Box Score

Scheduled Game: @Warner Pacific (David Douglas HS)


Trinity Western145« FINAL
Warner Pacific112


Game Date: 8/27/2011Location: Portland, Ore.
Game Time: 1:00 pmAttendance: 95
Timekeeper: Cody Harrod, Scorer: Cam Hamilton
Trinity WesternWarner Pacific
Goal Scorer(s)Spencer Schmidt (9) - 9:42
Ioannis Tsoulouhas (10) - 52:00
Brayden Gant (17) - 59:27
Ioannis Tsoulouhas (10) - 61:19
Jason Wiens (25) - 68:20
SELLAND, Jordan (20) - 31:53
CELEBIC, Almir (9) - 58:51
Total Goals Scored52
Penalty Goals01
Shots On Target73
Total Shots119
Corner Kicks52
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards01
Other Fouls118
Trinity Western
1Andrew Fink (GK)90211,0
4Jordan Whitehead340/00/00
5Rhys Volkenant900/00/00
6Liam McAllister900/00/00
7Mitchell Rohla900/00/00
9Spencer Schmidt*560/03/11
11Danfi Parker340/01/10
13Brayden Volkenant900/00/00
17Brayden Gant*740/01/11
22Goran Vitic240/00/00
25Jason Wiens*900/01/11
3Denny Serifovic660/01/00
10Ioannis Tsoulouhas*340/02/22
12David Malamura230/00/00
16Andrew Phillips160/02/10
19Daniel Lowen340/00/00
20Adam Plantinga340/00/00
31Garrett Peters160/00/00
Warner Pacific
31B. Drew (GK)90521,1
2T. Brandon310/00/00
3J. Jameson310/03/00
4B. Robert900/00/00
6M. Alan900/00/00
7S. Alija820/00/00
9C. Almir*310/01/11
12O. Ryan310/01/00
15S. Daniel900/00/00
20S. Jordan*371/02/21
21P. Alex900/00/00
5B. Grant590/00/00
11C. Andres590/02/00
16M. Kyle590/00/00
17E. Daniel530/00/00
22C. Alec80/00/00
25K. Craig590/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




– Led by midfielder Ioannus Tsoulouhas’s two second half goals the Trinity Western University men’s soccer team broke open a tie game with three unanswered second half goals and earned a 5-2 win over the Warner Pacific College Knights Saturday afternoon at David Douglas High School in Portland, Oregon.

“It wasn’t our best performance, but a different kind of match where we found a way to win by scoring a few goals which is nice to get this time of year,” commented TWU head coach Pat Rohla. “We found a way to get goals from different people around the park and what could have been a back and forth game, we were able to put it into a different gear and move forward.”

Spartans forward Spencer Schmidt scored his fourth marker of the season  to open the scoring in the 10th minute. While the Knights Jordan Shelland converted a penalty kick in the 32nd minute as the two teams finished the first half tied at 1-1.

The trio of scores came after WPC had tied the match at 2-2 thanks to a goal from Almir Celebic in the 59th minute, which answered Tsoulouhas’ first marker in the 52nd minute when he took a pass from Rhys Volkenant and chihpped the keeper from 12 yards out. TWU took little time to respond to Celebic’s goal, as Brayden Gant received a pass from Adam Plantinga at the 18 yard line fired in a near post strike less than a minute later in the 60th minute. Then in the 62nd minute Tsoulouhas scored his second goal of the half by shaking off a defender after a long pass from Plantinga and finishing from close range. Jason Wiens capped the day for the Spartans with a looping header after a corner kick by Andrew Dobbie  in the 69th minute.

TWU’s Andrew Fink made one save to earnt earn the win, while WPC’s Drew Bonifacio made two saves in the loss.

The contest was the home debut for the Knights after a pair of earlier scrimmage games, while the win moves the Spartans to 3-1-0 in preseason play.

