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EDMONTON – For the first time in program history, the Trinity Western women’s track and field team won the Canada West championship as the Spartans women completed a record weekend with seven medals Saturday, including four gold medals, to win the conference banner at the University of Alberta’s Universiade Pavilion.

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The Spartans, who are in just their fourth year back competing in the CIS, finished atop Canada West after earning a winning score of 107 points. With 67 points, the TWU men finished tied for second with Victoria. All told, the Spartans collected 25 medals, bettering last year’s total of 12.

The Spartans will now prepare for the CIS national championships Mar. 6-8 in Edmonton.

For the second day in a row, second-year Sabrina Nettey (Surrey, B.C.) led the Spartans as she earned gold medals in both the 60m and the triple jump to bring her Canada West gold medal total to three after she finished first in long jump Friday.

Nettey clocked a winning time of 7.55 in the 60m and jumped a school record 12.07m in the triple jump. The previous TWU record was 11.86m, which was set by Rebecca Marchant at last year’s CIS championships. For Nettey’s efforts, which also included a silver medal in the 4x200m relay, she was named the Canada West Female Field Athlete of the Year. For her conference record breaking 6.32m long jump, she earned honourable mention for Female Performance of the Meet.

Also getting in on the women’s gold medal haul Saturday was Sarah Inglis (Falkirk, Scotland), who won the 1500m in 4:26.86, and Emma Nuttall (Edinburgh, Scotland), who finished first in high jump with a jump of 1.84m. Inglis, who also won silver medals in the 1000m and 4x800m and a bronze in the 4x400m, earned honourable mention for Female Track Athlete of the Year.

Also contributing Saturday to the women’s medal count was the Spartans 4x200m team, who earned a silver medal for TWU as it finished in 1:41.39. The team was originally disqualified but was later reinstated.

Ayla Akehurst (Campbell River, B.C.), also earned a bronze in the triple jump with a jump of 11.67m. The women’s 4x400m team also grabbed a bronze medal with a time of 3:55.28.

While first year Spartan Regan Yee only competed in the 1500m Saturday, finishing fifth, her overall effort at the championships, including silver medals in the 3,000m and 4x800m relay earned her the Female Rookie of the Year award.

Anastasia Pearse, who won silver in the 4x200m relay and bronze in both the 300m and 4x400m relay, won the Female Community Service awards.
Laurier Primeau took Female Coach of the Year honours after him and his coaching staff, which includes Rob Pike, Mark Bomba, Scott Kent and Zach Keene, helped the Spartans women to a 15-medal winning effort at the championships.

After finishing second to Calgary at last year’s championships, the Spartans bettered the Dinos this year by 11 points. Calgary finished second with 96 points. Last year, TWU collected 70 points while Calgary had 122 points.

On the men’s side, the Spartans finished tied for second overall after collecting one gold, one silver and two bronze medals on Saturday. The second place finish and 67 point total is a massive improvement on last year’s sixth place finish when the Spartans earned 34 points.

In the pole vault, TWU swept the Canada West podium, with first-year Nathan Dunford (Bellingham, Wash.) winning gold with a vault of 4.73m while Jamie Sinclair (Glasgow, Scotland) earned silver with a vault of 4.53m and Jesse Phillips (Anaheim, Calif.) grabbed bronze with a vault of 4.33m.

The men’s other bronze medal went to the 4x200m relay team as it clocked a time of 3:21.75.

At the awards banquet, Calum Innes, who broke the Canada West record in the 60m hurdles in a time of 7.94 on Friday, earned honourable mention for Male Performance of the Meet. Dunford and Declan White (South Surrey, B.C.) earned honourable mention for Male Rookie of the Year.

“I’m just blessed and grateful to call Trinity Western my place of employment and to be able to work with such phenomenal young men and women, both on and off the field of play,” Primeau said. “This weekend was a testament to their abilities but we know that there is so much more to the track and field athletes than simply what they do in the athletic arena.

“I’m phenomenally proud of our coaching staff and our team and the therapists and the entire support staff that works with our athletes. Having said all of that, we feel that there is a continued job to be done and until we are standing atop the podium, whether it’s this year or next or sometime in the future, at the CIS championships, the job isn’t complete. That will always be a goal we are striving for. I’m very proud that we are Canada West champions on the women’s side and tied for second on the men’s side and yet we’re still wanting more and aiming to be the best we can be.”

TWU Medals – Total – 25
Gold – 10 (Alison Jackson – 3000m, Sabrina Nettey – 60m, Long Jump and Triple Jump, Nathan George – 300m, Declan White – 3000m, Calum Innes – 60m Hurdles, Sarah Inglis – 1500m, Emma Nuttall – High Jump, Nathan Dunford – Pole Vault)

Silver – 7 (Sarah Inglis – 1000m, Regan Yee – 3000m, Hazel Ross – 60m Hurdles, Women’s 4x800m, James Linde – Long Jump, Jamie Sinclair – Pole Vault, Women’s 4x200m)

Bronze – 8 (Anastasia Pearse – 300m, Fiona Benson – 1000m, Men’s 4x800m, Hazel Ross – Long Jump, Ayla Akehurst – Triple Jump, Women’s 4x400m, Jesse Phillips – Pole Vault, Men’s 4x200m)

Final Standings
Women's Standings
1st – Trinity Western (107 points)
2nd – Calgary (96)
3rd – Saskatchewan (74)
4th – Victoria (46)
5th – Alberta (31)
6th – Regina (23)
7th – Manitoba (22)
8th – Lethbridge (10)

