Box Score



UBC T-Birds303« FINAL
TWU Spartans022


Game Date: 10/11/2005Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 7:03pmAttendance: 210
Referee: Dave Bazett, Asst. Referee: Heather Godbout, Katie Lindhede, Alt. Official: Torb Lindhede, Timekeeper: Joanna Dyck, Scorer: Joanna Dyck
UBC T-BirdsTWU Spartans
Goal Scorer(s)Stephanie Shwetz (3) - 8:46
Stephanie Shwetz (3) - 15:05
Stephanie Shwetz (3) - 21:43
Alexis Heinz (20) - 55:28
Carlee O'Brien (3) - 86:05
Total Goals Scored32
Penalty Goals01
Shots On Target109
Total Shots1815
Corner Kicks42
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls67
UBC T-Birds
1Hannah Shoichet (GK)90273,4
2Keiko Read900/00/00
3Stephanie Shwetz*900/07/33
6Kelly Isberg900/01/00
8Amy Bobb900/00/00
10Anja Sigloch900/00/00
13Janine Kerr900/02/10
15Jocelyn Smith450/00/00
19Chelsea Hampton900/01/10
20Heather Smith900/03/10
23Amy Baldwin700/02/20
5Michele Yakashiro450/00/00
17Jill Kinsman200/02/20
TWU Spartans
1Ali Penner (GK)90363,3
2Stephanie Stewart230/00/00
7Erin Marie Higgins900/00/00
8Angela Trauter900/00/00
9Ashlee Davison900/04/40
10Andrea McLachlan520/01/10
12Melanie Ingwersen830/00/00
16Brittany Heinrich900/00/00
17Dana DuMerton420/02/10
20Alexis Heinz*740/04/11
21Whitney Agassiz900/00/00
3Carlee O'Brien*450/03/21
4Lindsay Rohla670/00/00
6Hilary Braacx220/00/00
11Andrea Standerwick210/01/00
14Christine Gerig220/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women's Soccer (Conference)
Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Comeback Falls Short
Two 2nd half goals not enough as UBC tops TWU 3-2.

LANGLEY, British Columbia - For the second match in five days the Trinity Western University women's soccer team spotted their opponent's three early goals only to see their comeback efforts fall just shy. On Friday the Spartans fell 3-2 to Victoria and tonight at TWU's Langley, BC campus the Spartans (3-4-2) lost by the same 3-2 margin to the number three ranked University of British Columbia Thunderbirds (5-1-3).

"We played very well at the start and at the end, but the early goals rattled us and we went away of playing smart and just started knocking the ball forward and hoping," said TWU Head Coach Graham Roxburgh. "You can't keep spotting teams of this quality and expect to come back."

UBC's Steph Shwetz (Vancouver, BC) was the star for the Thunderbirds as the 3rd yr midfielder scored all three of the UBC goals. Shwertz scored in the 9th, 16th and 24th minute to give the Thunderbirds the early 3-0 lead.

The Spartans started strong and put the Thunderbird keeper Hannah Shoichet (4th yr, Victoria, BC) made the early stops to keep TWU off of the scoreboard.

The Spartans had the wind knocked out of them after the three UBC markers and it took TWU until the ten minute mark of the second half before they were able to put the Thunderbirds under pressure.

TWU's first goal came in the 55th minute on a PK by Alexis Heinz (5th yr, forward, Surrey, BC) after Spartan forward Carlee O'Brien (3rd yr, Nanaimo, BC) was taken down on the left hand side of the UBC box.

The goal gave the Spartans a bit of a spark, but they were unable to get the second marker until the 86th minute. O'Brien got the goal after she was sent in alone on a through ball by TWU midfielder Lindsay Rohla (3rd yr, Langley, BC). O'Brien took the ball and slid the ball under a charging Shoichet.

The second goal got TWU going and the maintained possession in the UBC end of the field for much of the final ten minutes.

It looked like the Spartans were going to tie the match in extra time. After a scramble inside the UBC box, TWU put a ball off of the right post. The rebound came back to Carlee O'Brien who looked like she had the ball going into the bottom left corner, but Shoichet was able to deflect the ball wide and out of touch.

TWU had two consecutive corners, before UBC was able to send the ball to centre field as the refree signaled the end of the match.

Next up for the Spartans is against the University of Manitoba. Match time on Thursday, October 13 at TWU is set for 5 pm.

