Box Score



Vancouver Whitecaps213« FINAL
Trinity Western000


Game Date: 4/5/2007Location: TWU, Langley, BC
Game Time: 7:00 pmAttendance: 800
Referee: Michelle Pye, Asst. Referee: Martin Reid, Phil Barrington, Scorer: Scott Stewart
Vancouver WhitecapsTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Eduardo Sebrango (12) - 19:42
Eduardo Sebrango (12) - 42:57
Eduardo Sebrango (12) - 63:57
Total Goals Scored30
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target62
Total Shots114
Corner Kicks00
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls119
Vancouver Whitecaps
1Tony Craig (GK)45000,0
29Srdjan Djekanovic (GK)45022,0
2Jeff Clarke600/01/00
3Steve Klein450/00/00
4Adrian Cann900/00/00
7Martin Nash600/00/00
8Steve Kindel600/01/00
9Alfredo Valente450/01/00
11David Testo300/00/00
12Eduardo Sebrango*690/06/63
19Sita-Taty Matondo900/01/00
24Lyle Martin450/00/00
1Tony Craig450/00/00
13Jag Sajan450/00/00
14Nico Marcina210/00/00
16Joe Di Buono300/00/00
17Diaz Kambere450/00/00
22Graham Smith450/00/00
23Joel Bailey600/01/00
25Adam Day300/00/00
28Jared Montz301/00/00
Trinity Western
20Tyler DeJong (GK)90333,0
6Brendan Campbell900/00/00
7Mustafa Demirci900/00/00
8Adrian Kekec900/02/20
10Nick Perugini900/01/00
14Stefan Leslie450/00/00
16Nathan Pogue450/00/00
17Mirco Maras900/00/00
19Justin Cordick900/00/00
21Chris Trauter450/00/00
22Goran Vitic900/00/00
5Justin Farenik450/00/00
9Patrick Kelly450/01/00
15Jason Flint450/00/00
23Joel van Vliet40/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Men’s Soccer (Spring Exhibition)
Thursday, April 05, 2007
Vancouver Whitecaps (3) vs. TWU Spartans (0)


-TWU can’t quite contain Sebrango and company

LANGLEY, British Columbia
– It was a night full of challenges for the 2006-07 CIS Silver Medalist Spartans as they faced the USL First Division Vancouver Whitecaps at home Thursday, April 5. Vancouver forward Eduardo Sebrango scored two in the first and one in the second for a 3-0 Whitecap victory, but the Spartans defended and attacked well in the loss.

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“One of the things [we were happy about] was we didn’t give up that many scoring chances. If you look throughout the game, they basically had four chances and scored on three of them, and that’s unfortunate,” said TWU Head Coach Al Alderson after the game. “Other than that we really did a good job defensively, keeping them contained and not giving up good scoring chances.”

It was all Whitecaps in the first three minutes of action as the Spartans gained some comfort on the field with the USL First Division Whitecaps, who culminated a good stretch of control with the first shot of the game in the 3rd minute of the match.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The first chance for the Spartans nearly emerged when TWU forward Nathan Pogue thought he timed a good run in the 9th minute, but was called offside as the Whitecap backline made a timely adjustment.

The Spartan defense were doing a good job holding off a number of Whitecap attacks but was eventually cracked after a couple great offensive plays by the Whitecaps. Vancouver defender Lyle Martin flew up the middle to send a ball to Alfredo Valente left of the TWU box. Valente rang one off the right post. Forty-nine seconds later, it was Valente shooting from the left side again, this time deflected by Spartan goalkeeper Tyler DeJong (1st, Abbotsford), but a favorable rebound resulted in a goal for the Whitecaps when Eduardo Sebrango made sure the ball went to the back of the net.

In the 43rd minute, the Vancouver club increased their lead as Sebrango scored his second goal of the match, heading the ball passed DeJong from a cross by teammate Steve Kindel.

