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Trinity Western112« FINAL


Game Date: 9/20/2003Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 2:10pmAttendance: 110
Referee: Michelle Pye, Asst. Referee: Ward Sirmin, Kyle Williams, Alt. Official: Paul Ward, Scorer: Joanna Dyck
AlbertaTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Carlee O'Brien (3) - 25:45
Alexis Heinz (20) - 58:34
Total Goals Scored02
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target48
Total Shots611
Corner Kicks210
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls1016
10Lindsay Nelson900/01/10
12Cheryl Cormack900/01/00
18Alix Strap670/01/10
2Kristie Tokunaga900/01/10
5Amar Dhaliwal900/01/10
11Dena Raimundo560/00/00
13Natalie Swain650/00/00
1Carol Chan900/00/00
4Christina Kahlina680/00/00
6Claire McWilliam650/00/00
14Andrea Aitkenhead901/01/00
3Michelle Dahlbeck500/00/00
7Heather Clague290/00/00
15Jackie Glessing260/00/00
16Jessica Kinsey260/00/00
Trinity Western
8Angela Trauter900/01/00
19Krysta Kons840/00/00
1Angela Garriott900/00/00
3Carlee O'Brien*900/05/51
9Ashlee Davison860/02/10
2Stephanie Stewart900/00/00
4Lindsay Rohla630/00/00
6Maggie Lang630/00/00
7Erin Marie Higgins900/00/00
16Brittany Heinrich900/00/00
20Alexis Heinz*900/01/11
13Lindsay Maier420/01/10
17Lisa White70/00/00
18Erin Slack150/01/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women’s Soccer (conference game)
Saturday, September 20, 2003
TWU Spartans (2) vs the University of Alberta Pandas (0)
Spartans Strong at Home

Langley, British Columbia –
It was another beautiful, sunny day at the Spartan Field Complex and Trinity Western’s women’s soccer team looked impressive in their 2-0 win over the #6-ranked Alberta Pandas. Their second win of the week improves their record to 2-2-0.

“Today’s win was a very important one for us because it puts us back in the hunt,” stated Coach Graham Roxburgh.

The Spartans were the aggressors in this game right from the opening whistle, often making the Pandas look as if they were running in quicksand. The combination of TWU’s speedy forwards and Angela Trauter’s (3rd yr, Langley, BC) domination in the midfield gave Alberta fits all day. Despite coming into today’s game as the only undefeated team in Canada West, the Pandas never really had any quality scoring chances. The shots they did have were handled fairly easily by the sure hands of Angela Garriott (2nd yr, Keeper, Campbell River, BC).

Carlee O’Brien (1st yr, Forward, Nanaimo, BC) opened the scoring in the 25th minute with a nice little chip shot over the Alberta keeper. Ashlee Davison (3rd yr, Forward, Maple Ridge, BC) tallied the assist with the pass from the right wing.

Alberta looked more aggressive to open the second half, but TWU wasn’t about to let up. The Pandas could not get it out of their own end and the Spartans’ aggressive play was rewarded with seven corner kicks in the first 15 minutes. On the sixth of those corners, in the 58th minute, a Panda defensive mistake resulted in an own goal when the ball was headed into the net. TWU’s Alexis Heinz (3rd yr, Defender, Surrey, BC), taker of the corner, was awarded the goal.

That goal effectively took the wind out of Alberta’s sails, and Trinity Western played tough until the final whistle.

“I thought it was an all-around good team effort that shows we can compete with some of the better teams in Canada West. This win leaves us with a good feeling going into our road trip,” said a satisfied Roxburgh. “Carlee had an outstanding game, and Angela Trauter continues to be a dominant force whose play shows what it means to be a leader on the field.”

The Spartans are now off on a three game trip to Regina (Thursday), Saskatchewan (Friday), and Alberta (Sunday). Their next home game is on Thursday, October 2nd at 5:00pm versus UBC.

