Lucas Goltz - For Nate

Lucas Goltz

Men's Basketball
Third Year

As the final buzzer sounded, he gazed out at the court, and then at the scoreboard: his team had just lost by three points. Twice he had a chance to win the game, but both rimmed out. Sure he was disappointed, but he was thankful too, because he had been waiting a long time to get here. For Spartans third year guard Lucas Goltz he's just glad to be playing CIS basketball again, and to be doing so at Trinity Western University.

It's been a long journey for the 25 year old to become a Spartan. Since graduating from high school in Comox, B.C. almost eight years ago, Lucas has made stops at UVic in Victoria, B.C., Queen's University and most recently RMC in Kingston, Ontario, where he played in just a handful of exhibition games before deciding it just wasn't for him. None of those places were.

"I was sick of the secular school system," he said. "I had fun at UVic, it's a very nice school, and Queen's is a very good academic school, but there's definitely something lacking at both those places. Community and the Christian aspect is really something that drew me to Trinity Western. It's also the place where my late best friend, Nate Desilva, really wanted to come. He was recruited to come play here, and he really wanted to. All of those things played into me finally coming to Trinity Western."

Desilva was one of the top high school players in the province at the time, and wanted to play at Trinity Western. But he was killed tragically in a car accident in grade 12. For Lucas, he lost not only a teammate, but also a best friend, and the person who brought him to Christ at the age of 17. Lucas still remembers his friend and what this would mean to him.

"It's pretty surreal. It's weird to put on the number that Nate used to wear," Lucas said of the number five he'll wear for TWU this season. "This would have been what he would have done. Nate was a phenomenal human being, he was a phenomenal player, one of the best I ever saw play. It's humbling to step out on the court, and to not only do it for myself and my team, but somewhere in my heart give a bit for him as well."

Once he decided to leave RMC and Queen's to attend Trinity, he then had to prove that at the age of 25 he belonged on the team.

"I got recruited to come out here last year, and the tryout didn't go as expected," confessed Lucas. "Coach Stan was absent with a back injury at the time, so he didn't even see me play. They (the coaches) were wondering if they should keep me because I wasn't quite young enough. But I came this fall and at the end of training camp Coach said ‘I think you can still play at the age of 25."

And play he has. Due to CIS transfer rules he had to sit out one calendar year before he was eligible to play at TWU. Last weekend, the first game action for Lucas since last October, he led the Spartans in scoring with 43 points in two games, including 28 in a close loss to Regina.

Although the losses were disappointing for Lucas and the squad, the team is just starting to get healthy. With posts Lance Verhoeff (Calgary) and Michael Brouwer (Nanaimo, B.C.) returning soon, the Spartans will finally be at full strength, and Lucas believes the best is yet to come.

"I see great things for this team," Lucas exclaimed. "We're really starting to come together. Bonding is a big thing with us right now, just learning each other's tendencies, and as the season progresses we're going to be a contender in the Canada West for sure."

Wherever the Spartans finish in the standings, Lucas will be playing for his teammates, his friend Nate, and himself. He's going to make the most of this opportunity, and you can be sure that he's thankful for it.


Last Updated: 2008-01-10
Author: Jeff Kilpatrick