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TSHENZHEN, China (CIS) – The 26th Summer Universiade gets under way in less than a week in Shenzhen, China, and once again Canada is sending one of the largest delegations to the biennial World University Games.

A total of 349 individuals will wear the maple leaf in Shenzhen including 246 student-athletes and 103 coaches, medical and administration staff. Not included in the official tally are 11 Canadian referees and judges who will also be part of the FISU Games.

As was the case in 2009 in Belgrade, Serbia, the sport of swimming is sending the largest Canadian team to China with 43 athletes set to compete at the pool. Athletics ranks second with 36 followed by women’s soccer (20), men’s soccer (20), women’s volleyball (12), men’s volleyball (12), women’s basketball (12), men’s basketball (12), women’s water polo (11), golf (11) taekwondo (10), weightlifting (10), beach volleyball (8), archery (6), table tennis (6), artistic gymnastics (4), sport shooting (4), judo (4), tennis (3) and rhythmic gymnastics (2).
Beach volleyball and weightlifting both make their Universiade debut in 2011.

While the official dates of the Shenzhen Games are July 12 to 23, the two soccer teams kick things off for Canada on Thursday, August 11, both against Great Britain at 4:30 p.m. local time (4:30 a.m. Eastern).  
The action resumes on August 12 with Canada facing the British in women’s water polo at 11:20 a.m. local. The opening ceremonies are scheduled for the evening of the 12th at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center.
“We are thrilled to be in Shenzhen for what promises to be a memorable Universiade,” said Canadian chef de mission Peter Baxter, the director of athletics and recreation at Wilfrid Laurier University. “We expect very good performances from our Canadian student-athletes and are confident they will have an unforgettable experience over the next few weeks.”
A Canadian delegation of 212 athletes (307 total) won 15 medals at the last Universiade in 2009, all of them in track and field (8) and swimming (7). The tally included gold medals by the women’s 4x400m relay at the stadium and by Salmon Arm, B.C.’s Kevyn Peterson in the women’s 400m freestyle at the pool.  

Below is a complete listing of the Canadian delegation for the Shenzhen Universiade, sorted by sport. Lists sorted by university and hometown are also posted on the official Team Canada website under Canadian Teams (click on Entire Delegation).
Team Canada website
2011 Summer Universiade website
Peter Baxter, Chef de Mission (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Mary MacDonald, Assistant Chef de Mission (CIS)
Michel Bélanger, Communications Manager (CIS)
Darren Cates, Transportation Manager (Royal Military College of Canada)
James Keogh, Administration Manager (University of Victoria)
David Mai, Chief Medical Officer (University of Ottawa)  
Mike McMurray, Chief Therapist (University of Manitoba)  
Janean Sergeant, Technical Manager (Queen’s University)  
Maureen Sparks, Accreditation Manager (University of New Brunswick)  
Allison Tovell, Clinic Manager
Scott McLean, Communications Officer (Simon Fraser University)  
Benoît Mongeon, Communications Officer (University of Montreal)  
Mike Whitehouse, Communications Officer (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Chris Zuk, Communications Officer (University of Manitoba)
François Laplante, Photographer (Freestyle Photography)  
Céline DesLauriers, Intern (CIS)
Echo (Li) Lee (Zhuo), Team Official (University of Ottawa)
Louise Ashcroft, Therapist (University of Regina)  
Edison Au, Therapist (University of Toronto)
Mylène Boisvert, Therapist  
Steve Dzubinski, Therapist (Brandon University)  
Timberly George, Therapist
Marie-Claude Saint-Amour, Therapist (University of Montreal)  
Marianna Varpalotai, Therapist  
Kristy Wiltshire, Therapist
Jack Ceaser, Physician  
Pete Connolly, Physician (Acadia University)
John Ho, Physician  
Susan Labrecque, Physician (University of Sherbrooke)  
Doug Richards, Physician (University of Toronto)  
Marcus Robinson, Medical Extern (University of Calgary)


