Spotlight - Melissa Mobilio

Melissa Mobilio

With a bright smile and cheerful deposition, it is easy to understand why Melissa Mobilio is considered a rising star.  While she hopes to one day teach Elementary school and run soccer camps, right now she’s focused on the home opener against UBC. “[I’m excited] just being able to be back in the atmosphere with the girls,” Mobilio said, “we’re ready to go.”
Along with four other Spartans, Mobilio was invited to join Canada’s team at FISU, Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire team, in Belgrade, Serbia last summer.  One of the largest collegiate competitions in the world, Mobilio felt honoured to be chosen.  “The likelihood of having five girls from your team [competing at FISU] is extremely rare,” said Mobilio.
The excitement soon gave way to frustration. “Last year was probably the most challenging injury wise,” Mobilio continued, “I couldn’t always practice, [and I was] constantly in therapy.” A strict regimen of icing, cold and hot tubs, weight training and physical therapy began. “[Natalie Ghobrial] is a big person I can thank for putting up with me for a year,” said Mobilio, “she [worked] her magic”. Ghobrial, the head therapist worked tirelessly, attempting to get Mobilio in shape for FISU.
Mobilio even took the spring season off. “I wanted to focus strictly on my back, “said Mobilio, “There was a lot of step one, step two, step three.” Unable to play to her potential Mobilio began to doubt her ability to compete at FISU.  “When I play,” said Mobilio, “I want to contribute everything.  I was in so much physical pain as an athlete I could not perform to my standards. I felt like I was letting my team down.”
As FISU approached, Mobilio, Ghobrial and the coaching staff realized she would be unable to compete. Mobilio admits it was a hard decision, “but the best [one], now I feel great. [I wanted to] take my time so I could have a good season for Trinity.”
Mobilio feels that the bond of faith she shares with the other girls on her team gives them a unique edge. “I think when we’re going through anything, “explained Mobilio, “after practice or a game we always pray, and it gives us a different kind of bond than other teams have.” This bond and the support she received helped ease the difficulty of her choice.
Missing FISU gave Mobilio a renewed sense of vigor for this season, “I want to commit myself to doing everything better, get into a tackle harder or cross a ball with more urgency… just give a hundred and ten percent.”
Mobilio is excited to be playing again and feels the Home Opener against UBC should be one of the best of the season. “It’s always a battle when we play UBC,” said Mobilio, “I’m going to give everything I couldn’t give last year and then some.”

Last Updated: 2009-09-27
Author: Breanne Fultz