Spotlight - Kristen Funk

Kristen Funk

“I almost quit soccer when I was 14 years old,” explained last year’s star rookie keeper, Kristen Funk. “But I was given the chance to play on the provincial team for three years and then spent a year at the national training center- the experience renewed my love of soccer.”

It is evident that she made the right choice as she distinguished herself at last year’s CIS championships with three shut-out wins and followed it up by being selected to Canada’s national FISU team.

The experience at FISU in Serbia has helped her grow as a player and helped inspire her to keep playing. “I got to play two games, which was amazing as I didn’t think I’d play in any.” said the modest Funk who often downplays her success on the field. “I’d really like to do FISU again in two years in China. It‘s the coolest experience being able to represent your county”

Last season, hosting nationals guaranteed Trinity Western a spot in the championship. While Funk and the team worked long hard hours to pull out a win, she still felt as though she took the experience for granted, “I didn’t realize what a big accomplishment it was. Having to work harder this year to go makes you appreciate it more.”

But this season almost ended before it started. Out on a scavenger hunt during the pre-season the car that Funk was riding in was clipped by a car running an intersection on 200th street, which sent them crashing off of the road. “We hit two telephone poles. It really made me appreciate life. You ‘re having a bad day but someone could be having a worse one.”
Coming to Trinity Western brought Funk into a whole new world, “I come from a non-Christian home and went to public school so last year I was shell shocked, but I love how Trinity is a community. It’s not like this at other schools.”
“I’m still discovering my faith” said Funk, “but the car accident and everything leading up to it- I realize how lucky I am.”
As for what is in store for her future, “I went to an ID camp a couple weeks ago and it was a really amazing experience. I’d love to make the Canadian National team and compete at that level.”

As one of the youngest players on the Spartans, there’s no doubt in the TWU coaching staff of Funk’s ability and potential. “She is foundational to our success both on and off the field,” raved Head Coach Graham Roxburgh. “The best is yet to come from her.”

Last Updated: 2009-10-18
Author: Breanne Fultz