Box Score



UBC Thunderbirds011
TWU Spartans011


Game Date: 10/13/2004Location: Langley, BC (TWU)
Game Time: 5:00pmAttendance: 110
UBC ThunderbirdsTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)Janine Kerr (13) - 86:57
Ashlee Davison (9) - 73:42
Total Goals Scored11
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target612
Total Shots1120
Corner Kicks84
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls311
UBC Thunderbirds
1Hannah Shoichet (GK)901118,3
2Keiko Read900/00/00
3Stephanie Shwetz490/01/10
8Amy Bobb860/00/00
11Danielle Tabo750/02/10
12Candace Lovstad900/00/00
13Janine Kerr*900/03/11
15Amber Brownlee750/00/00
19Chelsea Hampton900/01/10
20Heather Smith900/01/00
4Ariane Williams450/01/10
7Katherine McRae150/01/10
17Jill Kinsman450/00/00
21Shelagh Mitchell150/00/00
TWU Spartans
1Angela Garriott (GK)90152,3
3Carlee O'Brien900/03/20
4Lindsay Rohla900/00/00
7Erin Marie Higgins900/00/00
8Angela Trauter900/01/00
9Ashlee Davison*700/09/61
10Rachelle Armstrong820/05/30
12Kristi Haukeland800/01/00
16Brittany Heinrich900/00/00
19Krysta Kons680/01/10
21Whitney Agassiz900/00/00
5Katie Smart370/00/00
6Maggie Lang150/00/00
20Alexis Heinz80/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women's Soccer (Conference game)
Wednesday, October 13, 2004
TWU Spartans (1) vs. the University British Columbia Thunderbirds (1)

Spartans Battle #1 Thunderbirds

Langley, British Columbia - The Trinity Western University women's soccer team came within three minutes of knocking off the number one team in the nation Wednesday night at TWU. Powered by an Ashlee Davison (4th yr, forward, Maple Ridge, BC) goal in the 75th minute, the Spartans looked like they were going to come out with a well-earned victory over the University of British Columbia. But the Thunderbirds' Janine Kerr (North Vancouver, BC) spoiled the party when she found the back of the Spartan net in the 87th minute.

For much of the first half the Spartans peppered the UBC net with shots from every angle. Only the solid keeping of UBC's Hannah Shoichet (Victoria, BC) kept TWU off the score sheet. Shoichet stopped eight shots as the first half ended in a 0-0 tie.

The start of the second half saw the T-birds (5-1-2) come out strong and carry the play to the Spartans (4-2-3). UBC had two corners and two shots in the first ten minutes, but the Spartans held to keep the match knotted at 0-0.

From the 50th minute until the 75th the Spartans dominated the play. The Spartans had five quality opportunities including a goal post hit by Kristi Haukeland (5th yr, midfield, Surrey, BC).

TWU's Rachelle Armstrong sent Haukeland in alone down the right middle of the box. UBC's keeper Shoichet came out to challenge Haukeland. Haukeland then neatly sent the ball past the keeper to the far post. The ball ricocheted off the post and came back to the middle where Shoichet covered the ball.

The Spartan pressure paid off in the 75th minute. TWU's Krysta Kons (3rd yr, midfield, Langley, BC) broke in down the left side and beat the outside back. Kons sent a high cross towards the near post where Ashlee Davison went high in the air and headed the ball into the top corner of the Thunderbird net.

A minute later Davison almost got her second of the night. She split the UBC middle and sent the ball past Shoichet towards the empty net. But just as the ball was crossing the six a UBC defender cleared the ball and kept the deficit at 1-0.

Desperate to tie the match, the Thunderbirds started to push the ball forward. Then in the 87th minute UBC forward Janine Kerr played the hero for UBC. Kerr broke in down the lefthand side and sent the ball hard past a charging Angela Garriott (3rd yr, keeper, Campbell River, BC).

Both teams kept pushing to gain the lead as the clock was running down. The Spartans had two quality opportunities, while the Thunderbirds forced TWU keeper Garriott to make a final save to keep the game tied at 1-1.

Ashlee Davison led all attackers with nine shots, six on goal, while Kerr led the Thunderbirds with three shots, one on net. Garriott made five saves for the Spartans, while Shoichet made 11 saves for the Thunderbirds.

Next up for the Spartans is the University of Victoria Vikes on Friday, October 15. Match time at TWU is set for 7:00 pm.

