David E. Enarson Gym Final Games
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 31st, 2009
Friday night’s basketball contests against the Simon Fraser University Clan marked the end of an era for Trinity Western University and the Spartans as next season, 2009-2010, TWU will be playing their home games at the soon to be completed Langley Event Centre.
Jacob Doerksen-Friendship
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 27th, 2009
Come to the David E. Enarson gymnasium and look down the Spartan’s bench. On any given Friday and Saturday night and you will see brains, brawn, occasionally some beauty, and a whole lot of heart. It is a basketball team that not only creates an indelible mark on our minds with their talent on the court, but also one on our hearts. The friendship between Spartan Forward Jacob Doerksen and Spartan stats man Trevor Klassen is one that reminds us that in basketball, as in life, the strongest foundation is that of brotherly love.
Jordan Verhoeff - Picture of Determination
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 15th, 2009
As you watch Spartan guard Jordan Verhoeff run up and down the hardwood, score baskets, and lead her team, you can’t help but think about how easy she makes it look - how she seems so comfortable she could have been born with a basketball in her hands. But even the most seemingly seamless performances have been rehearsed countless times, have had their finest details poured over in frustration, have been earned, and have taken the performer on a journey of self-discovery.
Matt Myers - That’s how He brought me to Himself
Spartan of the Week - date: Jan. 8th, 2009
“I’m nothing special,” Spartan Guard Matt Myers says as he sits down across the table from me on a rainy Wednesday morning. But no matter how many times he speaks of his normality, as his story spills out you can’t help but think that Matt’s journey has been anything but ordinary.
Lauren Doubroff- Life, Lessons and Basketball
Spartan of the Week - date: Dec. 1st, 2008
For some athletes, their sport defines them and is placed at the centre of their world. Spartan forward Lauren Doubroff, however, has learned through triumph and trial that basketball does more than just teach you skills, it teaches you about life.
Keanne Tome-What we’re doing is so much more than Volleyball
Spartan of the Week - date: Nov. 25th, 2008
While there are 120 Spartan athletes, 30 Spartan volleyball players, and 16 of them on the women’s volleyball team, every athlete brings something new and unique to the table. Each of their stories are different. From celebrating triumphs to overcoming adversity, Spartan setter Keanne Tome knows just as well as any of them that in the end, sports isn’t about how strong you are or how many wins you chalk up – it’s about who you become.
Marc Howatson - Blazing a Trail Uniquely His Own
Spartan of the Week - date: Nov. 14th, 2008
Since Josh Howatson stepped onto the court at TWU’s David E. Enarson Gymnasium in the fall of 2002 the name ‘Howatson’ has been synonymous with volleyball excellence, athletic ability, and devoted leadership at TWU. When Josh graduated in the spring of 2007 his younger brother Marc donned Josh’s number four jersey the following September, ready to continue the family legacy. He may look, walk and talk like Josh but don’t let it fool you, for Spartan leftside Marc Howatson is entirely unique and is determined to put his own stamp on his family’s legacy at TWU.
Home of the Faithful - The Legend Continues
Spartan of the Week - date: Oct. 26th, 2008
In 1963 the Dean of Students issued the first jerseys to the athletes of Trinity Junior College and with that the Spartans were born. Just as the Spartans of ancient history were revered for their military prowess, relentless pursuit of intellectual growth and dynamic development of political culture, so too have the TWU Spartans set themselves apart through their commitment to a holistic approach to athletics - one that develops a Complete Champion.
Daniela Gerig-"Every Day" scorer
Spartan of the Week - date: Oct. 21st, 2008
Put bluntly, Daniela Gerig is a force to be reckoned with. While the Spartans forward is only a CIS sophomore, the impact of her aggressive style of play and dynamic character has resonated not only with those on her team but also with soccer aficionados all over the CIS.
Lance Verhoeff-Making His Mark
Spartan of the Week - date: Oct. 14th, 2008
We were never meant to do this life on our own and every aspect of an athlete’s life is a tribute to that. Regardless of whether they are engaged in an individual or team sport, every athlete is surrounded by people who train, support, uplift and inspire them. It is the stories of these essential relationships that form the threads of each athlete’s story. Spartan forward Lance Verhoeff is no exception as his basketball journey is one intricately woven - combining not only his own unique threads but those of his family as well.
Becca Ferguson - Shine Your Light
Spartan of the Week - date: Oct. 7th, 2008
There comes a point in every athlete's journey when the opportunity to give back to the community they came from presents itself. Whether or not the athlete takes that opportunity, exposes their ability and ultimately their desire to look beyond themselves and their own advancement to see the potential for growth and achievement that resides in those around them is a determining factor in the development of ones place in life. Spartan forward Rebecca Ferguson's life genuinely reflects this altruistic concern and consequently her influence and strength of character has not only been felt on the Spartan soccer pitch or in her native Calgary, but has resonated with people around the world.
Dana DuMerton - Spark
Spartan of the Week - date: Sep. 20th, 2008
You would be mistaken to think that Spartan center-mid Dana DuMerton’s shy smile and gentle disposition are an outward expression of a reserved character, for they are merely a shell for the fiery spirit that burns within her. She may be but one person but it is clear that as Dana steps into a new role as the Captain of this talented Spartan squad it only takes a single spark to ignite a raging fire.
Melissa Mobilio- It's a Family Affair
Spartan of the Week - date: Sep. 15th, 2008
When faced with the question of who their athletic role model is many soccer players' answers fit the status quo - Christian Ronaldo, Pele, Wayne Rooney, and the list goes on. But Spartan Midfielder Melissa Mobilio instead prefers to keep it in the family and does not have to think twice before citing her late-cousin and Vancouver 86ers/Whitecaps striker Domenic Mobilio as her source of inspiration throughout her soccer career.
Paul Hamilton-Coast to Coast
Spartan of the Week - date: Sep. 6th, 2008
You only need to talk with Spartan center-back Paul Hamilton for a few minutes before it becomes clear that his love for soccer borders on obsession. From being a self-professed FIFA video game aficionado to citing the title of his not-yet-existent biography as The Life of Soccer, this Spartan has good reason to love this game so much as it has been one that has taken him on a journey of growth and discovery from sea to shining sea.