Box Score



British Columbia224« FINAL
Trinity Western000


Game Date: 10/2/2003Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 5:05Attendance: 110
Referee: Walter Vettoretti, Asst. Referee: Kevin Uppal, Sheik Ozeer, Alt. Official: Martin Reed, Scorer: Scott Stewart
British ColumbiaTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Sarah Regan (11) - 11:45
Sarah Regan (11) - 28:05
Sarah Regan (11) - 59:17
Sarah Regan (11) - 77:29
Total Goals Scored40
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target65
Total Shots1112
Corner Kicks15
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls23
British Columbia
11Sarah Regan*810/06/54
2Keiko Read900/01/00
7Anja Sigloch720/00/00
13Janine Kerr900/00/00
19Chelsea Hampton720/01/10
20Heather Smith900/00/00
00Kelly McNabney900/00/00
10Rosalyn Hicks730/01/00
12Candace Lovestad900/00/00
15Amber Brownlee901/00/00
16Sarah Nannery900/00/00
3Blythe Irwin90/00/00
8Amy Diewert190/00/00
14Bronwyn Hunt180/01/00
17Ariane Williams170/01/00
Trinity Western
8Angela Trauter900/02/00
20Alexis Heinz900/00/00
1Angela Garriott900/00/00
3Carlee O'Brien900/02/10
9Ashlee Davison760/02/20
12Kristi Haukeland630/00/00
21Whitney Agassiz200/00/00
2Stephanie Stewart240/00/00
4Lindsay Rohla900/04/10
7Erin Marie Higgins900/00/00
16Brittany Heinrich900/00/00
6Maggie Lang700/01/10
13Lindsay Maier270/00/00
14Natalie Tafoya140/00/00
19Krysta Kons660/01/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women’s Soccer (conference game)
Thursday, October 02, 2003
TWU Spartans (0) vs the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds (4)
A Bit Off…

Langley, British Columbia –
The Trinity Western University women’s soccer team did not seem themselves today and the visiting University of British Columbia Thunderbirds forward Sarah Regan took full advantage. Regan was unstoppable as she paced the ’Birds with all four of their goals in the 4-0 victory over the stunned Spartans.

“We came up against a team that was not only playing well but was also outworking us,” said TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh.

The Thunderbirds were consistently able to get odd man advantages on TWU’s back line. TWU keeper Angela Garriott never had a chance on any of Regan’s goals.

Regan opened the scoring in the 12th minute (assist to Rosalyn Hicks), and gave the ’Birds a 2-0 lead at the half with a goal in the 29th minute (Hicks).

The Spartans picked up the pace in the second half, but Regan sealed the win for the Birds with goals in the 60th minute (Bronwyn Hunt) and an unassisted marker in the 78th minute.

The win moves the Thunderbirds to 5-2-0, while the loss drops the Spartans to 4-3-1.

Next up for the Spartans is the University of Regina on Saturday, October 4, 2003. Game time at TWU’s Spartan Field Complex is set for 2:00 pm.

Match Notes: Regan had six of the Thunderbirds eleven shots on TWU’s Angela Garriott (2nd yr, Campbell River, BC)…Lindsay Rohla (1st yr, defender, Langley, BC) led the Spartans with four shots on net (12-total)…earlier in the season the Spartans dropped a heartbreaker to the T-birds 2-1 at UBC…The Spartans currently sit in fourth place in Canada West with thirteen points…Alberta and Victoria are tied for first with sixteen points each, while UBC is in third with fifteen points…Kelly McNabney earned the shutout for the T-Birds…




British Columbia Period: 1Trinity Western
Kelly McNabney at goalie for UBC Thunderbirds.00:00
00:00Angela Garriott at goalie for TWU Spartans.
01:02Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Kelly McNabney {shot from in the box}.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Corner kick by UBC Janine Kerr.02:17
Shot by UBC Chelsea Hampton, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from far left wing}.02:30
06:25Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Kelly McNabney {shot from close left wing}.
09:13Shot by TWUW Lindsay Rohla, SAVE Kelly McNabney {shot from close left wing}.
GOAL by UBC Sarah Regan (FIRST GOAL) {shot from in the box}, Assist by Rosalyn Hicks.11:45
*2 on 1 breakLR
Offside against UBC Thunderbirds.13:30
19:45TWUW substitution: Maggie Lang for Whitney Agassiz.
24:01TWUW substitution: Krysta Kons for Stephanie Stewart.
GOAL by UBC Sarah Regan {shot from in the box}, Assist by Rosalyn Hicks.28:05
*break on backs LR mid
29:52Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Kelly McNabney {shot from close left wing}.
31:09TWUW substitution: Natalie Tafoya for Ashlee Davison.
32:40Shot by TWUW Maggie Lang, SAVE Kelly McNabney {shot from top of box}.
UBC substitution: Ariane Williams for Rosalyn Hicks.39:41
Yellow card on UBC Amber Brownlee.40:09
Foul on TWU Spartans.
Foul on UBC Thunderbirds.-END--END-
British Columbia Period: 2Trinity Western
UBC substitution: Bronwyn Hunt for Chelsea Hampton.45:00
45:00TWUW substitution: Ashlee Davison for Natalie Tafoya.
Shot by UBC Ariane Williams HIGH {shot from top of box}.49:16
50:19Offside against TWU Spartans.
Foul on TWU Spartans.
UBC substitution: Rosalyn Hicks for Ariane Williams.56:20
Shot by UBC Bronwyn Hunt WIDE {shot from close right wing}.57:02
Shot by UBC Sarah Regan, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.58:29
GOAL by UBC Sarah Regan {shot from top of box}, Assist by Bronwyn Hunt.59:17
*header back..topnet
Foul on UBC Thunderbirds.
61:22Shot by TWUW Lindsay Rohla HIGH {shot from top of box}.
Shot by UBC Sarah Regan WIDE {shot from top of box}.62:39
63:22TWUW substitution: Lindsay Maier for Kristi Haukeland.
UBC substitution: Chelsea Hampton for Bronwyn Hunt.63:22
Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
64:50Shot by TWUW Lindsay Rohla HIGH {shot from top of box}.
65:43Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
66:25Header Shot by TWUW Angela Trauter HIGH {shot from in the box}.
67:46Shot by TWUW Krysta Kons WIDE {shot from top of box}.
Shot by UBC Keiko Read HIGH {shot from close right wing}.71:12
UBC substitution: Amy Diewert for Anja Sigloch.71:30
74:37Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
75:08Shot by TWUW Lindsay Rohla HIGH {shot from top of box}.
GOAL by UBC Sarah Regan {shot from in the box}, goal number 19 for season.77:29
Thru ball 1v0Thru ball 1v0
UBC substitution: Blythe Irwin for Sarah Regan.80:41
81:48Shot by TWUW Angela Trauter WIDE {shot from top of box}.
Shot by UBC Rosalyn Hicks WIDE {shot from top of box}.
87:10Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
89:08Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
89:43Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien HIGH {shot from in the box}.

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