Spotlight - Calvin Westbrook

Calvin Westbrook

Calvin Westbrook’s arrival to Trinity Western’s starting line-up is still a bit of a surprise to the star point guard, “Like a lot of Canadians, when I finished High School my dream was to play basketball in the States. So I did.”
He packed up and headed straight for southern California, “I went there, on my own, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.”
“I feel like, I was given a chance to grow, especially off the court,” explained Westbrook. “I’d never spent that much time away from home, let alone in another country. It was pretty incredible. I got the chance to meet people and build friendships that I never would have otherwise.”
Beyond the basic Cultural differences, Westbrook found the way he team mates treated the game difficult to comprehend, “The guys have the mindset that ‘I’m going to show up, do my job, and go home. They aren’t really into building community to the same extent as TWU.”

After playing in California, Westbrook felt the call to return to Canada, “It wasn’t something I’d been thinking about, but something I just suddenly realized. Within two weeks, I’d gone from talking about moving, to packing my bags.”
“I’m loving being close to my sister, in Vancouver, and my parents, on the Island,” continued Westbrook, who feels his time away has made him more appreciative of the time he can find with his family.  “They’ve never had the chance to really see me play at this level. Now, they make it over for as many games as they can, and we even find we have time together as a family.”
“I feel like I was called to be at this school, and with this team,” said Westbrook, who values the opportunity to help build TWU’s Basketball program. “I feel like it’s more than just ‘doing the job’, but I show up here, and the team is a community, a family.”

Last Updated: 2010-04-06
Author: Breanne Fultz