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Drew Roddy

(Forward, 6'0", 5th year eligibility, BBA)
-Live, Love & Learn

Fifth-year forward and Minnesota native Drew Roddy is having one of the strongest starts of his career as a Spartan, scoring three goals and adding an assist in the first four games of the regular season. As the squad continues to fight through adversity and the challenges of playing in Canada West in order to make that all-important trip to Prince Edward Island (host of CIS Nationals), Roddy is doing his part to apply his experience and his talent and teach his younger teammates what it takes to be successful in high-level competition. Here’s Roddy, in his own words, on his last four years at TWU:

On traveling all the way from Minnesota to come to TWU: I was not actually planning on coming to TWU. In fact, I did not know anything about TWU until I heard about Athletes in Action (AIA) just before my senior year of high school. I was planning on going to SPU in Seattle where my brother went to university. But through a series of bad choices and the pursuit of self, I found my life paralleling the story of the Prodigal Son. There came a point when I realized that everything I was pursing in life did not compare to pursuing a life in Jesus; it was all vanity! After I was cut from the SPU soccer team, Coach Al gave me a lifeline and asked if I wanted to play for him here at TWU. After reflecting back on my journey through life that led me to that moment, I realized that it took a prodigal son-like experience to prepare my heart for what I would experience here at TWU and beyond. And I have truly enjoyed being here over the past four years.

Athletic highlight: The biggest athletic highlight I have experienced over the past four years is taking a chance on a small, unknown university soccer program and helping to establish its reputation of being one of the best university programs in Canada, and ultimately North America.

Student highlight: One of the positive things about being at a small private university is the small, intimate class sizes. Some of my best friends that I have made over the past four years have been in my classes. Also, the professors have more time to form friendships with the students. I feel I was truly blessed to not only have amazing professors, but have the time to get to know their story and see how they have become successful Christian businessmen and women in their respective professions.

Lessons learned: One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the past four years is that God's will for my life isn't necessarily my will for my life. I started off pursuing a degree in communications. Two years into the degree, I realized that it was not right for me and that public relations did not fit with my design. Being good with numbers and encouraging people, I made the switch to Business Finance where I have enjoyed being ever since.

Soccer goal: First is to win a national championship with TWU. I would love to play beyond TWU at an A League level. Whether that is realistic or not will have to be determined after this year.

Career goal: Use the finance degree to get my CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and eventually work and own a small money management firm as a way to bring Jesus back into the marketplace.

Personal goal: I would love to get a two year nursing degree. Take what I have learned through sport, my passion to help others, and faith in Jesus and use it to help people restore their "whole" self (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually). Not only here in North America, but to people all over the world. In terms of God's leading, I feel I am being prepared to pursue each one of these goals in some way or another. Timing is the unknown, so I will live, love & learn and see where He leads me.

Athletes in Action Ireland Tour: My favorite highlight from the Ireland tour is being able to use the sport of soccer as a common ground to relate to the hurting people of Ireland. To show them God's love even though I am a hurting person myself. I love how everyone in this world can relate to each other on a human level. Through that human experience I can give others the hope that through freedom in Christ, amidst all the oppression, there is a life worth living and a God worth loving.

Last Updated: 2008-01-10
Author: Scott Stewart

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