The Spartans had a couple good of chances, but unlike the visiting team could not capitalize. A run by Adrian Kekec (3rd, Burnaby) was broken up by Whitecap keeper Srdjan Djekanovic in the 13th minute. Later on in the half, forward Nathan Pogue (2nd, Seaside) nearly scored when he got a foot on a throw just a few feet out of Djekanovic’s hand.

“From an attacking standpoint we actually carved through a couple times and got into some very good places and were really very unlucky not to score on some of those,” commented Alderson.

TWU went into the half trailing 2-0, while the shot-count was 9-2 for the visiting USL professional team.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The Spartans nearly closed in on the Whitecap lead when Nick Perugini (4th, Montreal) took a free kick that almost found the net off a deflection.

Sebrango continued his strong play and managed to make sure of one more good chance, collecting his third goal of the game on a breakaway in the 64th minute.

TWU has three players with experience playing for the Vancouver club: Stefan Leslie, Adrian Kekec and Diaz Kambere, who suited up as a Whitecap for the match.

Alderson closed his comments of the match with a reflection on the value of playing great competition: “It’s good for my guys to recognize that they still have areas to improve on and that’s the great thing about going up against a professional team, an A-league champion, is to get to see some of your weaknesses exploited, and you really get see the areas you need to work on.”

The Spartan’s play three away games to finish out the spring season, the first on April 7th at Western Washington followed by another game at Western Washington versus Gonzaga on April 14th. Lastly, the TWU men are scheduled to face Oregon on the 28th of April.

Match Notes: Shots: TWU 4 Whitecaps 11...SOG TWU 2 Whitecaps 4...Saves TWU 3 Whitecaps 2...Tonight's match was broadcast live on TWU's Spartan Web stats were also available on line on the TWU Athletics site...




Vancouver Whitecaps Period: 1Trinity Western
Srdjan Djekanovic at goalie for CAPS.00:00
00:00Tyler DeJong at goalie for TWU.
[02:58] Shot by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango, SAVE Tyler DeJong.02:58
09:23Offside against TWU.
10:41Offside against TWU.
Shot by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango, SAVE Tyler DeJong.12:18
13:36Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE Srdjan Djekanovic.
Shot by CAPS Alfredo Valente HIT POST.18:38
GOAL by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Alfredo Valente.19:42
*up RS, deflect of Maras, finish by caps
20:52Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE Srdjan Djekanovic.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Offside against CAPS.23:44
Foul on TWU.
Shot by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango, SAVE Tyler DeJong.26:20
Foul on CAPS.
CAPS substitution: Joel Bailey for David Testo.
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on CAPS.
Shot by CAPS Steve Kindel HIGH.36:02
Shot by CAPS Joel Bailey WIDE.38:01
Foul on TWU.
Header GOAL by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango, Assist by Steve Kindel.42:57
*up LS cross-header TRC
Shot by CAPS Jeff Clarke HIGH.45:00
Vancouver Whitecaps Period: 2Trinity Western
CAPS substitution: Graham Smith for Steve Klein.
CAPS substitution: Jag Sajan for Lyle Martin.
CAPS substitution: Diaz Kambere for Alfredo Valente.
CAPS substitution: Tony Craig for Srdjan Djekanovic.
TWU substitution: Justin Farenik for Stefan Leslie.
TWU substitution: Patrick Kelly for Chris Trauter.
TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Nathan Pogue.
Tony Craig at goalie for CAPS.45:00
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on TWU.
47:50Shot by TWU Nick Perugini WIDE.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on CAPS.
59:45Header Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly WIDE.
CAPS substitution: Jared Montz for Martin Nash.
CAPS substitution: Joe Di Buono for Steve Kindel.
CAPS substitution: Adam Day for Jeff Clarke.
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on TWU.
GOAL by CAPS Eduardo Sebrango.63:57
*turnover def LS
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on CAPS.
CAPS substitution: Nico Marcina for Eduardo Sebrango.
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on CAPS.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by CAPS Sita-Taty Matondo WIDE.84:57
TWU substitution: Joel van Vliet for Nathan Pogue.
Foul on CAPS.
Yellow card on CAPS Jared Montz.86:40
Foul on TWU.

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