Spotlight - Rudy Verhoeff

Rudy Verhoeff

One of the key elements to the success of this year’s volleyball team, Rudy Verhoeff refuses to take the rest of his team for granted, “We’re not just friends, but brothers.”
Since their days consist of a heavy training routine, similar classes and socializing together, Verhoeff finds himself spending most of his time with his team mates, “they’re amazing- it’s just such a great group this year. I feel truly privileged to serve with them.”
“Our team is striving to get to know Jesus better because that is what is truly important to us,” explained Verhoeff. He believes the mission and ideals of TWU allow his team to bond through Faith, giving them a stronger, deeper connection.
Continued Verhoeff, “Our main goal is to glorify God through what we do. While it would be awesome to win a national championship, and that is a goal, it’s so far below our goal of glorifying God through what we do.”
Verhoeff has more than one reason to believe the Spartans will make nationals this year. This past summer, Verhoeff found himself representing Canada in a tournament in India. He also found new eyes to the world by witnessing the extreme poverty.
“I saw the brokenness and I took some pictures- but then I packed up my bags and left," explained Verhoeff, "I went all the way around the world just to play volleyball- when I should have been helping those people.”
“My passions,” continued Verhoeff, “are volleyball and God. I want to take this gift and use it to make the world better, to serve the disadvantaged. We all deserve a chance.”
This desire to make change continues to drive Verhoeff to excellence, “God gave me the gift to play volleyball, I want to find a way to use it to help...I’m not sure how, but I know that if I trust in Him, a way will arise.”
His trip to India wasn’t all about learning to serve God, Verhoeff also managed to find some light moments as well, “I wanted to make sure I stayed eating right- which meant peanut butter, which I brought with me, and naan bread sandwiches for most of the trip.”

Last Updated: 2009-11-03
Author: Breanne Fultz