Spotlight - Nathan Pogue

Nathan Pogue

Star forward Nathan Pogue, who was named Canada West Athlete of the Week Sept. 21, always has a plan. Arriving at Trinity Western University, he knew he would graduate in four years, spend a semester in Ottawa, and take home a national championship. However, last season he discovered that sometimes God has other plans.

After making some bad choices following an away game last year in Oregon, Pogue found himself off the team for the remainder of the season. Choosing to see the glass half full, Pogue took the year to re-prioritize his life and focus on his education. “I’m a student athlete…school comes first,” says a humble Pogue.

“I try and encourage the other guys to make the most of it. You need to take advantage of the opportunities you’re given. In North America a lot of kids take going to school for granted. Being at Trinity Western has given me a new way to look at a lot of the issues I’ve struggled with in sports, religion, politics, and life. It’s full personal development,” he says.

Like a lot of athletes, Pogue relies on scholarships to help him pursue his education. Without this assistance he would have never been able to afford his schooling. Says Pogue, “without my scholarship, I’d be back home working, just hoping to get this chance.”

Since his first year, the Spartan had planned on attending the Laurentian Leadership Center in Ottawa. Unable to go, Pogue felt disheartened. However, the opportunity allowed him the chance to develop his drumming skills as part of the jazz band. He says, “Jazz is the source of all good drumming.”

While last season was filled with ups and downs, Pogue hopes this year will be filled with a different kind of excitement. “It’s great being back and playing. Having Nationals at home, knowing that we’re going, that we could win - it is great!” says Pogue. “I’m more excited for the program then for myself. Trinity has worked hard to build soccer
up and we’ve been so close so many times. It’s deserved by now.”

Pogue attempts to downplay his success on the pitch, “I just play, I don’t really worry about individual success.”

Currently focusing on his Master’s degree in History, Pogue is looking at a future full of options. He’s unsure of where life after TWU will lead him but he’s considering getting another degree in theology, pursuing law school, or getting his Ph.D. in history and teaching.

Last Updated: 2009-10-03
Author: Breanne Fultz