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Women's Basketball
Second Year

Krystal Crofton is always on the move. The guard on the Spartans women's basketball team is a blur on the court, be it bringing the ball up the floor, driving to the hoop, or pestering the opposing team's guards. Off the court, the education major is running to class, to study, to practice or to lift.

Growing up, she played a lot of sports, all of them giving her different aspects of running or plenty of movement, both in team settings and as an individual.

"I played soccer, baseball, volleyball and cross-country," says the native of Langley. "I loved soccer and cross-country because running is something that I enjoyed. Baseball, volleyball and soccer allowed me to be on teams, and cross-country gave me time to be on my own. But basketball stood out from these sports because not only was it a team sport, but also it was a small team that I was able to be close with. It was a contact sport and was a sport that involved running. It was all the sports I had played before in one great sport."

You can see the different parts of those other sports in her game as a Spartan. At 5'6 she's small by CIS standards, but with her quickness and tenacity she's able to use her strengths to her advantage.

"I feel that my big heart for the game makes up for my lack of height," says the 5'6 Brookswood high graduate. "Because I am quick, I am able to beat an opponent who might be bigger but slower than me. I am also able to pester the point guard bringing the ball up the floor, making it harder for them to set up their offence right away."

Where her game shines the brightest is on the fast break, where her speed becomes her greatest asset. Seemingly as quick with the ball as without, Krystal excels at not just getting to the rim quickly, but also getting up a quality shot, not matter how fast she's going or how big the defender is she's trying to score on. It all looks so natural for her, yet she claims that although getting to the hoop came easily, finishing was something she had to learn.

"Driving to the hoop and getting there is something that I have always been good at, but finishing at the hoop going so fast is something that takes work," says Krystal. "You need to be able to take that energy going towards the hoop and control it upwards toward the rim. I practiced that all through high school in spare time outside of practice in the mornings before school started."

All that work obviously has paid off, and after finishing her high school career like a strong drive to the basket, Krystal set her sights on moving from south Langley to north Langley and the campus of TWU.

"I chose to come to Trinity because I love that you can go to a university and not simply be a number on a page with 300 other numbers," says the former Brookswood Bobcat. "You get to know your professors and the students in your classes. Once I met the team, I knew that I was going to fit in with them and they all seemed like a close-nit group of girls who were passionate about a great sport."

As you might expect, she hit the floor running as a freshman last year, and this year, under head coach Kerby Court, she's taken on added responsibility as a starter, and has rewarded him by being second on the team in scoring (7.4 points per game) and minutes played (23.8 per game).

"Playing for coach Kerby this year has been a complete change for me," she says of her coach. "He has been such a great support and someone who I am able to go talk to at anytime about basketball or life. His tactics towards the game are something that I can relate to which makes understanding and excelling under him easy and worthwhile. Kerby not only coaches me in basketball but in life. Even when he doesn't know it he shows me aspects of a life that I want to live."

Krystal hopes to have the same impact on young people when she's finished at TWU. As an education major, she wants to teach and coach, which would combine her two passions of kids and basketball. And not surprisingly, it also means she wouldn't have "to be sitting at a desk all day doing the same thing everyday."

Yes, Krystal likes to be on the move. When you watch her play tonight, you'll see her doing what she loves, which is to keep her team and those around her moving in the right direction.

Last Updated: 2008-01-26
Author: Jeff Kilpatrick

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