Spotlight - Nathan Square-Briggs

Nathan Square-Briggs

“It’s like you’re running a long race, your body aches and your lungs are starting to burn. Your body’s saying stop- but you have the choice in your heart, in your mind, to keep going,” began Nathan Square-Biggs, one of the longest serving Spartans. “As an athlete you learn to make that choice. To channel that focus it’s impacted my game and led into the rest of my life.”
“With our team, we’re relentlessly pushing to high standards, we strive to be number one in country. I thought that was impossible, back in the day,” admitted Square-Biggs.

However, the leadership of the program was determined to see the team grow and prosper. Square-Biggs feels fortunate to have witnessed this evolution. “They gave us an identity as a team, with goals and principles,” said Square-Biggs, “The team leadership reminded us in pregame meetings and game talks that ‘we work hard’, ‘be relentless’, and ‘take care of the little things’.”
“I came into a group of guys determined to be the best and just had an instant respect for them. We pushed for the best, we built a program with a foundation, we started winning championships- being sixth then  fourth then second in the country, won Canada West and now we’re national contenders,” explained Square-Biggs, “They’re more then teammates- they’re brothers.”
During his first year, Square-Biggs lived with several other players at what they refer to as the Soccer House. The experience helped him grow as a person and build the connection between the players, “I got to be close spiritually with a couple who were leaders in my life- who still are.”
The connection that Square-Biggs feels to his fellow players helps him push harder. “It made me play better, when you’re playing for the guy next to you it, the game is not just about you anymore, so you play harder.”
“The senior players took me under their wing and made sure I was doing ok . . . I try to do my best to build into the newer guys too,” said Square-Biggs, feeling the importance of keeping the spirit of the Spartans alive, “There’s different levels of relationship, some of them I’ve only known for two months- but any of my teammates would be there in a second for me, and I would do the same… All my Spartan brothers, in the past and those right now- My heart is for my teammates.”

Having spent the past six years using his focus to help drive the Spartans to national contenders, Square-Biggs feels the weight of hosting nationals, “It’s come a long way, It was always our goal to win nationals, and to have the opportunity to win at home would be a gift… not just for the guys on this team- but all the guys in the past.”
Square-Biggs feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to host nationals in his final year, “The principles we have here, the support of our home people- it’s going to be a great experience.”

Last Updated: 2009-10-25
Author: Breanne Fultz