Video Spotlight - Jason Wiens

Langley, British Columbia - Jason Wiens is the type of player you just can’t help but root for.

Unless you staunchly believe in poor work ethic, unsubstantiated arrogance, obnoxious leadership and a wet noodle-like handshake, it’s more than likely you’ll instantly be impressed by Wiens.

The Trinity Western midfielder from Coaldale, Alta. – a town just 12 kilometres east of Lethbridge with a population around 7,000 – is about as humble as you can get, is bull strong and is just one of those hard working farm boys that seem to litter the Alberta landscape.

“He’s got quite a following on campus,” said men’s soccer coach Pat Rohla.  “And maybe part of the mystique of him is that he’s one of those quiet, self-assured, Alberta leaders that every once in a while you get your hands on.”

And although there’s no confirmed reports on whether Wiens indeed does have Ralph Klein pajamas, you have to believe a pair of Wild Rose Country style Wranglers – something Rohla says he’s never actually seen him wear – must be somewhere nicely folded in his dresser.

“He’s just an honest hard working guy,” Rohla added.

Wiens came to Trinity Western in the fall of 2008 just hoping for a spot on the team. But it didn’t take too long for Rohla to realize this kid was going to be a mainstay. After a year of mostly watching and waiting, Wiens earned a starting role in the fall of 2009 and quickly became a valuable contributor.

“Jason is very quiet by nature but he’s one of those guys whose actions speak louder than words,” Rohla said. “He bleeds blue and gold. He’s a Spartan through and through. He’s a complete team player. He just goes out and leads with actions.

“He’s sort of our silent assassin. Left unchecked around the edge of the box last year he banged in a few goals. He does miles and miles of running that quite often will go unnoticed.”

And that’s likely because he’s not about to blast, let alone casually toot, his own horn.

Last year, his first year as a full-time starter, Wiens was second on the team in goals with five. Only Nathan Pogue and his 11 goals beat the second-year midfielder out. Yet, when asked to confirm it was indeed five goals he scored, he shrugged and said “I guess if you say so.”

He was also second on the team with seven points, second on the team with two game-winning goals and tied for second with 16 shots on goal.

And if you didn’t pester him for a comment, he’d probably tell you nothing about his accolades.

But while clearly he isn’t a huge talker, like so many quiet leaders, when he does speak, people listen.

This past summer, Wiens travelled with a team of three around Alberta running soccer clinics in conjunction with Athletes in Action and it was an experience that forced him out of his comfort zone but also one that he’ll likely not soon forget.

“We ran camps for kids of all ages and spread the Word of God,” Wiens said. “It was a chance to work in these kids lives and give back to the community and the way I was impacted through it was incredible. I became more confident in sharing my faith and I just loved it.”

Upon returning to Trinity Western this fall, Wiens is back in the Spartans midfield, he’s started all four games he’s played in and has become an invaluable team leader.

“I’m not always leading vocally but I lead through my actions and just my work ethic out on the field,” Wiens said. “I like competing with the guys and getting them to compete with each other and helping to join everyone together as a team.”

And with Saskatchewan in town tonight, take extra care to watch for Wiens when he's in scoring space. He’s played the Huskies twice in his career. In the first game, he scored his first ever goal as a Spartan (09/12) and in his second game, he scored twice (10/24).

No wonder everyone roots for him. What’s not to like?

Last Updated: 2010-12-21
Author: Mark Janzen