Video Spotlight - Tyrell Mara

LANGLEY, British Columbia - Trinity Western forward Tyrell Mara seems to have it all figured out.

He’s most definitely got it together on the court – he’s averaging a team leading 8.8 rebounds per game, which has him fourth in Canada West, is leading the team in minutes played with 30.0 per game and is averaging 12.3 points per game – and off the court, he’s about as classy as they come.

He’s a family man, he’s a meticulous subscriber to health and well-being, he’s constantly looking for a way to help others and he says, when he’s done with basketball, he might just pursue the Olympic dream in discus – a sport in which he won two U17 national championships and also competed for Portland State – or even bobsleigh.

When asked what superpower he would want, he said, almost sheepishly, “It would be to somehow be able to have some type of positive influence in everyone’s life that I meet.”

And when questioned about his best memory as a Spartan, the answer was far from the competitive court.

“It’s got to be the trip to South Africa [in the summer of 2010] with the basketball team,” Mara said. “The impact the kids actually had on us over there and the time we got to spend together doing something off the court was inspiring and has really changed my life.”

Not to say Mara is some sort of demigod walking amongst mere mortals, but the Spartans 6-foot-6 White Rock, B.C. fifth-year is just one well-rounded individual.

In April 2009, Mara – who graduated from White Rock Christian Academy where he won a provincial championship under current TWU coach Scott Allen – transferred from Portland State to Trinity Western.

With a degree from the Oregon-based school in hand, and having only used three years of eligibility because of a season-long injury in his second year at Portland State, Mara came to TWU with two years of eligibility an opportunity for graduate studies.

And also a chance to play basketball at home and be with family.

“Last year one of the biggest subconscious factors in coming back to Trinity was being able to watch Eli play in his Grade 12 year and that was something I really appreciated,” Mara said.

With Eli now on the Spartans, it’s an even more special final year for the older Mara.

The last time the two were on the court together was in 2005 while playing for WRCA in the opening game of the B.C. High School Provincial Championship. In the last few minutes of the game, and with a win locked up, Allen sent out Tyrell (in Grade 12), middle brother Jordan – who now runs track at the University of Arizona – (in Grade 10) and Eli (in Grade 7) to create the Mara mash. And, for those scoring at home, Eli hit a three-ball in his brief appearance.

It’s a story that just seemed right for a family that is all about that: family.

“Every decision I make has some component of family,” Tyrell said. “Whether that’s my close family or the basketball team or Trinity Western. Those are all parts of my larger family.”

Growing up, Mara didn’t exactly have huge aspirations and career goals but he did know one thing: his “dream was to influence the whole world.”

Lofty, but for Mara, why not? He’ll certainly try and certainly come close.

While he looks to have the whole package of physical talent, off-court ambitions and quality persona, the best part might be that he’s not hung up on always go-go-go and doing things. He might just have the most fun doing option relax.

“The other thing I’d love to do [after graduating] is just be a beach bum somewhere and be surfing every day because that’s something I absolutely love.”

Well, other than his future, which will no doubt be bright, he’s got his basketballs in a row.

Last Updated: 2011-01-11
Author: Mark Janzen