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Daniela Gerig

Women's Soccer
Second Year - Business

Put bluntly, Daniela Gerig is a force to be reckoned with. While the Spartans forward is only a CIS sophomore, the impact of her aggressive style of play and dynamic character has resonated not only with those on her team but also with soccer aficionados all over the CIS.

Beginning her soccer career at age nine Daniela played through the Langley House League following in the footsteps of older sister and ex-Spartan, Christine. "I got into soccer when I was fairly young," explains Daniela. "It was mostly because my sister was playing already and she really liked it so I thought I'd have a go at it as well and I was instantly hooked. It's became such a part of my life that now I can't hardly remember what it was like not to play soccer every day!"

‘Every day' is no stretch of the imagination either. From her hometown House League Daniela moved on to play for both the Langley Metro and Burnaby Dynamite Metro teams as well as playing in the Super Y-League (a youth program run by the Vancouver Whitecaps), for her high school team, the Walnut Grove Gators, and for the Fraser Valley Action over the past two summers.

But in talking to Daniela it is clear that all her experiences with other teams and in other leagues matter because they brought her to the place she is now - they prepared her for life as a Spartan. As much as her adolescent trials and victories have shaped her it is this season, this pursuit for a national title that she is most interested in. "To be honest, all I want is to win," says Daniela. "I want to win the last four games in our regular season. I want to win the Canada West. I want to win Nationals."

Concise, passionate, pointed - that's just how Daniela is. Therefore it is not surprising that she sees her role on the team with lucidity and conviction atypical of such a young player. "I score goals, it's what I do," says Daniela. "I love the feeling of attacking the goal and pushing through the defense to challenge the keeper."

And if scoring goals is indeed her role on the Spartan squad, she is fulfilling it with remarkable prowess. Setting the TWU record for the most goals in a single game with five in a match against the Regina Cougars earlier this year and consequently earning herself CIS Athlete of the Week accolades, Daniela is proving that she can play with the best.

While encouraged, Daniela is not satisfied and she hungers for more. "The five goals and the award got me really pumped up to push myself harder at practice and in games," says Daniela. "I want to be a 90 minute player, a consistent member of the starting 11. I know I can get there, I just have to keep working and take the extra step to get to the ball, or to get open, or to score each time I have the opportunity."

As Daniela continues to work and improve her efforts and strength of character are not lost on those around her. "She has had a good season and has shown that she can score goals at this level," says Spartans' Head Coach Graham Roxburgh. "I am excited that she received some good accolades this season because she has worked hard and is becoming the impact player that we all know she is. She is an important part of the team and is only going to keep getting better and better. I have been impressed with her commitment to not only being successful on the field but how as a person she enhances what we strive to be within women's soccer, full of integrity and character."

With the rest of this season and then three more years as a Spartan ahead of her Daniela knows that she still has a long way to go. "My time here has had its fair share of trials and I'm sure I will continue to be challenged," says Daniela. "Perseverance is my biggest strength though, I've got a lot inside of me...Whether it's scoring goals or supporting from the bench, I know I'm developing a lot in my role on the team. I feel like I've got a lot to prove and I'm ready to do it."


Last Updated: 2008-10-21
Author: Scott Stewart

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