Nathan Cameron (University of Alberta / Sherwood Park, Alta.)
Vanessa Lee (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)
Simon Rousseau (McGill University / La Prairie, Que.)
Caitlyn Schleppe (University of Alberta / Calgary, Alta.)
Brendan Sheridan (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Michael Wong (University of Alberta / Edmonton, Alta.)
Vickilynne Schleppe, Team Leader (Calgary, Alta.)
Nathan Gafuik (Athabasca University / Calgary, Alta.)
Jayd Lukenchuk (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)
Jackson Payne (Athabasca Online University / Edmonton, Alta.)
Casey Sandy (Seneca College / Brampton, Ont.)
Liang Cheng, Coach (Edmonton, Alta.)
Mitsugu Ikeda, Coach (Abbotsford, B.C.)
Karie Farrer, Therapist (Vancouver, B.C.)
Anthony Berkis (University of Windsor / Oshawa, Ont.)
Mélanie Blouin (Laval University / Quebec City, Que.)
Jennifer Cotten (University of Western Ontario / Woodstock, Ont.)
Helen Crofts (Simon Fraser University / West Vancouver, B.C.)
Christopher Crossley (University of Saskatchewan / Moosomin, Sask.)
Mark Dillon (George Brown College / Toronto, Ont.)
Jillian Drouin (Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College / Corunna, Ont.)
Gabriella Duclos-Lasnier (Laval University / Quebec City, Que.)
Marie-Ève Dugas (University of Sherbrooke / Laval, Que.)  
Evan Dunfee (University of British Columbia / Richmond, B.C.)  
Sam Effah (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Gabriel El Hanbli (Baylor University / Repentigny, Que.)
Elizabeth Gleadle (University of British Columbia / Vancouver, B.C.)
Inaki Gomez (University of British Columbia / Vancouver, B.C.)  
Christie Gordon (University of Idaho / Edmonton, Alta.)  
Chantelle Groenewoud (University of Illinois / North Vancouver, B.C.)  
Kimberly Hyacinthe (University of Quebec at Montreal / Montreal, Que.)  
Geneviève Lalonde (University of Guelph / Moncton, N.B.)  
Annie LeBlanc (Cégep Régional de Lanaudière l'Assomption / Repentigny, Que.)  
Oluwasegun Makinde (University of Ottawa / Ottawa, Ont.)  
Jenna Martin (University of Kentucky / Bridgewater, N.S.)  
Natasha Miller (Biola University / Abbotsford, B.C.)  
Tim Nedow (De Paul University / Brockville, Ont.)  
Amonn Nelson (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Kyle Nielsen (University of Washington / Langley, B.C.)  
Jaden Ostapowich (University of Alberta / Beaumont, Alta.)  
Holly Parent (Washington State University / Mill Bay, B.C.)  
Dontae Richards-Kwok (York University / Mississauga, Ont.)  
Michael Robertson (University of Ottawa / Ottawa, Ont.)  
Andrew Smith (University of Saskatchewan / Carrot River, Sask.)  
Heather Steacy (University of Lethbridge / Lethbridge, Alta.)  
Taryn Suttie (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)  
Kate Van Buskirk (Duke University / Brampton, Ont.)  
Kelly Wiebe (University of Regina / Swift Current, Sask.)  
Alex Witmer (University of Toronto / Kitchener, Ont.)  
Jason Wurster (University of Toronto / Stevensville, Ont.)  
Claude Bérubé, Head Coach (University of Manitoba / Winnipeg, Man.)
Heather Hennigar, Coach (Dalhousie University / Halifax, N.S.)
David Hunt, Coach (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)
Joel Skinner, Coach (Sarnia, Ont.)
Mingpu Wu, Coach (Winnipeg, Man.)
Janet Neufeld, Team Leader (New Westminster, B.C.)
Blaise Dubois, Therapist (Quebec City, Que.)


