Spotlight - Amber Brown

Amber Brown

“Never give up,” said Amber Brown, one of TWU’s strongest women’s Volleyball players. “That’s what I’ve learned from volleyball, to never give up on my dream.”
“My sister played university basketball, my whole family would go and watch,” recalled Brown, who felt the experience of seeing upper level sport left an impact on her. “We’d go to other games too, mostly volleyball. You’d see everyone get so excited- the players, the crowd- everyone just filled with passion.”
Through her high school career in Alberta, Brown found herself jumping between both sports, basketball and volleyball. In the end, it was the passion and excitement of those university volleyball matches that won her over. “I loved the running and jumping of basketball, but I never felt that connection, the excitement and passion, that I feel playing volleyball.”
Brown quickly found a place on the Alberta Provincial Team as a Libero, a position she played for several years. It was for this position that she was recruited to TWU. “I like playing Libero but I really wanted to be a Power. One of the reasons I picked TWU was because the coaching staff was not only open to letting me grow as a player, but encouraged it.”
“There’s still a lot ahead of me, it’s still early in my career. The support of my team, coaches, and especially my family mean everything to me,” said Brown, who hopes to pursue her passion for beach volleyball.  
While transitioning to TWU last year, she felt the need to focus on her sport. This year brings different goals, “I want to focus on building Christ-like relationships with the girls on my team. Volleyball, in the long run, is a very minor thing compared to God. You need to focus on the people, it’s those relationships that last, long past university”
Brown is making an impact in the TWU community off the court as well writing for the Mars Hill, “it’s a different kind of pressure, trying to get everything in before the deadline but I’m loving the challenge.”
“My coaches provided the opportunity to pursue this dream but I had to grab onto it,” said Brown, who is enjoying the chance prove her abilities. “Never giving up on something is about more than waiting for it to happen, you have to pursue it.  When you’re given the chance to succeed, you need to reach out and take it.”

Last Updated: 2010-01-19
Author: Breanne Fultz