Spotlight - Daniel Horner

Daniel Horner

This summer, Daniel Horner is embarking on a new adventure, leading seven of his teammates to Haiti on a mission’s trip. “It’s an amazing opportunity. I just found out we’re going earlier this week. There’s still a lot to arrange, but I’m excited.”

“We’re spending most of our time in Port-au-Prince working with children in need,” said Horner. The team plans to provide spiritual and physical aid. “We’re going to help rebuild some of the infrastructure and run basketball camps for the kids.”

“Especially after the earthquake, they’re even more in need. I really want to give these kids the chance to get away from what they’re going through,” explained Horner passionately. He feels the team can contribute to the relief effort by providing children in need the chance to be kids again.

This will be Horner’s first mission trip and he’s eager to get things in order, “I’ve always wanted to do a trip like this. However, through high school, I found myself busy with basketball and local ministries.  This is exactly the chance I was hoping for, a way to combine basketball and missions.”

“We’re going to be releasing more information about the trip as we go along,” explained Horner who believes this is a positive way for TWU to provide aid to a country in need.  Currently, they are in the early stages of planning, but have high ambitions for the trip.

Horner completed an adventure Bible school in New Zealand and hopes that some of the lessons he learned while trekking through the wilderness onto his teammates, “it was an experience filled with beautiful and intense lessons.”

“By the end I was debating whether to stay or go, but I really felt God calling me back home to play basketball and learn,” explained Horner.  He arrived back at TWU ready to make a contribution to the community. “I was tired of living knowledge less. I wanted to comeback and serve the Lord and play basketball to the best of my ability. I feel like He has delivered me this opportunity right when it is most needed.”

“This trip is so important, especially now,” said Horner, “I want to take this chance to that IRIS Visual Group, our primary sponsor.  It’s not just my dream that they’ve enabled, they are giving us the chance to change lives, and that’s priceless.”

If you would like to make a contribution to the Haiti Missions trip, please contact Scott Allen ( or Livia Munro. (

Last Updated: 2010-01-25
Author: Breanne Fultz