Jordan Baker (University of Alberta / Edmonton, Alta.)
Boris Bakovic (University of Calgary / Toronto, Ont.)
Kyle Desmarais (Concordia University / Montreal, Que.)
Kale Harrison (Wilfrid Laurier University / Stratford, Ont.)
Tyson Hinz (Carleton University / Ottawa, Ont.)
Cole Hobin (Carleton University / Ashton, Ont.)
Jahmal Jones (Ryerson University / Mississauga, Ont.)
Owen Klassen (Acadia University / Kingston, Ont.)
Michael Lieffers (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)
Lien Philip (University of Windsor / Toronto, Ont.)
Warren Ward (University of Ottawa / London, Ont.)
Nathan Yu (University of British Columbia / Prince George, B.C.)
Kevin Hanson, Head Coach (University of British Columbia)
John Campbell, Assistant coach (Dalhousie University)
Barnaby Craddock, Assistant Coach (University of Fraser Valley)
Sandy MacIntosh, Team Leader
Geoff Mabey, Therapist

Justine Colley (Saint Mary’s University / East Preston, N.S.)
Jill Humbert (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)
Elyse Jobin (Laval University / Moncton, N.B.)
Elle Kerfoot (Seattle University / Surrey, B.C.)
Miah-Marie Langlois (University of Windsor / Windsor, Ont.)
Lindsay Ledingham (University of Regina / Regina, Sask.)
Katie Miyazaki (University of Saskatchewan / Richmond, B.C.)
Megan Pinske (Western Washington University / Coquitlam, B.C.)
Raelyn Prince (University of Windsor / Harrow, Ont.)
Nayo Raincock-Ekunwe (Simon Fraser University / Vernon, B.C.)
Kendel Ross (University of Dayton / Sarnia, Ont.)
Julie Seabrook (University of Colorado / North Vancouver, B.C.)
Lisa Thomaidis, Head Coach (University of Saskatchewan / Dundas, Ont.)
Scott Edwards, Assistant Coach (University of Alberta / Duncan, B.C.)
Shawnee Harle, Assistant Coach (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Anne-Marie Thuss, Team Leader (McMaster University / Strathroy, Ont.)
Patrice Pepin, Therapist (Quebec City, Que.)

François-Guy Allaire (University of Quebec at Montreal / Notre-Dame-du-Laus, Que.)
Becky Billings (Queen’s University / Ottawa, Ont.)
Simon Fecteau-Boutin (Laval University / Lévis, Que.)
Michael Plantinga (University of Alberta / Langley, B.C.)
Kristina Valjas (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)
Kristina Vlcek (York University / Toronto, Ont.)
Cameron Wheelan (Wilfrid Laurier University / Barrie, Ont.)
Caleigh Whitaker (York University / Sharon, Ont.)
Dolphin Kasper, Coach (Vancouver, B.C.)
Lennard Krapp, Team Leader (Thornhill, Ont.)
Anne Balser (University of Victoria / Digby, N.S.)
Kylie Barros (University of British Columbia / Edmonton, Alta.)
Gregory Belsito (Humber College / Thornhill, Ont.)
Adrian Cord (Humber College / Etobicoke, Ont.)
Alyssa Herkel (University of Victoria / Port Alberni, B.C.)
Mark Hoffman (Humber College / Thornhill, Ont.)
Darren Hupfer (University of Victoria / Edmonton, Alta.)
Devon Rizzo (University of Waterloo / Brantford, Ont.)
David Sheman (University of British Columbia / Newmarket, Ont.)
Jack Wesche (University of British Columbia / Calgary, Alta.)
Megan Woodland (University of Victoria / Victoria, B.C.)
Ray Chateau, Team Leader (Humber College / Richmond Hill, Ont.)
Chris Dickson, Coach (University of Western Ontario / London, Ont.)
Dave Hollinger, Coach (University of Waterloo / Waterloo, Ont.)
Carla Munch, Coach (University of Waterloo / Cambridge, Ont.)

