Spotlight - Emily Knauff

Emily Knauff

At the end of her first year, Emily Knauff felt lost. Between the demands of school and basketball, she felt her priorities slip away, I felt like I’d become very me centric, and that’s not how I wanted to live my life.”

That’s when she did something drastic, said Knauff “I decided to take a year off and find a way to put God first in my life.”

“I really felt like I needed to take the time to reorganize my life and truly serve God,” explained Knauff. By reprioritizing her life, she found all kinds of exciting opportunities to explore.

“One of the things I got to do was start coaching,” said Knauff. “God gave me an incredible gift in my abilities in sport. I want to be able to use that gift to better serve Him.”

Then, suddenly another opportunity arose. A friend was heading to Australia to work with YWAM and suggested Knauff go as well. “I stopped and prayed about it, and just felt an incredible peace about going. That’s when I realized it was the right thing to do.”

Knauff spent most of her time working in the YWAM kitchen, “I got the chance to work with a mentor and really define my spiritual path. I think taking the time to grow in my faith has been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

“It helped me realize that sport isn’t everything in life,” explained Knauff. “God is so much more important. All your problems get smaller than they used to be.”

“When you really break things down, you realize what’s important,” explained Knauff who came back to Trinity this year with a new fire driving her. “I feel fortunate to be here, playing with a talented team and attending an amazing school.”

“Now,” said Knauff, “I just want to live out all of Trinity. Being here is a huge gift, and I’m going to celebrate it.”

Last Updated: 2009-11-25
Author: Breanne Fultz