Erin VanDyck

Assistant Coach


Phone1: 604.513.2122

Company: 5th

Location: Off main gym

Education: Wisconsin Oshkosh '01

Erin O’Driscoll graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with an undergrad in communications. It was here where O’Driscoll played her collegiate soccer career and commenced her coaching career. Through her involvement with Athletes in Action international teams, O’Driscoll made her way to TWU in 2004 to pursue her Master’s degree in Leadership.

In 2004 O’Driscoll began coaching as a graduate assistant with the women’s soccer program at TWU and in 2005 took on the role of being the Spartans main assistant coach. Since 2008, O’Driscoll has taken on more and more responsibility as part of the soccer coaching staff and currently serves the women’s soccer program as the associate coach.

O’Driscoll brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to the program, both in terms of her soccer coaching ability, but also with her skills and mindset in areas of leadership development, team building, recruiting and personal development. O’Driscoll’s education and ability to coach has helped shape the team’s culture. Her passion for players as people has made a significant impact on the overall goal of developing Complete Champions through Spartan soccer.