France Blais-Shiokawa (University of Winnipeg / Ste. Anne, Man.)  
Charles Breton-Leduc (Cegep André-Laurendeau / Trois-Rivières, Que.)
Justin Imagawa (Concordia University / Richmond, B.C.)  
Stéfanie Tremblay (Concordia University / Saguenay, Que.)  
Scott Tanner, Coach (Halifax, N.S.)

Kelsey Anderson (Okanagan College / Vernon, B.C.)
Jessica Ho (University of British Columbia / Vancouver, B.C.)
Dajana Kosarac, Coach (Vancouver, B.C.)
Camille Martens, Coach (Vernon, B.C.)

Dominic Antonini (York University / Winnipeg, Man.)  
Olivier Babineau (McGill University / Montreal, Que.)  
Harman Braich (University of Alberta / Edmonton, Alta.)  
JP Crescenzi (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Anthony DiBiase (Niagara University / Richmond Hill, Ont.)  
Gagandeep Dosanjh (University of British Columbia / Abbotsford, B.C.)  
Jason Gill (University of British Columbia / Abbotsford, B.C.)  
AJ Gray (St. Francis Xavier University / Brampton, Ont.)  
Jerson Hamilton (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)  
Carl Haworth (Niagara University / Barrie, Ont.)  
Shawn Kodejs (Saint Mary’s University / Halifax, N.S.)  
Steven Lumley (St. Francis Xavier University / Mississauga, Ont.)  
Massimo Megna (University of Windsor / Calgary, Alta.)  
Robbie Murphy (University of Guelph / Ottawa, Ont.)  
Josh Northey (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)  
Ilya Orlov (York University / Woodbridge, Ont.)  
Adrian Pena (York University / Woodbridge, Ont.)  
Cameron Schmidt (University of Alberta / Edmonton, Alta.)
Jamaal Smith (York University / Mississauga, Ont.)  
Sotiri Varlokostas (York University / Toronto, Ont.)
Steve Hart, Head Coach (University of Windsor / Liverpool, England)
Keith Mason, Assistant Coach (University of Guelph / West Bromwich, England)
Brandon Rees, Team Leader (University of Alberta / Brantford, Ont.)
Kelly Stott, Therapist

Gillian Baggott (University of Ottawa / Ottawa, Ont.)  
Rachel Bedek (Carleton University / St. Thomas, Ont.)  
Shayla Behrens (University of Victoria / Victoria, B.C.)  
Natalie Boyd (Trinity Western University / Surrey, B.C.)  
Jessica Briker (University of British Columbia / Kelowna, B.C.)  
Riley Filion (Queen's University / Alexandria, Ont.)  
Janine Frazao (University of British Columbia / Port Moody, B.C.)  
Daniela Fuenzalida (University of Saskatchewan / Saskatoon, Sask.)  
Andréanne Gagné (University of Sherbrooke / St-Hyacinthe, Que.)  
Daniela Gerig (Trinity Western University / Langley, B.C.)  
Justine Labrecque (University of Quebec at Montreal / Quebec City, Que.)  
Alyssa Lagonia (Wilfrid Laurier University / Kitchener, Ont.)
Véronique Laverdière (University of Montreal / Montreal, Que.)  
Cynthia Leblanc (University of Ottawa / Granby, Que.)
Tessa Miller (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Carleigh Miller (University of Alberta / St. Albert, Alta.)  
Melissa Mobilio (Trinity Western University / Coquitlam, B.C.)  
Brienna Shaw (Queen's University / Vancouver, B.C.)  
Keshia Wallin (University of Alberta / St. Albert, Alta.)  
Nicole Wright (Trinity Western University / Cloverdale, B.C.)
Graham Roxburgh, Head Coach (Trinity Western University)
Eva Havaris, Assistant Coach (University of Toronto)
Neil Turner, Goalie & Video Coach (Trinity Western University)
Jorge Sanchez, Team Leader (Concordia University)
Neena Gupta, Therapist (University of Toronto / McGill University)

Josh Akow (Memorial University / Ajax, Ont.)
Emily Caine (Red Deer College / Red Deer, Alta.)
Stephen Inchley (Fanshawe College / London, Ont.)
Gavin Neil (University of Alberta / Grande Prairie, Alta.)
Pat Gustafson, Head Coach (Woking, Alta.)
Lisa Borgerson, Assistant Coach (Rockglen, Sask.)
Kelvin Gustafson, Team Leader (Woking, Alta.)

