Spotlight - Paul Lindemulder

Paul Lindemulder

Heading into the last two home games of the season, Paul Lindemulder is optimistic about playoffs, “Things are pretty tight this year and we really won’t know where we stand till all the dust settles, but I think we have a strong control over our fate.”

Lindemulder feels confident about the team and attributes that confidence to his experience competing at the U21 Canada Summer Games in Prince Edward Island last summer. While playing for Team Alberta, he played against several of his current TWU teammates who represented BC. “It was a huge confidence booster, being able to really compete with my TWU teammates. I feel like it gave me a chance to affirm my skills.”

During the semi-finals, Lindemulder and Team Alberta took on and defeated Team BC. Team Alberta went on to place first at the competition, “It was a lot of hard work and a lot of training. I felt we really came together as a good volleyball team.”

“But, it wasn’t like when I play with TWU. Here, I’m playing with my best friends,” explained Lindemulder.  He found that while his Alberta team may have taken home the gold, at the end of the day he’s much happier playing for Trinity Western. “This school takes pride in attracting a certain kind of player. They actively promote a lot of the values that are important to me when recruiting, which is why I’m here.”

“I want to play with guys who understand the nature of sport the way I do,” continued Lindemulder. He believes that the quality of a player’s character is even more important than the player’s skill. “When I play at TWU, I would rather scrape out a fifth set with these guys then win with another team. It’s not even comparable.”

Lindemulder’s need to play with quality players stems from having the opportunity to do so during his pre-university club days. “My brother played on a provincial team and found the lack of values frustrating. In reaction, my Dad started his own volleyball club that promoted Christian values. He really wanted to incorporate ethics and sport.”

“Within our first couple years, we were placing first and second regularly at nationals,” explained Lindemulder proudly. The youngest of four brothers, all of whom involved themselves with TWU’s men’s volleyball team, Lindemulder feels proud to continue on the tradition. “My oldest brother was on the team when they won Nationals, another worked as more of a manager.”

He believes having the chance to play with quality players has helped him grow as an athlete, “I think it’s the quality of character you find in the TWU players that really made all of us want to play here.”

Last Updated: 2010-02-09
Author: Breanne Fultz