#12 - Tessa Meyer (M)


Height: 5-10

Year of Eligibility: 1

Major: BIOL

Year of study: 1

Hometown: Surrey, BC

Last Team: Whitecaps Prospects (Enver Creek)



Short Answers

If I could take away one rule in my sport, it would be... Differentiating between indirect and direct free kicks

My best non-athletic talent is.... drawing

The word that best describes myself is... passionate

My dream job would be... A reconsructive plastic surgeon

Other sports I enjoy besides my sport are... Jogging, running, swimming, volleyball, softball

My advice to youngsters is... Find something you love, and always try your best at it

My craziest ambition is...

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be... Seventeen

My position is best because... I the center, I can see and ultimately control evertthing on the field

I knew I could play in the CIS when... I was presented the option

My autobiography would be titled...

As a member in a band, I would be... the manager

The first thing I would buy after winning the lottery is... A Porshe 911 turbo for my dad

Other than TWU my favorite place to play is... Hennef, Germany

Nobody knows how much I like.... melted peanut butter

The most important thing I have learned at TWU is...

The funniest story from my childhood was... When I decided to pick the ball up my first soccer game, run with it and throw it in the net, and have my coach explain to me that I couldnt use my hands in soccer

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be... Victoria Beckham

If I sat down to dinner with three people in history they would be...


Website: facebook

TV Show: Desperate Housewives

Fast food: Quiznos

Late night snack: cereal (with milk)

Music: R&B


Meal: Pasta and bread

Survivor: item Cell phone

Vacation spot: Hawaii (never been!)

Pro athlete: Micheal Ballack

Pro sports team: Chelsea

Article of clothing: sweat pants

Class at TWU:

Book: The Kite Runner

Colour: pink

Ice cream flavour: spamoni (chocolate, vanilla, pastaccio)

Restaurant: The Macaronni Grill

Skittles: flavour purple (grape)

Season: Winter & Summer

Season Stats

2008-08-15WESTERN WASHINGTON750/01/00
2008-08-18@Oregon State900/00/00
2008-09-06@Fraser Valley450/00/00
2008-09-11BRITISH COLUMBIA*700/00/00
2008-09-16SIMON FRASER450/00/00
2008-09-20FRASER VALLEY*730/00/00
2008-10-12@British Columbia*600/01/00
2008-10-17SASKATCHEWAN* at Chilliwack350/01/10
2008-11-01UBC Semi-final:Canada West 410/01/00
2008-11-02@Victoria - CW Gold Medal Match321/01/10
2008-11-06vs Laurier CIS CHAMP@ TWU170/00/00
2008-11-08Victoria CIS @ TWU240/00/00
2008-11-09Brock CIS CHAMPIONSHIP @ TWU00/01/00

Career Stats

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