Spotlight - Marc Howatson

Marc Howatson

“I started playing Volleyball when I was in grade two or three. My brother, Josh who is one of the most highly decorated players at TWU and is now playing professionally in Spain, was already playing and I remember really wanting to be cool, like him,” said Howatson, one of TWU’s top players this season. “It’s been a really great motivator, having someone to really look up to and be inspired by- I think it’s made me a stronger player.”
Howatson spent this past summer in India, representing Canada with the junior national team. The experience was a dramatic one for him, “I got my world turned upside down. Having the chance to head to the other side of the world and see a different culture in person really gives you a better perspective on life.”
“I think the biggest thing I learned from playing at that level is that it really is a job,” Howatson reflected on his experiences on the junior national team. “You work every day just to sustain the intensity.”
When he came back to Trinity this fall, Howatson decided to bring that spirit to the team, “It’s slightly different at TWU, you need that same fire, but it’s more about playing for change.”
“We’ve made it our goal to play for positive change, to use sport as a way to serve God,” explained Howatson, who tries to keep God the focus of his game. “I believe that when you use His strength and stay positive you can really be an agent for change.”
“We’re a younger team and none of our players are graduating this year- I feel like we’re still trying to find our identity as a team. However, we have been able to learn and grow together, and I think that’s a really valuable opportunity,” added Howatson. TWU’s men’s team has really taken this opportunity to build their Volleyball club. “We have the honor of playing for the history of this team, and I really value the chance to be a positive influence. We need to use our sport to make positive change.”
Howatson hopes to continue in his brother’s footsteps to play professionally after he has completed his business degree, “you never know what the future is going to bring, I hope to stay injury free and we’ll see what happens- but I’d really love to pursue a professional career.”

Last Updated: 2010-01-13
Author: Breanne Fultz