Dayna Jansen Van Doorn - Standing Tall
Spartan of the Week - date: Jul. 15th, 2008
When Dayna Jansen Van Doorn was starting grade 12 at Langley Christian, she was also starting her first year of high school volleyball. Five years later she’s starting her fourth season at Trinity Western as one of the country’s best middle blockers, and just spent the summer playing with the senior national team. To say she’s made great strides in that time would be an obvious understatement, but it’s all been part of the incredible growth Dayna has shown since she came to TWU four years ago.
Andrea Ball - Standing Her Ground
Spartan of the Week - date: Apr. 25th, 2008
Want to be a libero in the CIS? The top women’s players in the CIS can hit a volleyball on a spike attempt close to 100 km/h. That’s fast, faster than your car should have gone on Glover Road traveling to the game tonight. Now stand two to three meters away from a woman hitting said volleyball at over 90 km/h straight down at you. Your job is not to fear for your life and curl into the fetal position, but instead to pass this hurtling sphere so that your setter can set up your offense. It’s preferred that you use your forearms in a proper passing technique, but really your elbow, hand, shoulder, or face will do- anything to keep the point alive.
Carlee O'Brien - Unconvential and Unquestionably Good
Spartan of the Week - date: Apr. 25th, 2008
When you watch the Trinity Western Spartan women’s soccer team, you’re sure to notice Carlee O’Brien- and not just for how many shots she puts in the back of the net. “If anyone has ever watched me play they will know that I am a very unconventional player,” the fifth year forward explains. “Half the time my legs are moving too quickly to even dribble a ball correctly, and my limbs tend to extend and bend into the weirdest positions.”
Joe Vroom - Man of Action
Spartan of the Week - date: Apr. 25th, 2008
Joe Vroom should not have to apologize. At 6’9 and 200 pounds, the post on the Trinity Western University men’s basketball team has been an imposing presence on the low block this season for a Spartans team that has desperately needed it. He’s taken everything the bruising Canada West conference has thrown at him, and he’s given it right back. In this his third year as a Spartan, he’s done everything you could ask of a basketball player, and in some cases more. Yet here he is, sounding apologetic for giving an answer that he feels is a cliché. Although what he’s saying could sound like one coming from someone else, the fact he cares this much about an answer in an interview shows it’s no cliché at all. Joe is truly that man of few words that let’s his actions do the speaking for him.
Doug Van Spronsen - All Business
Spartan of the Week - date: Apr. 25th, 2008
You won’t find many athletes who list their favourite TV show as CBC’s The National or their favourite class as Investment Theory. You also won’t find many students who have a spike touch of almost 12 feet and have played for Canada’s National volleyball team. Therefore you won’t find a person who better defines what it means to be a student athlete at Trinity Western University than Doug Van Spronsen.
Jason Keegstra - Of Bikes and Basketball
Spartan of the Week - date: Mar. 6th, 2008
Humans have always loved the idea of flight. From the Wright Brothers in the early 1900’s at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to another gravity-defying pioneer from the Tar Heel State like Michael Jordan, we dream to fly. This even applies to athletes of the six CIS teams at Trinity Western University: we were asking a series of questions for their website profiles, and found that if given a super power, about 80% of them wanted to fly.
Keanne Tome - Love of Learning
Spartan of the Week - date: Feb. 11th, 2008
Keanne Tome loves to learn, and wants those around her to experience the joy of learning in the way she sees it. It’s what makes her such a good fit on the Trinity Western University women’s volleyball team, as well as what will make her such a good teacher when her volleyball career is through.
Chaim Schalk - Band of Brothers
Spartan of the Week - date: Feb. 4th, 2008
If you’ve followed Trinity Western University men’s volleyball at all in the past few years, you certainly recognize the name Schalk, as they’ve been synonymous with the Spartans and winning since the first Schalk brother, Jaben, enrolled in 2001. Chaim, the third of four boys to play at Trinity Western, is doing his part to carry on the Spartans, and the Schalks’, winning ways.
Krystal Crofton-On the Move
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 25th, 2008
Krystal Crofton is always on the move. The guard on the Spartans women's basketball team is a blur on the court, be it bringing the ball up the floor, driving to the hoop, or pestering the opposing team's guards. Off the court, the education major is running to class, to study, to practice or to lift.
Josh Doornenbal-Rising to the Challenge
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 19th, 2008
Being told you’re not good enough is hard. Rising to the challenge and not only working to fix your weaknesses, but to make them your greatest strength, is even harder. Josh Doornenbal was faced with this challenge in high school, and his response was one we can all be inspired by.
Corina Reimer - You've got to love it
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 11th, 2008
Ask basketball players what they love about their sport, and most will tell you about scoring, shooting threes, driving the lane or making that perfect pass. A few may say it’s about intense defense, and shutting the other team down. Then there’s Corina Reimer:
Daniel Demian-No Excuses
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 8th, 2008
If you were to judge Dan Demian by his size, then the 5’8, 143 pound guard would measure as one of the smallest players to get regular playing time not only with the Spartans, but for anybody in the Canada West conference.
Heather Van Wieren - Working on History
Spartan of the Week - date: Nov. 24th, 2007
Some day Heather Van Wieren wants to be a history teacher. For now, she’s getting a chance to be a teacher on a Spartans team that’s making history. Being the only fifth year player on a young and promising Trinity Western women’s basketball team, Heather has taken on a leadership role, and she’s leading by example.
Kim Klassen - Getting it Done
Spartan of the Week - date: Nov. 20th, 2007
“If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” It’s not known who coined that old adage, probably because the person who said it was too busy getting things done to worrying about taking credit for their accomplishments. Kind of like Kim Klassen.
Lucas Goltz - For Nate
Spartan of the Week - date: Nov. 9th, 2007
As the final buzzer sounded, he gazed out at the court, and then at the scoreboard: his team had just lost by three points. Twice he had a chance to win the game, but both rimmed out. Sure he was disappointed, but he was thankful too, because he had been waiting a long time to get here. For Spartans third year guard Lucas Goltz he’s just glad to be playing CIS basketball again, and to be doing so at Trinity Western University.
Laura Craig-Versatility
Spartan of the Week - date: Oct. 18th, 2007
Versatility. It’s having the ability to do many different things well. It’s being reliable and capable of filling in wherever you’re needed, and doing whatever a coach asks you to do to win. It’s a quality that most athletes strive for, and few achieve. It’s a good word to describe third year guard Laura Craig. Her coach certainly believes so.
Spartan of the Week - date: Sep. 15th, 2007
The role of a central defender in soccer is an unheralded position. For the most part you are only noticed when you make a mistake. It is not a glory position. To play the position well you need to be able to play the ball well in the air and on the ground, be able to start an attack as well as stop a potential threat and you need to be strong and willing to deal with contact. Other then the keeper you are the last line of defense.