Video Spotlight - Tiffany Olsen

LANGLEY, British Columbia - There’s something contagious about the presence of Trinity Western women’s basketball forward Tiffany Olsen.

The girl from the oyster factory that is Fanny Bay, B.C. has a fun-loving attitude, a bright smile and an excitable personality that’s about as infectious as a vicious fall flu.
Just in a good way.

The fourth-year Olsen, who stands 6-foot-2 – towering above her 5-foot-9 “midget of the family” sister, Chelsey, who is a freshman with the Spartans this year – is a vocal leader for Trinity Western and, especially so early on this year, has been the on-court offensive leader as well.

After a tough season opening 65-44 loss to Lethbridge last Friday, the older Olsen led the charges the following night with a 22-point effort to go along with five rebounds.

It was her most productive night as a Spartan and one that she was most proud of, but almost more so for her minutes played than her point total.

Since the arrival of coach Cheryl Jean-Paul this year, the team has been whipped into shape and the product of the team’s off-season hard work was abundantly evident for Olsen.

“I don’t think I’ve ever played 32 minutes in a game before and I felt great after the game,” Olsen said. “It feels awesome to be in shape and not worry about that aspect of the game.”

Growing up just south of Courtney, Olsen – who says she doesn’t think she’s even ever had an oyster from her hometown hotspot – lived, breathed and ate basketball.

Her dad was tall. Her mom was tall.Her 12-year-old brother is tall.
And her sister…well…as Tiffany said, “every family needs a point guard.”

So, basketball was an obvious choice. And, while playing in the Vancouver Grizzlies leagues and Steve Nash leagues, she became pretty crafty with the orange ball.

When she was 16-year-old, Olsen moved to Nanaimo to play basketball at Dover Bay High School. She then went to the University of Victoria and played basketball as a Vike for two years before eventually arriving on the TWU scene in Langley to pursue a degree in Sport and Leisure Management.

And that’s where she found her community.

“Trinity is really great because you’re on a team and you’re in a community and everyone is supporting each other,” Olsen said. “You feel a lot more support as an athlete in a lot of different aspects: academically, spiritually and physically. Having that here has really helped me grow as an athlete and as a person.”

It’s been two years since she joined the Spartans and both school and athlete couldn’t be happier with the situation.

Olsen, who dreams of someday working with the Seattle Seahawks in a marketing or public relations capacity, is playing the sport she loves and doing a pretty good job of infecting all her teammates.

Last Updated: 2010-12-21
Author: Mark Janzen