Spotlight - Jason Keegstra

Jason Keegstra

Jason Keegstra feels there’s more to education then what happens in the classroom and on the court, “in my life, I’ve tried to apply my learning to more than my classes. I love the opportunity to learn about and try to understand the people I meet, to get to know how they’ve experienced life.”

Keegstra takes this learning into the locker room as a key spiritual leader within Spartans athletics.

“Not all our players are Christians.” explained Keegstra as he described his bible study group that he leads and involvement in other faith based programs at TWU. “To have the chance to introduce these guys to what it means to be a Christian athlete is an amazing opportunity. It‘s new for me to be leading them so directly, but I feel called to take on that role and blessed to do so.”

“For a team to be great, they have to be skilled- that’s a given,” said Keegstra, “but being connected in a spiritual way allows us to relate to each other and understand each other, that’s what truly gives us an advantage.”

Keegstra’s biggest project comes from his work with Trinity Western’s Rec Services who run all the non-varsity athletic events on campus. He believes that the divide between varsity sports and Rec services needs to be bridged in order to build a stronger community of athletes.

“We have some amazing athletes in Rec Services. These are world-class players in their sport and they’ve chosen to focus on their academics,” said Keegstra who helps to lead Open Fire, an athlete oriented chapel that meets every two weeks. “We draw from all over, Rec Services and Spartans Athletics; it’s really helped to strengthen the overall community of athletes.”

“I want to use a platform, like Open Fire, to help break down the boundaries that exist in sports,” said an impassioned Keegstra. “We get isolated within our sport, within our team and end up losing touch with the community as a whole.”

Last Updated: 2009-12-20
Author: Breanne Fultz