Trinity Western now travels across Portland tomorrow to face Concordia University, while Warner Pacific returns to action on Thursday, September 1 at Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Match Notes: TWU outshot WPC 11 to nine in total shots and held a seven to three edge in shots on goal…the Spartans had the edge in corner kicks at five to two…19 fouls were called in the match: 11 for TWU and eight for WPC…




Trinity Western Period: 1Warner Pacific
Andrew Fink at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00BONIFACIO, Drew at goalie for Warner Pacific.
Shot by TWU Spencer Schmidt HIGH.02:09
Foul on Trinity Western.
GOAL by TWU Spencer Schmidt (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Goran Vitic, goal number 1 for season.09:42
*Wide pass right, cut back and shot
10:52Corner kick by WPC TATUM, Brandon [10:52].
10:59Offside against Warner Pacific.
Foul on Warner Pacific.
Foul on Warner Pacific.
Foul on Warner Pacific.
Shot by TWU Spencer Schmidt HIGH.16:02
Foul on Warner Pacific.
Shot by TWU Danfi Parker, SAVE BONIFACIO, Drew.18:53
Foul on Trinity Western.
20:51Shot by WPC SELLAND, Jordan, SAVE Andrew Fink.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Warner Pacific.
TWU substitution: Denny Serifovic for Goran Vitic.24:09
Corner kick by TWU Mitchell Rohla [26:55].26:55
Foul on Trinity Western.
28:52Shot by WPC JONES, Jameson HIGH.
31:10WPC substitution: CAMPOS, Andres for CELEBIC, Almir.
31:10WPC substitution: MILNES, Kyle for O'DELL, Ryan.
31:10WPC substitution: BATEMAN, Grant for JONES, Jameson.
31:10WPC substitution: KOSKEY, Craig for TATUM, Brandon.
Foul on Trinity Western.
31:53WPC SELLAND, Jordan PENALTY KICK GOAL, goal number 1 for season.
Shot by TWU Denny Serifovic WIDE LEFT.32:59
TWU substitution: David Malamura for Danfi Parker.33:31
TWU substitution: Ioannis Tsoulouhas for Jordan Whitehead.33:31
36:38WPC substitution: ERVIN, Daniel for SELLAND, Jordan.
37:21Shot by WPC CAMPOS, Andres WIDE LEFT.
Foul on Trinity Western.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Warner Pacific
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
Foul on Trinity Western.
48:44Corner kick by WPC JONES, Jameson [48:44].
48:55Header Shot by WPC O'DELL, Ryan WIDE LEFT.
Foul on Trinity Western.
GOAL by TWU Ioannis Tsoulouhas, Assist by Rhys Volkenant, goal number 1 for season.52:00
*Chip over keep from 12 yards
Foul on Trinity Western.
TWU substitution: Daniel Lowen for Spencer Schmidt.56:07
TWU substitution: Adam Plantinga for David Malamura.56:07
58:51GOAL by WPC CELEBIC, Almir, Assist by SELLAND, Jordan, goal number 1 for season.
*Slotted pass, finish left
GOAL by TWU Brayden Gant, Assist by Adam Plantinga, goal number 1 for season.59:27
*Pass to top of box, finish right of keep
Foul on Trinity Western.
60:55Shot by WPC JONES, Jameson WIDE RIGHT.
GOAL by TWU Ioannis Tsoulouhas, Assist by Adam Plantinga, goal number 2 for season.61:19
*long ball, run on and finish
61:31Yellow card on WPC SELLAND, Jordan.
Corner kick by TWU Adam Plantinga [65:49].65:49
Foul on Warner Pacific.
TWU substitution: Jason Wiens for Ioannis Tsoulouhas.67:06
Corner kick by TWU [67:44].67:44
Corner kick by TWU Andrew Dobbie [68:08].68:08
GOAL by TWU Jason Wiens, goal number 1 for season.68:20
*header after failed clearance off corner
69:32Offside against Warner Pacific.
Foul on Warner Pacific.
72:54Offside against Warner Pacific.
TWU substitution: Andrew Phillips for Brayden Gant.74:27
TWU substitution: Garrett Peters for Danfi Parker.74:27
Foul on Warner Pacific.
76:49WPC substitution: BATEMAN, Grant for SELLAND, Jordan.
77:57Shot by WPC JONES, Jameson WIDE LEFT.
79:13Shot by WPC CAMPOS, Andres WIDE LEFT.
82:04WPC substitution: CAPPS, Alec for SACIROVIC, Alija.
Shot by TWU Andrew Phillips HIGH.83:21
Shot by TWU Andrew Phillips, SAVE BONIFACIO, Drew.85:47
Offside against Trinity Western.86:22
Foul on Trinity Western.
Corner kick by TWU Brayden Volkenant [88:44].88:44
89:55Offside against Warner Pacific.
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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