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Scheduled Game: ALBERTA*


Alberta Pandas000
TWU Spartans101« FINAL


Game Date: 10/28/2004Location: Langley, BC (TWU)
Game Time: 5:05 pmAttendance: 90
Referee: Walter Vettoretti, Asst. Referee: Martin Reed, Mike Perko, Alt. Official: Mark Budda, Scorer: J. Dyck
Alberta PandasTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)Rachelle Armstrong (10) - 28:20
Total Goals Scored01
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target25
Total Shots712
Corner Kicks96
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls96
Alberta Pandas
3Kami Wiebe900/02/00
8Ashleigh Evaniew900/00/00
10Amar Dhaliwal900/00/00
13Natalie Swain900/00/00
1Carol Chan900/00/00
6Amy Ciezki900/02/00
15Claire Thomas900/02/20
18Alix Strap900/00/00
2Michelle Mueller900/01/00
14Andrea Aitkenhead900/00/00
16Jessica Kinsey710/00/00
12Jennifer Grant190/00/00
TWU Spartans
4Lindsay Rohla900/01/00
8Angela Trauter900/01/00
11Emily Bond690/01/00
19Krysta Kons650/02/00
21Whitney Agassiz900/00/00
1Angela Garriott900/00/00
3Carlee O'Brien900/02/10
9Ashlee Davison700/01/00
10Rachelle Armstrong*520/03/31
2Stephanie Stewart900/00/00
7Erin Marie Higgins900/00/00
5Katie Smart460/01/10
6Maggie Lang20/00/00
12Kristi Haukeland450/00/00
20Alexis Heinz120/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women's Soccer (Conference game)
Wednesday, October 28, 2004
TWU Spartans (1) vs. the University of Alberta Pandas (0)

Spartans Playoff Bound

Langley, British Columbia - The Trinity Western University women's soccer team clinched a playoff birth Thursday afternoon with their 1-0 victory over the visiting University of Alberta Pandas at TWU. Forward Rachelle Armstrong (1st yr, Victoria, BC) got the game winner for the TWU in the 28th minute to put the #7 ranked Spartans (8-2-3) into a first place tie with the #1 ranked UBC Thunderbirds (8-1-3). Today's match was a stark contrast to the previous meeting between the two squads in Alberta where the two teams combined for ten goals in a 5-5 draw.

"I felt like we could have put the game away earlier and not doing so made things a little tricky trying not to give up a late goal," said TWU Head Coach Graham Roxburgh. "We very good performances from Carlee O'Brien and Ashlee Davison and I am pleased with the win and that we are still moving in the right direction."

The Spartans came out strong and controlled the play early as the Pandas did not venture into the Spartan net until seven minutes into the match.

Alberta began to respond and started to move the ball into the TWU at the next ten minute. The Pandas Claire Thomas (St. Albert, AB) got the first Panda shot on net in the 20th minute of the first half.

After an Alberta corner TWU gained control and pushed the ball up the field where forward Rachelle Armstrong got a shot in tight. Alberta's keeper Carol Chan (Edmonton, AB) made the save, but the ball rebounded back out to Armstrong who placed the ball into the far left hand corner to give the Spartans an early 1-0 lead.

In the 38th minute Alberta upped the pressure and had their first of three consecutive corners, but they were unable to get the ball past the Spartan goal line.

In the 40th minute Angela Trauter sent TWU forward Carlee O'Brien (2nd yr, Nanaimo, BC) in alone down the left side of the pitch. O'Brien hammered the ball toward the top corner of the Alberta net, but Panda keeper Carol Chan got her right hand up to block the shot and maintain the 1-0 deficit as they headed into the break.

Three minutes into the second half a corner by TWU's Katie Smart (4th yr, midfield, Langley, BC) sailed dangerously across the Pandas six, but none of the Spartan attackers were able to make contact and the ball curled harmlessly out of touch.

In the 73rd minute Alberta's Kami Wiebe (Ardrossan, AB)took a dangerous shot that Lindsay Rhola (2nd yr, defender, Langley, BC) headed over the Spartan cross bar. On the ensuing corner Alberta had another quality chance but forward Amy Ciezki's (Sherwood Park, AB) shot sailed high over the top right corner of the TWU net.

Five minutes later Wiebe broke up the right side and sent the ball hard across the TWU box, but the Spartans Whitney Agassiz (2nd yr, defender, Langley, BC) controlled the ball and cleared it from the Spartan end.

In the 81st minute Carlee up right cross to forward Kristi Haukeland (5th yr, Surrey, BC) who just missed the header as the ball went off of the far post. The ball bounced out to midfielder Krysta Kons (3rd yr, Langley, BC). Kons struck the ball but it was blocked by an Alberta defender.

A minute later TWU's Ashlee Davison (4th yr, forward, Maple Ridge, BC) made a spectacular run up the middle of the field. At full speed she weaved her way in, out, around and over three Panda defenders. Then from just inside the top of the box she hammered the ball just past the far left post. "If she had have scored that, it would have been on of the most amazing goals that I have ever seen," said Roxburgh.

