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Scheduled Game: Toronto - CIS Bronze- TWU


Trinity Western0112« FINAL


Game Date: 11/15/2009Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 1:00 pmAttendance: 260
Referee: Silvio Petrescu, Asst. Referee: Philippe Briere, Cam Blair, Alt. Official: Mathieu Bourdeau, Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
Trinity WesternTORONTO
Goal Scorer(s)Nathan Pogue (16) - 61:23
Cardin Davis (8) - 90:00
Alexander Raphael (10) - 79:30
Total Goals Scored11
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target92
Total Shots278
Corner Kicks91
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards22
Other Fouls1511
Trinity Western
29Andrew Kowan (GK)105110,1,0
2Jake Jorgensen600/02/10
3Nathan Square-Briggs1050/01/10
4Jordan Whitehead1050/03/00
5Rhys Volkenant870/00/00
6Liam McAllister1051/00/00
8Cardin Davis1050/01/00
13Brayden Volkenant1021/00/00
16Nathan Pogue*1050/09/31
18Paul Hamilton1050/02/20
19Daniel Lowen450/02/00
14Shawn Parkes360/00/00
23David Rowse460/04/10
24James Farenhorst450/00/00
31Maximir Luburic (GK)105182,6,0
3Darragh McGee1050/01/00
6Yannis Gianniotis1050/00/00
7Ryan Sciacchitano750/00/00
8Nordo Gooden1050/03/00
10Alexander Raphael*1050/01/11
11Michael Braithwaite600/01/10
15Geoffrey Borgmann1050/00/00
17Federico Vaccaro1051/00/00
23Mario Nallira1050/00/00
26Lawarence Buchan600/01/00
4Michael Evans140/00/00
9Gabe Gala451/00/00
16Dylan Bams450/00/00
18Michael Prouse160/01/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

BRONZE MEDAL: 2009 CIS men’s soccer championship
Host Spartans win 4th medal in 5 years
By Trinity Western University sports information office
Nov. 15, 2009
– Trinity Western University keeper Andrew Kowan from Richmond, B.C., made a diving penalty kick save and defender Cardin Davis from Salt Spring Island, B.C. hit the penalty kick winner as the Spartans won the second CIS bronze medal in program history with a 2-1 victory (4-2 PK) over Toronto at the CIS men’s soccer championship tournament in Langley, B.C., on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
The bronze medal win gives the Spartans four CIS championship medals in the last five years. TWU also won bronze in 2005 and silver in 2008 and 2006.
“There wasn’t an issue of motivation when you get to a match like this. For the four months that we have been together over a month of that has been with the boots on practicing so there is no point in getting to a match like this and dropping short. There is no excuse for it and I thought on the day that we were a good team and were unlucky not to have scored three goals today,” commented TWU head coach Pat Rohla.  

“We said early in the year that we have lots to be thankful for and you to play in a bronze medal match you have to be thankful for that and repay it in kind. So I’m exceedingly proud of the boys and our staff and I’m proud of how we presented ourselves. From first man to last man it was a complete team effort all the way through.”

