#22 - Veronika Rogina (G)


Height: 5-7

Year of Eligibility: 3

Major: EDUC

Year of study: 3

Hometown: Surrey, BC

Last Team: Surdel United-Metro (RE Mountain)


Short Answers

If I could take away one rule in my sport, it would be... Not being able to use my hands outside the 18

My best non-athletic talent is.... Wasting time

The word that best describes myself is... Caring

My dream job would be... Teaching beach soccer somewhere hot

Other sports I enjoy besides my sport are... Volleyball

My advice to youngsters is... Enjoy it while it lasts

My craziest ambition is... Sky Diving

If I could appear on the cover of any magazine, it would be... Women's Health

My position is best because... I can use my hands

I knew I could play in the CIS when... I was signed

My autobiography would be titled... The Super-Sweet Life of Veronika

As a member in a band, I would be... Drummer

The first thing I would buy after winning the lottery is... A plane ticket

Other than TWU my favorite place to play is... My room

Nobody knows how much I like.... Cooking

The most important thing I have learned at TWU is... Keep moving forward

The funniest story from my childhood was... anything involving stitches

If I could trade places with anyone for a day it would be... The Prime Minister

If I sat down to dinner with three people in history they would be... Jennifer Anistion, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson


Website: YouTube

TV Show: Grey's Anatomy

Fast food: None

Late night snack: Fruit

Music: Anything but Country

Movie: The Notebook

Meal: Dinner

Survivor: item Walmart

Vacation spot: California

Pro athlete: Ronaldo

Pro sports team: Canucks?

Article of clothing: Lulu's

Class at TWU: Anat and Phys

Book: Modoc =)

Colour: Green

Ice cream flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip

Restaurant: P.F. Changs

Skittles: flavour Lime

Season: Summer

Season Stats

2008-08-15WESTERN WASHINGTON45211,0
2008-08-29SASKATCHEWAN at LSS MAP Field90111,0
2008-09-16SIMON FRASER45010,1
2008-10-17SASKATCHEWAN* at Chilliwack90021,1

Career Stats