Alberta pressed and was very dangerous for the final eight minutes of the match. In the 86th minute Wiebe shot just wide of the Spartan net, in the 89th minute Alix Strap (Edmonton, AB) made a dangerous run and on the ensuing corner Jennifer Grant (Spruce Grove, AB) went high and headed a ball over the TWU cross bar. But the Pandas were unable to get the ball into the back of the Spartan net before time expired.

Next up for the Spartans is hosting the University of Saskatchewan on Saturday, October 30. Match time at TWU is set for 2:00 pm. The match is the final home game for TWU's forward Kristi Haukeland and defender Lisa White (5th yr, defender, Aldergrove, BC).

The Pandas have three matches left, UBC on Saturday, Victoria on Sunday and Calgary back in Alberta on Tuesday. Alberta (5-4-2) currently sits in fifth place in Canada West with 17 points. They are three points behind fourth place Calgary (6-3-2) and four behind third place Victoria, but they have two games more to play then Victoria (6-4-3). A win in Sunday in Victoria would go a long way in securing a playoff spot for the Pandas.

Match Notes: The win moves TWU's unbeaten streak to six games (5-0-1) and has them with only one loss in their last 12 league games (8-1-3)... last season the Spartans finished in fourth place with a record of 6-6-2 in Canada West... The eight league win breaks the Spartans previous high of seven wins, which was set in 2001 when TWU went 7-3-4...





Alberta Pandas Period: 1TWU Spartans
Carol Chan at goalie for ALBERTA.00:00
00:00Angela Garriott at goalie for TWUW.
04:35Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Claire Thomas.08:02
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by ALBERTA Claire Thomas, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from close right wing}.19:18
Corner kick by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe.24:28
Foul on ALBERTA.
26:18Corner kick by TWUW Lindsay Rohla.
28:02Shot by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from in the box}.
28:20GOAL by TWUW Rachelle Armstrong (FIRST GOAL) {shot from in the box}, Assist by Carlee O'Brien.
Shot by ALBERTA Claire Thomas, SAVE Angela Garriott {shot from close left wing}.30:27
31:56TWUW substitution: Katie Smart for Rachelle Armstrong.
33:25Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
Foul on TWUW.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe.36:26
Corner kick by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe.38:03
Corner kick by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe.39:15
40:05Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from close left wing}.
42:05Offside against TWUW.
Foul on ALBERTA.
Foul on ALBERTA.
44:48Shot by TWUW Katie Smart, SAVE Carol Chan {shot from top of box}.
Alberta Pandas Period: 2TWU Spartans
45:00For TWUW: #11 Emily Bond, #10 Rachelle Armstrong, #1 Angela Garriott, #2 Stephanie Stewart, #3 Carlee O'Brien, #4 Lindsay Rohla, #7 Erin Marie Higgins, #8 Angela Trauter, #12 Kristi Haukeland, #21 Whitney Agassiz, #5 Katie Smart.
For ALBERTA: #1 Carol Chan, #2 Michelle Mueller, #3 Kami Wiebe, #6 Amy Ciezki, #8 Ashleigh Evaniew, #10 Amar Dhaliwal, #13 Natalie Swain, #14 Andrea Aitkenhead, #15 Claire Thomas, #16 Jessica Kinsey, #18 Alix Strap.45:00
Foul on ALBERTA.
Foul on TWUW.
Foul on ALBERTA.
Foul on ALBERTA.
53:32Shot by TWUW Lindsay Rohla BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.
53:53Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
54:33Shot by TWUW Emily Bond WIDE {shot from in the box}.
54:46Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
55:14Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
55:54Offside against TWUW.
Foul on ALBERTA.
Foul on TWUW.
Foul on TWUW.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Natalie Swain.61:01
Shot by ALBERTA Amy Ciezki BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.61:50
Corner kick by ALBERTA Natalie Swain.62:05
63:28Corner kick by TWUW Katie Smart.
64:36TWUW substitution: Ashlee Davison for Rachelle Armstrong.
Foul on TWUW.
67:23Shot by TWUW Angela Trauter BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.
68:38[68:38] TWUW substitution: Krysta Kons for Emily Bond.
ALBERTA substitution: Jennifer Grant for Jessica Kinsey.71:07
Shot by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.72:52
Corner kick by ALBERTA.73:08
Shot by ALBERTA Amy Ciezki WIDE {shot from in the box}.73:25
Foul on ALBERTA.
77:59TWUW substitution: Alexis Heinz for Katie Smart.
81:20Shot by TWUW Krysta Kons BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.
82:18Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison WIDE {shot from in the box}.
awesome 1v1 moves down field past 3 defenders, shot wideawesome 1v1 moves down field past 3 defenders, shot wide
84:56Shot by TWUW Krysta Kons WIDE {shot from far right wing}.
Shot by ALBERTA Kami Wiebe WIDE {shot from in the box}.85:43
Foul on ALBERTA.
88:08TWUW substitution: Maggie Lang for Krysta Kons.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Natalie Swain.89:19
Header Shot by ALBERTA Michelle Mueller HIGH {shot from in the box}.89:39
90:00Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien WIDE {shot from in the box}.

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