Match notes: UBC out-shot TWU 18-15...Ali Penner (1st yr, Abbotsford, BC) made six saves for the Spartans, while Shoichet made seven stops for UBC...In this year's previous meeting TWU and UBC tied 2-2 as they opened Canada West play at UBC...





UBC T-Birds Period: 1TWU Spartans
Hannah Shoichet at goalie for UBC.00:00
00:00Ali Penner at goalie for TWUW.
00:35Shot by TWUW Dana DuMerton, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from close left wing}.
03:53Shot by TWUW Alexis Heinz HIT CROSSBAR {shot from top of box}.
04:05Shot by TWUW Alexis Heinz HIGH {shot from far right wing}.
Shot by UBC Chelsea Hampton, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from in the box}.05:11
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.05:19
Foul on UBC.
07:13Shot by TWUW Alexis Heinz HIGH {shot from top of box}.
GOAL by UBC Stephanie Shwetz (FIRST GOAL) {shot from close right wing}, Assist by Amy Baldwin.08:46
*cross into box, tap in
Shot by UBC Janine Kerr, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from close left wing}.14:17
GOAL by UBC Stephanie Shwetz {shot from far right wing}, Assist by Heather Smith.15:05
*pass at top of box, low shot L crnr
Foul on TWUW.
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Heather Smith WIDE {shot from top of box}.19:34
GOAL by UBC Stephanie Shwetz {shot from in the box}, Assist by Anja Sigloch.21:43
*breakaway, GK out, low shot
23:23TWUW substitution: Lindsay Rohla for Stephanie Stewart.
23:23TWUW substitution: Hilary Braacx for Dana DuMerton.
Foul on UBC.
24:08Header Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Heather Smith WIDE {shot from top of box}.29:16
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Amy Baldwin, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from close right wing}.32:41
35:04Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.
36:28Shot by TWUW Andrea McLachlan, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from top of box}.
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.37:01
Header Shot by UBC Kelly Isberg HIGH {shot from in the box}.37:31
Foul on UBC.
Foul on TWUW.
UBC T-Birds Period: 2TWU Spartans
UBC substitution: Michele Yakashiro for Jocelyn Smith.45:00
45:00TWUW substitution: Andrea Standerwick for Melanie Ingwersen.
45:00TWUW substitution: Carlee O'Brien for Hilary Braacx.
Foul on UBC.
51:45TWUW substitution: Melanie Ingwersen for Andrea McLachlan.
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.53:50
Shot by UBC Stephanie Shwetz WIDE {shot from top of box}.54:23
Carlee brought down in box on run down wingCarlee brought down in box on run down wing
Foul on TWUW.
Shot by UBC Amy Baldwin, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from in the box}.59:44
61:04Shot by TWUW Andrea Standerwick HIGH {shot from top of box}.
61:37Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from top of box}.
Shot by UBC Stephanie Shwetz BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.62:51
Foul on TWUW.
65:54TWUW substitution: Christine Gerig for Andrea Standerwick.
Shot by UBC Heather Smith, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from far left wing}.68:24
UBC substitution: Jill Kinsman for Amy Baldwin.69:59
Shot by UBC Jill Kinsman, SAVE Ali Penner {shot from close right wing}.70:36
71:52TWUW substitution: Dana DuMerton for Alexis Heinz.
73:03Offside against TWUW.
75:07Shot by TWUW Dana DuMerton HIGH {shot from in the box}.
Foul on UBC.
Shot by UBC Stephanie Shwetz WIDE {shot from top of box}.78:25
79:12Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from close left wing}.
80:00Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien WIDE {shot from in the box}.
Shot by UBC Stephanie Shwetz HIGH {shot from top of box}.82:08
Foul on UBC.
Shot by UBC Janine Kerr BLOCKED {shot from in the box}.84:48
Shot by UBC Jill Kinsman, SAVE TEAM {shot from in the box}.84:56
Corner kick by UBC Heather Smith.85:24
86:05GOAL by TWUW Carlee O'Brien {shot from in the box}, Assist by Lindsay Rohla.
*thru ball past 3 defenders, shot under GK
87:13Shot by TWUW Ashlee Davison, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from top of box}.
87:55TWUW substitution: Alexis Heinz for Christine Gerig.
88:35Shot by TWUW Carlee O'Brien, SAVE Hannah Shoichet {shot from in the box}.
90:00Corner kick by TWUW Alexis Heinz.

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