The first half was physically played with each team having opportunities, but neither was able to find the back of the net as they finished the opening 45 minutes tied at 0-0.
Trinity Western’s career goal scoring leader Nathan Pogue of Seaside, Ore opened the scoring in the 63rd minute. The Spartans were rewarded after sustained pressure inside the Varsity Blues penalty area. TWU’s Jordan Whitehead of Surrey, B.C. took a point blank shot from the left side of the box. Toronto keeper Maximir Luburic of Oakville, Ont made a two handed save, but the ball went to Pogue who was on the right side of the goalie area. Pogue hit the ball hard through a number of Toronto defenders to put TWU up 1-0.
Toronto tied the match in the 80th minute after a strong run up the right side by midfielder Geoffrey Borgmann of Dixie, Ont. Borgmann beat TWU’s outside back and sent a cross to the far side of the penalty area where Alexander Raphael of East York, Ont. went high to head the ball past a diving Kowan to tie the match at 1-1.
Both teams battled back and forth for the remainder of the half with no one finding the back of the net.
In the CIS championship bronze medal match the teams go straight to penalty kicks.
The Varsity Blues opened the penalty kicks with Gabe Gala of Brampton, Ont. missing high. TWU’s Pogue, Toronto’s Geoffrey Borgmann of Dixie, Ont. and TWU’s Paul Hamilton of Calgary each made their attempts to give the Spartans a 2-1 lead after four shooters. On Toronto’s next attempt by Alexander Raphael, Trinity Western’s Kowan, who was an all-star at last year’s championship, made a diving save to his right, teammate Shawn Parkes of Delta, B.C. followed with a goal to give TWU a 3-1 lead. Toronto’s Nordo Gooden of Toronto hit his shot to keep Toronto alive, but the TWU’s Davis found the lower left corner to give the win in front of its home crowd.
TWU’s Kowan made one save in victory, while Toronto’s Luburic made eight saves in the loss.
TWU: 0-1-1:2 (4-2 PK)
TOR 0-1-0:1
First half
No scoring
Second half
1. TWU, Nathan Pogue (2) (Jordan Whitehead), 63rd
2. TOR, Alexander Raphael (2) (Geoffrey Borgmann), 80th
Overtime (no OT – straight to PK)

Penalty kicks
TOR, Gabe Gala, miss
TWU, Nathan Pogue, goal
TOR, Geoffrey Borgmann, goal
TWU, Paul Hamilton goal
TOR, Alexander Raphael, saved
TWU, Shawn Parkes, goal
TOR, Nordo Gooden, goal
TWU, Cardin Davis, goal

TWU: Andrew Kowan  (W, 1 GA, 1 saves, 90:00 mins)
TOR: Maximir Luburic (W, 1 GA, 8 saves, 90:00 mins)
Shots: TWU 27, TOR 8
Shots on goal: TWU 9, TOR 2
Corners: TWU 9, TOR 1
Offsides: TWU 2, TOR 2
Fouls: TWU 15, TOR 11
Yellow Cards: TWU (2) (Brayden Volkenant 18th, Liam McAllister 51st), TOR (2) (Federico Vaccaro 27th, Gabe Gala 82nd)
Red Cards: none

Players of the game:
TWU: Nathan Square-Briggs
TOR: Maximir Luduric

Thursday, Nov. 12
Quarter-final 1: Laval 3, UPEI 1
Quarter-final 2: Toronto 2, Victoria 1
Quarter-final 3: McGill 1, McMaster 0 (10-9 PK)
Quarter-final 4: Trinity Western 2, Cape Breton 0

Friday, Nov. 13
Consolation 1: Victoria 6, UPEI 2
Consolation 2: Cape Breton 4, McMaster 1
Semifinal 1: Laval 3, Toronto 0
Semifinal 2: McGill 2, Trinity Western 1 (5-4 PK)

Saturday, Nov. 14
Consolation final (5th-place match): Victoria 3 vs. Cape Breton 2

