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Game Date: 10/19/2007Location: TWU, Langley, BC
Game Time: 7:00 pmAttendance: 375
Referee: Kevin Dediba, Asst. Referee: Martin Reid, Scott Standing, Alt. Official: Paul Toop, Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
UBCTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Graham Smith (8) - 84:35
Patrick Kelly (11) - 12:16
Nathan Pogue (16) - 34:01
Justin Farenik (5) - 44:08
Nathan Pogue (16) - 46:46
Total Goals Scored14
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target58
Total Shots1220
Corner Kicks27
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards23
Other Fouls1612
22Nikolai Matni (GK)45020,2
26Elliot Usher (GK)45422,0
2Christoph Barrow900/00/00
6Paul Bahia900/00/00
7Steve Frazao600/01/00
8Graham Smith*900/01/11
10Niko Marcina521/00/00
12Nick Poole720/02/00
14Brian Reems450/00/00
15Jorge Angel-Mira600/01/10
16Michael Elliot900/00/00
19Ben Hunt300/00/00
11Mike Marsh300/02/10
17Scott Barling381/00/00
18M. Ferreira Pinho180/02/00
21Tyson Keam600/02/20
22Nikolai Matni450/00/00
23Jason Gill450/00/00
24Charles Vallieres300/01/00
Trinity Western
1Andrew Fink (GK)90141,3
2Jake Jorgensen751/00/00
5Justin Farenik*451/04/31
8Adrian Kekec580/02/10
10Nick Perugini900/03/10
11Patrick Kelly*900/04/11
16Nathan Pogue*630/05/22
17Brayden Volkenant900/00/00
18Paul Hamilton900/01/00
19Justin Cordick710/01/00
28Bruno Napoleao900/00/00
4Josh Weinberger150/00/00
6Brendan Campbell150/00/00
9Josip Maras320/00/00
13Colby Sawatzky190/00/00
15Jason Flint281/00/00
22Goran Vitic300/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Men's Soccer (Canada West)
Friday, October 19, 2007
TWU Spartans (4) vs. the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds (1)


-TWU dominates UBC in win

LANGLEY, British Columbia - The Trinity Western duo of Nathan Pogue (3rd year, Seaside, Ore) and Adrian Kekec (4th year, Burnaby, B.C.) made life miserable for the University of British Columbia Friday night at TWU's Langley, B.C. campus. The two scoring dynamo's helped the Spartans defeat the Thunderbirds 4-1 to give TWU their third Canada West title in four years.

"It's great to win another league title and be able to host the play-offs in front of our home fans. It's also nice to be able to do it with three games left in the season." said TWU Head Coach Al Alderson. "I was happy with the way we came out tonight. Adrian and Nathan came out incredibly sharp and the rest of our team fed off of the way that they played up front. They put a ton of pressure on UBC and made great runs to great spots."

Pogue, who leads Canada West in scoring with nine goals, scored twice, while Kekec added two assists to lead the Spartans to the most lopsided victory in their history of playing the Thunderbirds.

Patrick Kelly (4th year, Cochrane, Alta.) opened the scoring in the 13th minute. Kelly took a chip pass from Kekec and split the UBC defenders to go in alone on UBC keeper Elliot Usher (Vancouver). Kelly then lifted the ball over the charging Usher and into the top centre of the Thunderbirds net.

The Spartans speed up front and in the midfield continually caused problems for the Thunderbirds. The home team used their pace to force a turnover by the UBC deep in their end of the park. Kekec stole a ball that was being sent back to UBC's keeper and then centered the ball to a charging Pogue. Pogue then buried the ball into the centre of the Thunderbird net to make it 2-0 for TWU in the 35th minute.

Justin Farenik (3rd year, Calgary) made it 3-0 for TWU just under a minute before the half-time whistle. Adrian Kekec sent a corner kick across the UBC net to midfielder Justin Cordick (5th year, Anmore, B.C.). Then in the goal mouth scramble Cordick got the ball to Farenik who was able to give the Spartans a 3-0 lead at the half.

The Spartans did not let up to start the second half. Pogue's speed again caused UBC problems in the 47th minute. The Spartan forward took a long punt that was misplayed by UBC's back line to go in alone down the leftside of the park. Pogue then slipped the ball past UBC's Nikolai Matni (Brossard, Que,), who had subbed in at the half, to give the Spartans the 4-0 lead.

With the four goal difference both coaches subbed out key players through the remainder of the half.

The Thunderbirds got their lone goal of the match in the 85th minute off of a corner kick. UBC's Mike Marsh (Dartmouth, N.S.) sent the ball into the TWU penalty area to a waiting Graham Smith (Abbotsford, B.C.). Smith went high and headed the ball into the top of the Spartans net to make the final 4-1.

Next up for the Spartans is hosting the University of Victoria Vikes. Game time on Saturday is set for 7:15 p.m. at TWU's Spartan Field. Next up for the Thunderbirds is at the UCFV Cascades on Saturday afternoon.

