# - Mihai Prajea ()


Height: 6'0"

Weight: 150

Year of Eligibility: 2

Major: HKIN

Year of study: 2

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Last Team: Calgary International TC (Centennial)


Short Answers

If I could take away one rule in my sport, it would be... Allowed to step on line as long as you dont disturb the other athlete

My best non-athletic talent is.... Math

The word that best describes myself is... Cant think of just one word alone

My dream job would be... Physiotherapist

Other sports I enjoy besides my sport are... Soccer

My advice to youngsters is... Enjoy Life

My craziest ambition is... Many ambitions just dont know which one is craziest

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be... Track and Field News

My position is best because... Its the hardest

I knew I could play in the CIS when... I realized my potential

My autobiography would be titled... Mihai Prajeas Autobiography

As a member in a band, I would be... Base

The first thing I would buy after winning the lottery is... Car

Other than TWU my favorite place to play is... My home team Calgary International Track Club

Nobody knows how much I like.... I'm an open person therefore everything about me that I like is known

The most important thing I have learned at TWU is... Have been here for to short to learn anything important yet

The funniest story from my childhood was... Have many but can't think of one at the moment (Ask my mom shell know =) )

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be... Jay Leno (his garage)

If I sat down to dinner with three people in history they would be... Michel de Nostredame, Alexander III of Macedon and Jesus


Website: www.google.com

TV Show: Top Gear

Fast food: Fries

Late night snack: Nuts, Fruit

Music: Trance/techno

Movie: Some Comedy

Meal: Steak with mashed potatoes and salad

Survivor: item Jacket

Vacation spot: Romania

Pro athlete: Usain Bolt

Pro sports team: Racer's Track Club

Article of clothing: Guess

Class at TWU: HKin 195

Book: Dont have a favortie

Colour: Aqua Blue

Ice cream flavour: Chocolate

Restaurant: Moxies

Skittles: flavour Dont eat skittles

Season: Summer

Season Stats