Sunday, Nov. 15
Bronze medal: Trinity Western 2, Toronto 1 (4-2 PK)
15:30 Championship final: Laval vs. McGill (SSN Canada webcast)
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Scott Stewart
Sports Information Director
Trinity Western University
Ph: (604) 513-2123
Cell: (604) 764-1533
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Trinity Western Period: 1TORONTO
Andrew Kowan at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00Maximir Luburic at goalie for TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue BLOCKED.00:21
00:36Shot by TORONTO Nordo Gooden HIGH.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on TORONTO.
Foul on TORONTO.
Header Shot by TWU Daniel Lowen WIDE.07:40
11:40Shot by TORONTO Lawarence Buchan WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWU Jordan Whitehead BLOCKED.12:48
Header Shot by TWU Jake Jorgensen HIGH.13:24
Foul on TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue WIDE.14:56
16:01Offside against TORONTO.
16:23Shot by TORONTO Nordo Gooden WIDE.
Foul on TORONTO.
Yellow card on TWU Brayden Volkenant.18:34
Foul on Trinity Western.
21:20Shot by TORONTO Darragh McGee WIDE.
Foul on TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Cardin Davis HIGH.24:11
Foul on Trinity Western.
26:14Yellow card on TORONTO Federico Vaccaro.
Shot by TWU Paul Hamilton, SAVE Maximir Luburic.26:50
Foul on TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Paul Hamilton, SAVE Maximir Luburic.29:45
Foul on Trinity Western.
Offside against Trinity Western.32:03
Foul on TORONTO.
34:22Shot by TORONTO Nordo Gooden HIT CROSSBAR.
Shot by TWU Jordan Whitehead WIDE.37:23
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWU Daniel Lowen BLOCKED.40:48
Foul on Trinity Western.
Offside against Trinity Western.45:00
Trinity Western Period: 2TORONTO
TWU substitution: David Rowse for Daniel Lowen.45:00
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWU Andrew Keenan BLOCKED.48:06
48:50Offside against TORONTO.
Yellow card on TWU Liam McAllister.50:13
Shot by TWU Nathan Square-Briggs, SAVE Maximir Luburic.52:17
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue, SAVE Maximir Luburic.54:40
Shot by TWU David Rowse WIDE.56:04
56:56Shot by TORONTO Michael Braithwaite, SAVE Andrew Kowan.
Foul on TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue, SAVE Maximir Luburic.57:48
Foul on Trinity Western.
TWU substitution: James Farenhorst for Jake Jorgensen.59:44
59:44TORONTO substitution: Dylan Bams for Ryan Sciacchitano.
59:44TORONTO substitution: Michael Evans for Michael Braithwaite.
59:44TORONTO substitution: Gabe Gala for Lawarence Buchan.
Shot by TWU David Rowse, SAVE Maximir Luburic.60:50
Shot by TWU Jordan Whitehead BLOCKED.61:17
GOAL by TWU Nathan Pogue (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Jordan Whitehead.61:23
*off rebound in box
TWU substitution: Jordan Whitehead for Ioannis Tsoulouhas.61:43
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue WIDE.63:23
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue HIGH.64:30
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWU Ioannis Tsoulouhas BLOCKED.69:13
Foul on TORONTO.
TWU substitution: Shawn Parkes for David Rowse.69:30
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on TORONTO.
Shot by TWU Ioannis Tsoulouhas, SAVE Maximir Luburic.73:16
73:34TORONTO substitution: Michael Prouse for Michael Evans.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on TORONTO.
Foul on Trinity Western.
79:30Header GOAL by TORONTO Alexander Raphael, Assist by Geoffrey Borgmann.
*header off cross from the right side
81:59Yellow card on TORONTO Gabe Gala.
Shot by TWU Jake Jorgensen, SAVE Maximir Luburic.82:43
Foul on Trinity Western.
TWU substitution: David Rowse for Brayden Volkenant.83:50
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue BLOCKED.85:03
TWU substitution: Brayden Volkenant for Rhys Volkenant.87:01
Shot by TWU David Rowse BLOCKED.88:10
Foul on Trinity Western.
89:27Shot by TORONTO Michael Prouse WIDE.
Header Shot by TWU David Rowse WIDE.90:00
90:00TORONTO substitution: Ryan Sciacchitano for Michael Prouse.
Shot by TWU Nathan Pogue BLOCKED.90:00
Trinity Western Period: 3TORONTO
Shootout attempt by TORONTO Gabe Gala MISSED [Andrew Kowan].
Shootout attempt by TWU Nathan Pogue MADE [Maximir Luburic].
Shootout attempt by TORONTO Geoffrey Borgmann MADE [Andrew Kowan].
Shootout attempt by TWU Paul Hamilton MADE [Maximir Luburic].
Shootout attempt by TORONTO Alexander Raphael MISSED [Andrew Kowan].
Shootout attempt by TWU Shawn Parkes MADE [Maximir Luburic].
Shootout attempt by TORONTO Nordo Gooden MADE [Andrew Kowan].
TWU Cardin Davis Shootout GOAL off Maximir Luburic.

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