Video Spotlight - Goran "Gogo" Vitic

Langley, British Columbia - Maybe, just maybe, this will be the year for Gogo.

Goran Vitic, as he is technically named but rarely referred to as such, is entering his fifth year at Trinity Western, yet the team jokester known as Gogo – who says if were a superhero he would want to be a cross between The Human Torch and Wolverine – has never completed a full season thanks to a career that has been plagued by injuries.

Every year – including last year when he red-shirted because of a pelvic injury medically referred to as osteitis pubis  – it seemed it was something different. But that something different always seemed to find Sami Salo…er…Vitic and force him to the shelf where he was made to watch his teammates compete for national championships.

But he’s praying that this year will be different.

While several of his teammates have been felled by varying ailments this year, Vitic has stayed healthy and has matured into a valuable leader on the team.

“It has been [really] mentally tough,” Vitic said about his string of injuries. “But I’ve got a lot of help from a lot of people and I think it’s helped me grow and become who I am now.”

And when asked how he stays so positive despite his frustratingly frequent stops at the therapy clinic, Vitic immediately mentions former Spartans basketball player Matt Myers.

“He really opened my eyes to new avenues in my life spiritually and showed me that there’s more to life than soccer and that my injuries weren’t the end of my world.”

With a fresh perspective on where soccer fits into his world, Vitic now brings the Spartans a calming influence that might not have been there if not for his injuries, and Myers. And now that he is back on the pitch, he’s more than ready to contribute.

“I’ve been doing all kinds of workout programs and all kinds of mental visualisations to help me get back to full form so I can at least do some damage on the field.”

With the recent spat of injuries that have hit the Spartans, coach Pat Rohla named Vitic captain for this past weekend. And, after all he’s been through to get to back on the field, the distinction is warranted.

While the Spartans have only played three regular season games this year, it's been so far so good for Vitic. And since donning the captain's arm band, his team is 2- 0 and have outscored their opposition 5-0.

Who knows? Maybe Vitic does have some sort of superhuman powers.

Last Updated: 2010-12-21
Author: Mark Janzen