1st – Regina (83 points)
2nd – Trinity Western (67)
2nd – Victoria (67)
4th – Saskatchewan (53)
5th – Manitoba (50.5)
6th – Calgary (40)
7th – Lethbridge (29)
8th – Alberta (21)

*TWU Record
^Meets CIS Standard
# Canada West Record
Canada West points in brackets

Day 2

TWU Medals
Gold – 5 (Sabrina Nettey – 60m and Triple Jump, Sarah Inglis – 1500m, Emma Nuttall – High Jump, Nathan Dunford, Pole Vault)
Silver – 2 (Jamie Sinclair – Pole Vault, Women’s 4x200m)
Bronze – 4 (Ayla Akehurst – Triple Jump, Women’s 4x400m, Jesse Phillips – Pole Vault, Men’s 4x200m)


2nd – Sabrina Nettey – 7.67
5th – Liza Whitehead – 7.76

1st – Sabrina Nettey – 7.55^ (7)
4th – Liza Whitehead – 7.78 (3)

1st – Sarah Inglis – 4:26.86^ (7)
4th – Alison Jackson – 4:33.38 (3)
5th – Regan Yee – 4:35.52 (2)
7th – Fiona Benson – 4:38.39

High Jump
1st – Emma Nuttall – 1.84m^

Triple Jump
1st – Sabrina Nettey – 12.07m*^ (7)
3rd – Ayla Akehurst – 11.67m (4)
13th – Hazel Ross – 9.77m

2nd – TWU – Sabrina Nettey, Hazel Ross, Anastasia Pearse and Liza Whitehead – 1:41.39^

3rd – TWU – Maya Daly, Sarah Inglis, Rachel Shuttleworth and Anastasia Pearse – 3:55.28


6th – Calum Innes – 7.04
7th – Nick Ayin – 7.03
8th – James Linde – 7.04
11th – Nathan George – 7.10

5th – James Linde – 6.98 (2)
7th – Calum Innes – 7.01
8th – Nick Ayin – 7.02

10th Mihai Prajea – 1:22.44

6th – Declan White – 3:59.34 (1)
9th – Joel De Schiffart – 4:00.16
11th – Chris Voth – 4:01.43
12th – Levi Neufeld – 4:01.59
17th – Adam Marshall – 4:04.80

Pole Vault
1st – Nathan Dunford – 4.73m^ (7)
2nd – Jamie Sinclair – 4.53m (5)
3rd – Jesse Phillips – 4.33m (4)

High Jump
4th – Stephen Humphrey – 1.95m* (3)

3rd – TWU – Nathan George, James Linde, Nick Ayin and Jamie Sinclair – 1:29.90 (6)

4th – TWU – Calum Innes, James Linde, Jamie Sinclair and Nathan George – 3:21.75 (4)


TWU Medals

Gold – 5 (Alison Jackson – 3000m, Sabrina Nettey – Long Jump, Nathan George – 300m, Declan White 3000m, Calum Innes – 60m Hurdles)
Silver –  5 (Sarah Inglis – 1000m, Regan Yee – 3000m, Hazel Ross – 60m Hurdles, Women’s 4x800m, James Linde – Long Jump)
Bronze – 4 (Anastasia Pearse – 300m, Fiona Benson – 1000m, Men’s 4x800m, Hazel Ross – Long Jump)


3rd – Anastasia Pearse – 40.39*
3rd – Anastasia Pearse – 40.41 (4)

2nd – Sarah Inglis – 2:46.87*^ (5)
3rd – Fiona Benson – 2:47.68^ (4)

1st – Alison Jackson – 10:11.95 (7)
2nd – Regan Yee – 10:14.02 (5)

60m Hurdles
3rd – Hazel Ross – 8.59*^
5th – Maya Daly – 8.86
2nd – Hazel Ross – 8.60
4th – Maya Daly – 8.75 (3)

2nd – TWU (Meg Harradine, Fiona Benson, Alison Jackson and Sarah Inglis) – 9:09.03

Pole Vault
6th – Ivonne Zuniga – 3.52m (1)

Long Jump
1st – Sabrina Nettey – 6.32*^#! (7)
3rd – Hazel Ross – 5.81m


2nd – Nathan George – 34.90
1st – Nathan George – 34.34^ (7)

1st – Declan White – 8:26.73 (7)
6th – Joel De Schiffart – 8:34.65 (1)
10th – Chris Voth – 8:48.33

60m Hurdles
1st – Calum Innes – 8.06^
1st – Calum Innes – 7.94^*# (7)

Long Jump
2nd – James Linde – 7.28*^ (5)

3rd – TWU (Adam Marshall, Mihai Prajea, Levi Neufeld and Declan White) – 7:46.30

5th – Cale Hernandez – 3321 (2)

Canada West Award Winners

Top Male Team (R.E. DuWors Trophy)
Regina Cougars

Top Female Team (Eleanor Haslam Trophy)
Trinity Western Spartans

Performance of the Meet
Male: Jeremy Eckert, Regina
Female: Jenna Westaway, Calgary

Track Athlete of the Year
Male: Thomas Riva, Victoria
Female: Jenna Westaway, Calgary

Field Athlete of the Year
Male: Peter Millman, Lethbridge
Female: Sabrina Nettey, Trinity Western

Rookie of the Year
Male: Aaron Hernandez, Lethbridge
Female: Regan Yee, Trinity Western

Community Service
Male: Andrew Dargie, Calgary
Female: Anastasia Pearse, Trinity Western

Coach of the Year
Male: Bruce McCannel, Regina
Female: Laurier Primeau, Trinity Western

Individual champions are First Team Canada West All-Stars, while runners-up form the Second Team.




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