Zsofi Balazs (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)   
Adam Best (University of Ottawa / Ottawa, Ont.)  
Steven Bielby (McGill University / Pointe-Claire, Que.)  
Jason Block (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Dominique Bouchard (University of Missouri / North Bay, Ont.)  
Julianne Brown (University of Calgary / North Vancouver, B.C.)  
Hilary Caldwell (University of Victoria / London, Ont.)  
Zack Chetrat (University of Toronto / Oakville, Ont.)  
Cam Cummings (University of Toronto / Oakville, Ont.)  
Craig Dagnall (University of Victoria / Victoria, B.C.)  
Lindsay Delmar (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Xavier Desharnais (University of Montreal / Sherbrooke, Que.)  
David Dimitrov (University of Calgary / Milton, Ont.)  
Mackenzie Downing (University of Victoria / Whitehorse, Yukon)  
Richard Funk (University of Michigan / Edmonton, Alta.)
Jonathan Gagné (Concordia University / Montreal, Que.)  
David Hibberd (Simon Fraser University / Calgary, Alta.)  
Aimeson King (University of Victoria / Toronto, Ont.)
Caroline Kuczynski (Arizona State University / Montreal, Que.)
Allison Long (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Heather Maclean (University of British Columbia / Etobicoke, Ont.)  
Sandrine Mainville (Cegep Édouard-Montpetit / Boucherville, Que.)  
Heather Maitland (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)
Kier Maitland (University of Nevada, Las Vegas / Edmonton, Alta.)  
Dominique Massie-Martel (Laval University / Ottawa, Ont.)
Colin Miazga (University of Calgary / Saskatoon, Sask.)
Seanna Mitchell (University of Calgary / Manotick, Ont.)
Cassie Morrice (Arizona State University / Victoria, B.C.)
Hanna Pierse (University of British Columbia / Edmonton, Alta.)
Béatrice Pineau (Cegep François-Xavier-Garneau / Boischatel, Que.)
Marie-Pier Ratelle (Laval University / Trois-Rivières, Que.)
Pamela Ruksys (University of Toronto / Kingston, Ont.)
Tim Ruse (Concordia University / Pointe-Claire, Que.)
Paige Schultz (University of Toronto / Toronto, Ont.)
David Sharpe (Dalhousie University / Halifax, N.S.)
Nicholas Sinclair (University of Victoria / Victoria, B.C.)
Mike Smerek (University of Toronto / St. Catharines, Ont.)
Matthew Swanston (Stanford University / Newmarket, Ont.)
Vanessa Treasure (University of Toronto / Mississauga, Ont.)
Kyle Troskott (Texas A&M University / Lethbridge, Alta.)
Tera van Beilen (University of British Columbia / Oakville, Ont.)
Nadine Williams (Grant MacEwan University / Sherwood Park, Alta.)
Michael Zoldos (Stanford University / Newmarket, Ont.)
Mike Blondal, Head Coach (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Peter Carpenter, Coach (McGill University / Montreal, Que.)
Martin Gingras, Coach (University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières / Quebec City, Que.)
Chris Nelson, Coach (Edmonton, Alta.)
Steve Price, Coach (Edmonton, Alta.)
John Rodgers, Coach (Toronto, Ont.)
Ken Radford, Team Leader (Victoria, B.C.)
Elizabeth El-Hawary, Manager (Halifax, N.S.)
Kelly Steeves, Manager (Toronto, Ont.)
Ken Olson, Video Technician (Calgary, Alta.)
Rick Pelletier, Therapist (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)
Yanic Szoghy, Therapist (Montreal, Que.)

