#26 - Kassandra Ballard (D/M)


Height: 5-6

Year of Eligibility: 1

Major: BIOL

Year of study: 1

Hometown: Pitt Meadows, BC

Last Team: Surrey United (Pitt Meadows)


Short Answers

If I could take away one rule in my sport, it would be... Penalty kicks to determine a winner after overtime

My best non-athletic talent is.... Walking on stilts

The word that best describes myself is... Determined

My dream job would be... Roller Coaster designer

Other sports I enjoy besides my sport are... volleyball

My advice to youngsters is... Never let the fear of stiking out keep you from playing the game

My craziest ambition is... To go bunggie jumping

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be... Sports Illustrated

My position is best because... As a midfielder I get to go up the park and be involved with forewards but also come back to help defenders

I knew I could play in the CIS when... My goal was to play soccer at the University level and I kept pushing harder until I reached it

My autobiography would be titled... I'm just a mashed potato girl

As a member in a band, I would be... The manager

The first thing I would buy after winning the lottery is... Everything at lululemon

Other than TWU my favorite place to play is... Cloverdale Athletic park

Nobody knows how much I like.... Candles

The most important thing I have learned at TWU is... Focus is extremely important

The funniest story from my childhood was... when my cousin had to go to the bathroom so badly but he was having too much fun playing outside so he peed in our garden

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be... Walt Disney

If I sat down to dinner with three people in history they would be... Napoleon, Cleopatra, Martin Leuther King


Website: facebook

TV Show: The O.C.

Fast food: Extreme Pita

Late night snack: Purdy's chocolate caramels

Music: Country

Movie: The Italian Job

Meal: Garlic mashed potatoes with salmon and shrimp and vegetable stirfry

Survivor: item Cell phone

Vacation spot: Hawaii

Pro athlete: Christiano Ronaldo

Pro sports team: Portugal

Article of clothing: My lululemon pants

Class at TWU: Biology

Book: Awake or dreaming

Colour: Green

Ice cream flavour: Chocolate chip cookie dough

Restaurant: Paliotti's

Skittles: flavour the red ones

Season: winter

Season Stats

2008-08-29SASKATCHEWAN at LSS MAP Field900/00/00
2008-09-16SIMON FRASER160/00/00

Career Stats

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