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Scheduled Game: REGINA*


Trinity Western459« FINAL


Game Date: 9/26/2008Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 5:00 pmAttendance: 111
Referee: Mark Thomas, Asst. Referee: Aaron Upple, Noel Estacio, Alt. Official: Kevin Upple, Timekeeper: Sam VanderVeer, Scorer: Sam VanderVeer
ReginaTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Daniela Gerig (5) - 2:12
Daniela Gerig (5) - 14:18
Dana DuMerton (17) - 21:39
Nikki Wright (19) - 44:56
Daniela Gerig (5) - 69:13
Daniela Gerig (5) - 73:14
Chantelle Whitehead (20) - 82:52
Daniela Gerig (5) - 84:50
Kayleen Davison (9) - 89:00
Total Goals Scored09
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target324
Total Shots633
Corner Kicks27
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls814
20Linsay Barbier (GK)909159,6
3Nicole Renneberg590/01/10
4Tegan Koroluk760/03/20
6Chelsie Dorosh730/00/00
12Randi Schmeichel540/00/00
9Natalie Crowdis600/01/00
17Tarina Mayer810/01/00
5Sarah Novak900/00/00
7Tiffany Gyurek900/00/00
14Dana Renneberg900/00/00
21Catherine Lukan450/00/00
2Kristen Padbury450/00/00
11Kailee Trost620/00/00
13N. Hernandez-Solano300/00/00
15Kelsey Abstreiter450/00/00
Trinity Western
22Veronika Rogina (GK)90031,2
10Melissa Mobilio610/00/00
12Tessa Meyer900/01/00
15Rebecca Ferguson600/03/10
17Dana DuMerton*230/01/11
5Daniela Gerig*680/08/75
19Nikki Wright*450/07/41
4Jilian Dietrich450/01/10
9Kayleen Davison*640/04/31
11Jessica Filion710/00/00
16Kayla Dilling590/00/00
3Kaleigh Henry450/00/00
6Carla Breadon450/00/00
7Nikki Byrne670/03/20
14Meghan McKinnon450/00/00
20Chantelle Whitehead*450/02/21
24Alexi Foster670/03/30

Game Recap

Game Recap

Women's Soccer (Canada West)
Friday, September 26, 2008
TWU Spartans (9) vs. University of Regina Cougars (0)


TWU's Gerig and Ferguson set school records in victory.

LANGLEY, British Columbia - Forward Daniela Gerig (2nd year, Fort Langley, B.C.) set scored five times to set a Spartan record as the Trinity Western University women's soccer team remained undefeated with a 9-0 win over the visiting University of Regina Cougars Friday night at TWU's Langley, B.C. campus.

The win keeps the Spartans undefeated at 3-0-2, while the loss drops the Cougars to 0-5-2.

"Daniela had some great finishes tonight and I'm happy that she got some quality chances," said TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh. "Overall a good squad effort and I was pleased that we could get some of our younger players quality minutes, and in a game where you can never take anyone for granted they responded to what we asked them to do."

TWU controlled the match from the start to the final whistle as they out shot Regina 33-6. If not for some fine saves by Cougar keeper Lindsay Barbier (Yellowknife) the score could have been of a greater margin. Barbier made 15 saves which ties her with Lethbridge's Megan Lumley, who had 15 in a 4-1loss to University of Manitoba on Sept 6, for the most in a Canada West game this season.

Gerig opened the scoring for the Spartans in the 3rd minute and kept going from there. She followed up with goals in the 15th, 70th, 74th and 85th. Also scoring for the Spartans were Dana DuMerton (4th year, Abbotsford, B.C.) in the 22nd minute, Nikki Wright (1st year, Cloverdale, B.C.) in the 45th minute, Chantelle Whitehead (1st year, Surrey, B.C.) in the 83rd minute and Kayleen Davison (2nd year, Maple Ridge, B.C.) in the 89th minute.

TWU keeper Veronika Rogina (3rd year, Langley, B.C.) made three saves to earn her second win of the season.