Todd Gregory (University of Prince Edward Island / Charlottetown, P.E.I)
Peng Guo (École de technologie supérieure / Montreal, Que.)
Pierre-Luc Hinse (University of Ottawa / Gatineau, Que.)
Ling Kun Yang (Vanier College / Laval, Que.)
Sara Yuen (University of Ottawa / Montreal, Que.)
Stephanie Yuen (University of Ottawa / Montreal, Que.)
En-Long Wang, Team Leader (Toronto, Ont.)

Rachelle Caruso (Brock University / Niagara Falls, Ont.)
John Chan (University of British Columbia / Richmond, B.C.)
Ivett Gonda (Douglas College / Port Moody, B.C.)
Kevin Hatt (Dalhousie University / Cole Harbour, N.S.)
Marshall Jen (Simon Fraser University / Coquitlam, B.C.)
Vadim Korotchenko (Simon Fraser University / Vancouver, B.C.)
Derick Pun (Capilano University / Burnaby, B.C.)
Jeremy Reeve (St. Francis Xavier University / Antigonish, N.S.)
Jason Song (Royal Military College of Canada / Vancouver, B.C.)
Yvette Yong (University of British Columbia / Vancouver, B.C.)
Ashley Castaneda, Coach (Montreal, Que.)
Shin Wook Lim, Coach (Port Moody, B.C.)
Joel Ridley, Coach (Royal Military College of Canada / Toronto, Ont.)
Scott Woodhouse, Team Leader (London, Ont.)

Phil Anderson (University of New Mexico / Halifax, N.S.)
Carl Ho (University of New Mexico / Richmond, B.C.)
Christiaan Lee-Daigle (Queens University of Charlotte / Tecumseh, Ont.)
Bethany Clark, Coach & Team Leader (Port Moody, B.C.)

Blair Bann (University of British Columbia / Edmonton, Alta.)  
Jay Blankenau (University of Calgary / Sherwood Park, Alta.)  
Karl De Grandpré (Laval University / Pierreville, Que.)  
Marc Howatson (Trinity Western University / Victoria, B.C.)  
Pierre-Alexis Lapointe (Laval University / La Malbaie, Que.)  
Spencer Leiske (University of Alberta / Lacombe, Alta.)  
Ciaran McGovern (University of Calgary / Grande Prairie, Alta.)  
Tyler Santoni (McMaster University / Kingston, Ont.)  
Rudy Verhoeff (Trinity Western University / Victoria, B.C.)  
Graham Vigrass (University of Calgary / Calgary, Alta.)  
Chris Voth (University of Manitoba / Winnipeg, Man.)  
Joren Zeeman (Queen's University / Cambridge, Ont.)
Larry McKay, Head Coach (University of Winnipeg / Winnipeg, Man.)
Ben Josephson, Assistant Coach (Trinity Western University / Strathmore, Alta.)
Steve Leknois, Assistant Coach (Royal Military College of Canada / Kingston, Ont.)
Luc Campbell, Therapist (Ottawa, Ont.)

