Both Huskies’ goals came out of this strategy. Stephen Krieg opened the scoring in the 10th minute to give Saskatchewan a 1-0 lead.

TWU’s loan fifth year senior Josh McCaig answered for the Spartans in the 30th minute to make the score 1-1 at the half.

Saskatchewan got the game winner mere minutes into the second frame. Jordan Schidlowsky took advantage of a TWU defensive miscue in the 49th minute to give the Huskies the game winner and a 2-1 lead.

TWU buzzed around the Saskatchewan net for most of the remainder of the half, but they were unable to get the tying goal.

Tyler DeJong took the loss for the Spartans, while Derrick Ng earned the win for the Huskies.

The Spartans will play their final Canada West regular season match tomorrow night against the University of Alberta. Match time at TWU is set for 7:15 p.m.

Match notes: there were five yellow cards and one red card awarded in the match... Saskatchewan’s Christopher Zoller was sent off in the 34th minute...




Saskatchewan Period: 1Trinity Western
Derrick Ng at goalie for SASKM.00:00
00:00Tyler DeJong at goalie for TWU.
Foul on SASKM.02:21
03:02Shot by TWU Diaz Kambere WIDE.
04:31Foul on TWU.
07:10Shot by TWU Justin Cordick WIDE.
GOAL by SASKM Stephen Krieg (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Brandon Ferridge.09:10
*shot past diving keeper bottom left
10:34Foul on TWU.
Foul on SASKM.11:16
11:41Shot by TWU Justin Cordick WIDE.
Foul on SASKM.12:25
12:45Offside against TWU.
13:10Foul on TWU.
Foul on SASKM.14:39
Yellow card on SASKM Jordan Schidlowsky.14:50
16:41Header Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE Derrick Ng.
17:44Shot by TWU Josh McCaig, SAVE Derrick Ng.
18:03Corner kick by TWU Mustafa Demirci.
Foul on SASKM.21:13
Corner kick by SASKM Brendan Garrity.22:08
Foul on SASKM.23:17
24:04Foul on TWU.
24:43Shot by TWU Josh McCaig WIDE.
25:28Shot by TWU Mustafa Demirci WIDE.
26:07Foul on TWU.
28:44Shot by TWU Bruno Napoleao, SAVE Derrick Ng.
29:22GOAL by TWU Josh McCaig, Assist by Mustafa Demirci.
*deflected over keeper
Corner kick by SASKM Brandon Ferridge.30:20
31:29Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly, SAVE Derrick Ng.
Foul on SASKM Christopher Zoller.33:10
Red card on SASKM Christopher Zoller.33:30
Foul on SASKM.35:17
36:13Shot by TWU Justin Farenik WIDE.
Foul on SASKM.36:55
39:25Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec WIDE.
39:40Offside against TWU.
40:27Shot by TWU Diaz Kambere, SAVE Derrick Ng.
42:40Shot by TWU Josh McCaig WIDE.
-END-43:26Foul on TWU.-END-
Saskatchewan Period: 2Trinity Western
46:00Offside against TWU.
46:40Foul on TWU.
GOAL by SASKM Jordan Schidlowsky, Assist by Stephen Krieg.48:36
*sidefoot past keeper into botm right cornwe
49:56Foul on TWU.
50:04Foul on TWU.
51:26Corner kick by TWU Mustafa Demirci.
51:58Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly, SAVE Derrick Ng.
52:31Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE Derrick Ng.
53:44Shot by TWU Josh McCaig WIDE.
54:38Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly WIDE.
55:34Corner kick by TWU Diaz Kambere.
58:56Corner kick by TWU Diaz Kambere.
61:38Shot by TWU Diaz Kambere WIDE.
SASKM substitution: Nathan Reis for Matt Lebel.
62:24Foul on TWU.
Foul on SASKM.67:45
68:00Shot by TWU Bruno Napoleao, SAVE Derrick Ng.
68:12Corner kick by TWU Diaz Kambere.
Yellow card on SASKM Michael Veszi.68:30
Shot by SASKM Stephen Krieg, SAVE Tyler DeJong.69:31
Corner kick by SASKM Brandon Ferridge.69:42
Header Shot by SASKM Jordan Schidlowsky WIDE.70:11
TWU substitution: Nathan Pogue for Jason Flint.
72:53Foul on TWU.
78:58Corner kick by TWU Justin Cordick.
79:56Corner kick by TWU Justin Cordick.
80:22Shot by TWU Diaz Kambere WIDE.
SASKM substitution: David Patterson for Nathan Reis.
TWU substitution: Goran Vitic for Mustafa Demirci.
TWU substitution: Mirco Maras for Justin Cordick.
81:46[81:46] Yellow card on TWU Diaz Kambere.
84:26Yellow card on TWU Mirco Maras.
TWU substitution: Josip Maras for Adrian Kekec.
Shot by SASKM Jordan Schidlowsky WIDE.85:24
85:46Foul on TWU.
88:18Yellow card on TWU Josip Maras.
Foul on SASKM.90:00
90:00Foul on TWU.
TWU substitution: Justin Cordick for Stefan Leslie.
-END-90:00Shot by TWU Justin Cordick HIGH.-END-

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