Match notes: TWU outshot UBC 20-11...UBC held the edge in corners at 8-4...on September 14th the Thunderbirds defeated the Spartans 2-0 at UBC...UBC is the defending two-time CIS national champion...





UBC Thunderbirds Period: 1TWU Spartans
Hannah Shoichet at goalie for UBC.00:00
00:00Angela Garriott at goalie for TWUW.
02:14Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from close right wing}.
Foul on TWUW.
08:45Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
08:57Corner kick by TWUW Lindsay Rohla.
Foul on TWUW.
Foul on TWUW.
15:11Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
Shot by UBC Bonnie Glover HIGH {shot from in the box}.18:12
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.19:28
Header Shot by UBC Stephanie Shwetz, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.19:59
Shot by UBC Janine Kerr HIGH {shot from close right wing}.20:51
Foul on TWUW.
22:38Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
[24:27] Corner kick by UBC Keiko Read.24:27
Corner kick by UBC Keiko Read.24:41
26:24Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong HIGH {shot from close left wing}.
28:30Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
Foul on UBC.
30:09TWUW substitution: Katie Smart for Ashlee Davison.
Corner kick by UBC Keiko Read.30:21
Corner kick by UBC Keiko Read.31:43
36:23Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from close left wing}.
36:36Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
Foul on UBC.
Foul on TWUW.
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.40:54
Header Shot by UBC Chelsea Hampton, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.41:20
Shot by UBC Janine Kerr HIGH {shot from far right wing}.41:39
43:25Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
43:36Shot by TWUW Krysta Kons, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
Foul on TWUW.
UBC Thunderbirds Period: 2TWU Spartans
45:00For TWUW: #1 Angela Garriott, #3 Carlee O'Brien, #4 Lindsay Rohla, #5 Katie Smart, #7 Erin Marie Higgins, #8 Angela Trauter, #9 Ashlee Davison, #10 Rachelle Armstrong, #12 Kristi Haukeland, #16 Brittany Heinrich, #21 Whitney Agassiz.
For UBC: #1 Hannah Shoichet, #2 Keiko Read, #4 Ariane Williams, #8 Amy Bobb, #11 Danielle Tabo, #12 Candace Lovstad, #13 Janine Kerr, #15 Amber Brownlee, #17 Jill Kinsman, #19 Chelsea Hampton, #20 Heather Smith.45:00
[48:09] Shot by UBC Heather Smith HIGH {shot from top of box}.48:09
48:16Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.48:44
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.49:17
Foul on TWUW.
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Danielle Tabo WIDE {shot from top of box}.54:26
55:19Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison HIGH {shot from close right wing}.
58:04Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.
58:11Offside against TWUW.
61:01Shot by TWUW Kristi Haukeland HIT POST {shot from in the box}.
63:37Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
66:43TWUW substitution: Krysta Kons for Katie Smart.
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Danielle Tabo, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from in the box}.72:36
73:21Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.
73:42Header GOAL by TWUW Ashlee Davison (FIRST GOAL) {shot from in the box}, Assist by Krysta Kons.
*cross into box, flick back over GK hands
74:55Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
UBC substitution: Shelagh Mitchell for Amber Brownlee.75:06
UBC substitution: Katherine McRae for Danielle Tabo.75:06
75:06TWUW substitution: Maggie Lang for Rachelle Armstrong.
76:16[76:16] Shot by TWUW Angela Trauter WIDE {shot from top of box}.
Foul on TWUW.
79:33TWUW substitution: Alexis Heinz for Kristi Haukeland.
Foul on TWUW.
82:48TWUW substitution: Rachelle Armstrong for Ashlee Davison.
84:51Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from far right wing}.
UBC substitution: Stephanie Shwetz for Amy Bobb.85:24
[86:20] Shot by UBC Ariane Williams, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from top of box}.86:20
GOAL by UBC Janine Kerr {shot from in the box}.86:57
*miscommunication on def, shot past GK
87:39TWUW substitution: Ashlee Davison for Alexis Heinz.
Foul on UBC.
89:09Header Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison WIDE {shot from close right wing}.
UBC substitution: Amy Bobb for Stephanie Shwetz.89:20
Shot by UBC Katherine McRae, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from close left wing}.90:00
90:00Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison WIDE {shot from in the box}.
90:00Corner kick by TWUW Lindsay Rohla.

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