Lisa Barclay (University of British Columbia / Brandon, Man.)
Beth Clark (University of Regina / Saskatoon, Sask.)  
Jaclyn Ellis (University of Alberta / Mississauga, Ont.)  
Kristi Hunter (University of Manitoba / Roblin, Man.)  
Noémie Lefebvre (Syracuse University / Terrebonne, Que.)  
Alexandra Lojen (University of Montreal / Montreal, Que.)  
Shanice Marcelle (University of British Columbia / Victoria, B.C.)  
Tricia Mayba (University of Manitoba / Winnipeg, Man.)  
Marie-Sophie Nadeau (University of Montreal / Saint-Aimé, Que.)
Alicia Perrin (Trinity Western University / Creston, B.C.)  
Jaimie Thibeault (University of Montana / Sylvan Lake, Alta.)  
Krista Zubick (University of Alberta / St. Albert, Alta.)
Alain Pelletier, Head Coach (Laval University / Quebec City, Que.)
Lee Carter, Assistant Coach (Brandon University / Brandon, Man.)
Joely Christian-Macfarlane, Team Leader (Queen's University / Kingston, Ont.)  
Christine Johnston, Therapist (Winnipeg, Man.)  
Sophie Baron La Salle (Cegep Rosemont / Montreal, Que.)  
Julie Bélanger (University of Montreal / Montreal, Que.)  
Jenna Crook (McGill Univerisity / Regina, Sask.)  
Carmen Eggens (University of Hawaii at Manoa / Pitt Meadows, B.C.)  
Monika Eggens (University of Hawaii at Manoa / Pitt Meadows, B.C.)  
Whitney Genoway (McGill University / Regina, Sask.)  
Marissa Janssens (Concordia University / Beaconsfield, Que.)  
Elise Martin (University of the Pacific / Calgary, Alta.)  
Joannie Morisseau (University of Quebec at Montreal / Montreal, Que.)  
Candice Phillippe (Arizona State University / West Vancouver, B.C.)  
Brooke Zimmerman (University of Calgary / Regina, Sask.)
Heather Kaulbach, Head Coach (Dalhousie University / Halifax, N.S.)
Catherine Lamothe, Physiotherapist (University of Ottawa / Gatineau, Que.)

Marie-Ève Beauchemin-Nadeau (University of Sherbrooke / Candiac, Que.)  
Philippe Bibeau-Villiard (Ecole de technologie supérieure / La Prairie, Que.)  
Andréanne M. Cyr (University of Montreal / La Prairie, Que.)  
Marilou Dozois-Prévost (University of Quebec at Montreal / Candiac, Que.)
Laurent Goyette-Demers (Lindenwood University / Montreal, Que.)
Mathieu Marineau (Cegep of Saint-Jérôme / St-Jérome, Que.)
Pascal Plamondon (Cegep of Sherbrooke / Sherbrooke, Que.)  
Mathieu Poirier (Cegep of Beauce-Appalaches / St-Georges-de-Beauce, Que.)  
Jessica Ruel (Cegep of Abitibi-Témiscamingue / Macamic, Que.)
Michaël Théberge (Cegep of St-Hyacinthe / St-Hyacinthe, Que.)  
René Bellemarre, Coach (Macamic, Que.)
Guy Marineau, Team Leader (St-André-d’Argenteuil, Que.)
Bev Boys (diving)
Pierre Clouthier (swimming)
Ray Heiderich (artistic gymnastics)
Diana Coop Nerman (rhythmic gymnastics)
Kelly Thompson (artistic gymnastics)

Jason Boyko (beach volleyball)
Andrew Cameron (women’s volleyball)
William MacKay (water polo)
Malcolm Mousseau (men’s volleyball)
Silviu Petrescu (men’s soccer)
Eric Wah (taekwondo)
About the Summer Universiade

The Summer Universiade is an international multi-sport event that takes place every two years and is second only to the Olympic Games in the number of participating athletes and countries. The Universiade is open to competitors who are at least 17 and less than 28 years of age as of January 1 in the year of the Games. Participants must be full-time students at a post-secondary institution (university, college, CEGEP) or have graduated from a post-secondary institution in the year preceding the event.
About Canadian Interuniversity Sport
Canadian Interuniversity Sport is the national governing body of university sport in Canada. Fifty-two universities, 10,000 student-athletes and 550 coaches vie for 21 national championships in 12 different sports. CIS also provides high performance international opportunities for Canadian student-athletes at Winter and Summer Universiades, as well as numerous world university championships. For further information, visit

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Author: Mark Janzen