Spotlight - Josh Doornenbal

Josh Doornenbal

“Community,” said Josh Doornenbal, one of TWU’s top players, “it’s easily the biggest thing about playing volleyball at Trinity. I get to play with an amazing group of guys, and that’s something I really value.
“With Spartan’s Athletics, I’ve been given amazing opportunities off the court.”

Every year since arriving at TWU, Doornenbal has put a huge effort into helping coach the Fraser Valley Volleyball Club.

“Last summer, I helped coach Team BC, which was a really great opportunity. Coaching, for me, is the opportunity to give back what so many people have given me. Through volleyball and playing there had a ton of opportunities, scholarships, the ability to come here and go to school. I really value the chance to give back to someone else help them with their experience playing Volleyball.”
Doornenbal draws on his own experiences transitioning to university level play when coaching.

“Up until university, you train two or three times a week with the occasional tournament on the weekend. Once you’re here you’re training every day, twice a day. Lifting weights, games every weekend and every match seems to have a lot more weight on it.
“I would have loved to have more information and knowledge when I was first developing as an athlete. I think the key is providing the information so the athlete can succeed,” continued Doornenbal, who does his best to impart these lessons when he’s coaching. “They aren’t exposed to elite level training or professionalism of sport until they reach the university level. I believe we can build better athletes by exposing them sooner.”
“There’s a lot of skilled players who aren’t full athletes. Being an athlete means more than being skilled at your sport. It takes discipline, professionalism, and training. I don’t believe it’s from a lack of wanting, but a lack of knowledge.”
Doornenbal’s dedication to modeling professionalism continues on and off the court at TWU.

“The professionalism of playing at this level is something that needs to be learned,” he said. “It needs to be learned from somewhere and when you come into a program you need to be able to look to older players for that professionalism. I feel that’s the role I’ve taken on with this team.
“I’m the old guy on the team. It’s a great opportunity. I can step in and help out some of the younger guys with some of the things I went through learning to be an athlete.”

Doornenbal enters his fifth season with the Spartans this year and hopes the professionalism and leadership he provides will go a long way to helping him achieve his ultimate goal: Winning a CIS Championship on his home court.

Last Updated: 2010-07-22
Author: Breanne Fultz