Jacob Doerksen-Friendship

Jacob Doerksen

Sport: Men's Basketball
Position: Forward
Year: Third
Height: 6'6"

CTV Story on Trevor and Jacob

Come to the David E. Enarson gymnasium and look down the Spartan's bench. On any given Friday and Saturday night and you will see brains, brawn, occasionally some beauty, and a whole lot of heart. It is a basketball team that not only creates an indelible mark on our minds with their talent on the court, but also one on our hearts. The friendship between Spartan Forward Jacob Doerksen and Spartan stats man Trevor Klassen is one that reminds us that in basketball, as in life, the strongest foundation is that of brotherly love.

Jacob, like most kids, spent his childhood playing many different sports. From hockey to soccer to football Jacob's natural athletic ability allowed him to crossover between sports and excel at all of them. It wasn't until Jacob wound up in his first year of high school at Rick Hansen in Abbotsford that he began to play basketball. "I was pretty uncoordinated," Jacob says with a smile. "My parents kept putting me in basketball camps during the summers. I don't know if it was their form of babysitting but it got me into the game and that's where I started to love it."

As Jacob worked his way through the high school and provincial team systems another person, Trevor, was navigating his way through the halls of Rick Hansen Secondary School as well. While Jacob had his fair share of growing pains, as adolescence will always bring, Trevor did as well coupled with the fact that he was born with Cerebral palsy and confined to a wheelchair. "The first time Trevor and I met was during a fire drill at school," Jacob remembers. "He was pretty scared and I was there just telling him it was going to be okay. From there we ate lunch together every day and would just talk."

The two became fast friends and they navigated high school's precarious pitches together. "We hung out all the time," says Jacob. "Outside of school we go swimming, hang out at someone's house, and watch sports on TV. His mom would make us dinner sometimes, too. We never did anything extraordinary, we were just really good friends."

Jacob continued to make waves in the basketball community and following his graduation from high school he decided to go to the University of Victoria to play. His rookie year brought him great success as he helped lead the Vikes to a second place finish at nationals and was awarded a CIS Championship Tournament All-Star and the 2006 CIS Rookie of the Year. While his second season with the Vikes did not lead him down the trail to nationals Trevor was never far from his side. "He would make the trip to Victoria twice a year with his parents," says Jacob. "He would come and watch both games and then we would hang out."

Returning home after his second season Jacob decided that he wanted to take a year off from basketball and school to reevaluate where he was going and what he wanted to do. He headed to the then University College of the Fraser Valley (now the University of the Fraser Valley). "Coming home after being in Victoria to go to UCFV has brought Trevor and I back together and we are the closest we have ever been," says Jacob. "While I was at UCFV I began looking at where I wanted to go next and when I found out Scott Allen was going to be coaching here at TWU I became really interested in the program."

Coach Allen and Jacob first met when Allan coached the U-17 provincial team that Jacob played on in the summer of 2004. "I loved him instantly and he ended up being one of two deciding factors in my transition into Trinity," says Jacob. The other factor was Trevor. "Scott asked me early on if I would bring Trevor to help out with the team. That was something that was really important to me," says Jacob. "Trevor and I have been close all through high school and even after and so when Scott asked me it played a huge part in my decision. Having both Scott and Trevor at the school meant a lot to me."

As Jacob has worked his way through a whirlwind of a first season with the Spartans Trevor has never been far. "He's at every game with us taking stats," says Jacob. "But his influence on our team is so much more than just getting the foul count, he's the most positive person I have ever met and he is always, always happy. At half time he'll tell next half and what I have been doing well at. After the game he'll come to the locker room and give his two cents about the game and the best part is that he's always right. In the end he's just a really positive influence on our team, he's always smiling and cracking jokes - attitudes like that are contagious."

Talking to Coach Allen it becomes clear that the relationship Jacob and Trevor has is unique and it an essential part of this year's team dynamic. "Both gentlemen understand the importance of sacrificing themselves so the other can grow," he says. "The biggest change I wanted to see this year for this team was shaping the attitude that ‘it's not about me.' Jacob's attitude towards friendship is so beyond his years. Talking about building trust and love on a team is seen for many teams but having the chance to actually see a practical example of this with Jacob and Trevor inspires the rest of us to do the same."


Last Updated: 2009-01-27
Author: Scott Stewart