Match Notes: TWU outshot UBC 20-12 and had the edge in shots on goal at 8-5...the Spartans outshot the Thunderbirds 13-3 in the first half...TWU had the edge in corners at 7-2...Until today the Spartans had never beaten the Thunderbirds by more then one goal...earlier this season TWU beat UBC 1-0 at UBC...the Spartans now hold the edge in the lifetime series at 6-5-4... TWU won Canada West league title in (2003, 2004)...this will be the second time TWU has hosted CW final four (2005)...




UBC Period: 1Trinity Western
Elliot Usher at goalie for UBC.00:00
00:00Andrew Fink at goalie for TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on UBC.
08:59Shot by TWU Justin Farenik, SAVE Elliot Usher.
Foul on UBC.
09:52Header Shot by TWU Justin Farenik WIDE.
10:35Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue WIDE.
Foul on UBC.
12:16GOAL by TWU Patrick Kelly (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Adrian Kekec, goal number 1 for season.
13:44Offside against TWU.
15:38Shot by TWU Justin Cordick BLOCKED.
15:47Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly BLOCKED.
Foul on UBC.
17:37Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec BLOCKED.
Foul on TWU.
19:15Shot by TWU Justin Farenik, SAVE Elliot Usher.
19:31Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.
20:10Shot by TWU Paul Hamilton WIDE.
Foul on UBC.
22:41Offside against TWU.
Foul on TWU.
24:18Yellow card on TWU Jake Jorgensen.
Shot by UBC Jorge Angel-Mira, SAVE Andrew Fink.25:13
26:02Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue WIDE.
Shot by UBC Steve Frazao BLOCKED.26:53
Foul on UBC.
UBC substitution: Tyson Keam for Ben Hunt.30:01
34:01GOAL by TWU Nathan Pogue, Assist by Adrian Kekec, goal number 8 for season.
*giveaway ubc keeper, kekic cut off ball, passed to 16, open net
35:59Yellow card on TWU Justin Farenik.
Foul on TWU.
Header Shot by UBC Nick Poole HIGH.41:36
42:38Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
43:21Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.
44:08GOAL by TWU Justin Farenik, Assist by Justin Cordick, goal number 1 for season.
*convert corner kick after scramble in goal mouth
45:00Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue WIDE.
UBC Period: 2Trinity Western
45:00TWU substitution: Goran Vitic for Justin Farenik.
UBC substitution: Nikolai Matni for Elliot Usher.45:00
UBC substitution: Jason Gill for Brian Reems.45:00
Nikolai Matni at goalie for UBC.45:00
Foul on TWU.
Foul on TWU.
46:46GOAL by TWU Nathan Pogue, goal number 9 for season.
*long punt, missplayed, breakaway down left side
Yellow card on UBC Niko Marcina.48:38
Foul on UBC.
50:16Corner kick by TWU Adrian Kekec.
UBC substitution: Scott Barling for Niko Marcina.51:50
52:15Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
Foul on UBC.
53:50Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly HIGH.
Foul on UBC.
Foul on UBC.
55:43Shot by TWU Nick Perugini WIDE.
56:24Shot by TWU Adrian Kekec, SAVE Nikolai Matni.
Foul on UBC.
Foul on TWU.
58:29TWU substitution: Josip Maras for Adrian Kekec.
UBC substitution: Charles Vallieres for Jorge Angel-Mira.59:34
UBC substitution: Mike Marsh for Steve Frazao.59:34
Yellow card on UBC Scott Barling.60:30
60:45Shot by TWU Nick Perugini, SAVE Nikolai Matni.
Foul on TWU.
Shot by UBC Tyson Keam, SAVE Andrew Fink.62:00
62:30TWU substitution: Jason Flint for Nathan Pogue.
Shot by UBC Mike Marsh WIDE.63:05
64:24Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
65:54Offside against TWU.
Shot by UBC Charles Vallieres HIT POST.66:24
Foul on UBC.
68:04Corner kick by TWU Nick Perugini.
68:45Shot by TWU Patrick Kelly BLOCKED.
Shot by UBC Nick Poole HIGH.70:58
71:06TWU substitution: Colby Sawatzky for Justin Cordick.
UBC substitution: M. Ferreira Pinho for Nick Poole.71:37
72:40Shot by TWU Nick Perugini HIGH.
Foul on TWU.
74:48TWU substitution: Brendan Campbell for Jake Jorgensen.
74:48TWU substitution: Josh Weinberger for Goran Vitic.
Corner kick by UBC Tyson Keam.78:05
Shot by UBC Tyson Keam, SAVE Andrew Fink.78:18
Foul on TWU.
79:43Yellow card on TWU Jason Flint.
Foul on UBC.
Foul on UBC.
Shot by UBC Mike Marsh, SAVE Andrew Fink.83:04
Corner kick by UBC Mike Marsh.84:13
GOAL by UBC Graham Smith, Assist by Mike Marsh, goal number 1 for season.84:35
*11 corner headed in by 8, top shelf
Shot by UBC M. Ferreira Pinho BLOCKED.85:55
Foul on UBC.
87:19Offside against TWU.
Foul on TWU.
Foul on UBC.
Shot by UBC M. Ferreira Pinho WIDE.-END-90:00-END-

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