Game Notes: The Spartans outshot the Pandas 11-6 and led in corner kicks 10-2…Carlee O’Brien had five shots, all of them on goal…Panda keeper Carol Chan made six outstanding saves, robbing O’Brien at least twice on what looked like sure goals…TWU could have made it 3-0 on a sweet little play in the 70th minute. Trauter had a great run down the left wing and, after sucking in the goalie, sent a rolling pass across the box to a waiting Erin Slack (2nd yr, Midfielder, Surrey, BC) who just missed the open net with a shot off the right post.




Alberta Period: 1Trinity Western
Carol Chan at goalie for Alberta Pandas.00:00
00:00Angela Garriott at goalie for TWU Spartans.
Shot by ALBERTA Lindsay Nelson, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.01:37
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
02:39Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
02:45Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
Shot by ALBERTA Kristie Tokunaga, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.06:09
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
ALBERTA substitution: Michelle Dahlbeck for Dena Raimundo.11:16
12:41Foul on TWU Spartans.
Offside against Alberta Pandas.13:25
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Header Shot by ALBERTA Cheryl Cormack WIDE {shot from in the box}.15:57
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
25:45GOAL by TWUW Carlee O'Brien (FIRST GOAL) {shot from in the box}, Assist by Ashlee Davison.
*pass in box, chip over keep, LS
Shot by ALBERTA Alix Strap, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.28:36
Foul on TWU Spartans.
31:32TWUW substitution: Lindsay Maier for Ashlee Davison.
33:35Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
35:53TWUW substitution: Ashlee Davison for Lindsay Rohla.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Offside against Alberta Pandas.42:56
45:00Shot by TWUW Angela Trauter BLOCKED {shot from close left wing}.
45:00Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Alberta Period: 2Trinity Western
45:00For TWUW: #1 Angela Garriott, #20 Alexis Heinz, #19 Krysta Kons, #13 Lindsay Maier, #3 Carlee O'Brien, #4 Lindsay Rohla, #7 Erin Marie Higgins, #8 Angela Trauter, #16 Brittany Heinrich, #2 Stephanie Stewart, #9 Ashlee Davison.
For ALBERTA: #1 Carol Chan, #11 Dena Raimundo, #10 Lindsay Nelson, #6 Claire McWilliam, #2 Kristie Tokunaga, #3 Michelle Dahlbeck, #5 Amar Dhaliwal, #4 Christina Kahlina, #14 Andrea Aitkenhead, #12 Cheryl Cormack, #13 Natalie Swain.45:00
45:35Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
45:51Header Shot by TWUW Lindsay Maier, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
46:01Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
47:03Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
49:07Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
55:16Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
55:23Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
58:03Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
58:34GOAL by TWUW Alexis Heinz {shot from close left wing}.
*AB own goal, crnr frm Alexis
60:33Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
ALBERTA substitution: Heather Clague for Michelle Dahlbeck.61:11
61:45Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison HIGH {shot from close left wing}.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Yellow card on ALBERTA Andrea Aitkenhead.63:56
Foul on TWU Spartans.
ALBERTA substitution: Jackie Glessing for Natalie Swain.64:30
ALBERTA substitution: Jessica Kinsey for Claire McWilliam.64:30
Corner kick by ALBERTA Kristie Tokunaga.65:42
68:08TWUW substitution: Erin Slack for Lindsay Maier.
ALBERTA substitution: Alix Strap for Christina Kahlina.68:08
70:20Shot by TWUW Erin Slack HIT POST {shot from in the box}.
70:34Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
72:15TWUW substitution: Maggie Lang for Lindsay Rohla.
Shot by ALBERTA Amar Dhaliwal, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from top of box}.75:39
76:18Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
78:34Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
82:48TWUW substitution: Lisa White for Erin Slack.
Shot by ALBERTA Andrea Aitkenhead WIDE {shot from top of box}.83:17
84:25TWUW substitution: Lindsay Maier for Krysta Kons.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Lindsay Nelson.87:17
Foul on TWU Spartans.

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