The five goals betters the previous TWU record of four goals, which was set seven years ago by Alexis Heinz in TWU's 7-0 win over the University of Lethbridge on Oct. 27, 2001. The nine goals also ties the TWU team record for goals in a game which was set in a 9-0 win over Regina on Oct. 15, 2005.

TWU's Becca Ferguson (3rd year, Calgary) had four assists in tonight's match, which beats the previous school record of three which was held by Janine Drake and was also set in the Oct. 27 match against Lethbridge.

Next up for the Spartans is Saturday night against the No. 4 ranked University of Manitoba Bisons. Match time at TWU is set for 5 p.m.

Match Notes: Gerig's five goals are also the most in a CW game this season. Ferguson's four assists is the second most, trailing only Alberta's Jacqueline Smith's five, which she also set against Regina...




Regina Period: 1Trinity Western
Linsay Barbier at goalie for Regina.00:00
00:00Veronika Rogina at goalie for Trinity Western.
00:13Shot by TWUW Rebecca Ferguson WIDE.
02:12GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Nikki Wright.
*pass across from 19 scored of the first touch by 5
Foul on Regina.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by REGINA Tegan Koroluk, SAVE Veronika Rogina.07:53
09:43Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright WIDE.
10:40Offside against Trinity Western.
12:04Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
Foul on Trinity Western.
13:24Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig HIGH.
Foul on Trinity Western.
14:18GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig, Assist by Nikki Wright.
*19 carries it in quick pass over to 5 who puts top corner
17:13Shot by TWUW Tessa Meyer WIDE.
Foul on Regina.
20:00Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
20:52Offside against Trinity Western.
21:39GOAL by TWUW Dana DuMerton, Assist by Rebecca Ferguson.
*15 passes it up and 17 carried it right in
23:02Offside against Trinity Western.
23:14TWUW substitution: Nikki Byrne for Dana DuMerton.
23:14TWUW substitution: Alexi Foster for Daniela Gerig.
24:28Shot by TWUW Jilian Dietrich, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
27:07Header Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
REGINA substitution: Kailee Trost for Randi Schmeichel.28:17
30:05Shot by TWUW Nikki Byrne, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
30:47Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
31:21Shot by TWUW Kayleen Davison, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
32:10Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright HIGH.
Shot by REGINA Natalie Crowdis WIDE.34:10
Foul on Regina.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by REGINA Tarina Mayer HIGH.36:15
Foul on Trinity Western.
38:19Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
41:12Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Regina.
Offside against Regina.44:41
44:56GOAL by TWUW Nikki Wright, Assist by Jessica Filion.
*19 carries it through the defense and right into the net
Foul on Regina.
45:00Shot by TWUW Kayleen Davison, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
Regina Period: 2Trinity Western
REGINA substitution: Kelsey Abstreiter for Catherine Lukan.45:00
REGINA substitution: Kristen Padbury for Nicole Renneberg.45:00
REGINA substitution: N. Hernandez-Solano for Natalie Crowdis.45:00
45:00TWUW substitution: Meghan McKinnon for Kayleen Davison.
45:00TWUW substitution: Carla Breadon for Jilian Dietrich.
45:00TWUW substitution: Chantelle Whitehead for Melissa Mobilio.
45:00TWUW substitution: Daniela Gerig for Nikki Wright.
45:00TWUW substitution: Kaleigh Henry for Rebecca Ferguson.
Shot by REGINA Tegan Koroluk WIDE.49:45
50:20Shot by TWUW Alexi Foster, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
52:05Offside against Trinity Western.
Foul on Regina.
Foul on Trinity Western.
55:52Shot by TWUW Nikki Byrne WIDE.
Foul on Regina.
58:45TWUW substitution: Melissa Mobilio for Kayla Dilling.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by REGINA Tegan Koroluk, SAVE Veronika Rogina.63:02
Foul on Trinity Western.
REGINA substitution: Randi Schmeichel for Chelsie Dorosh.63:49
69:13GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig, Assist by Alexi Foster and Nikki Byrne.
*24 carries it all the way down, quick pass across front to 5
71:22TWUW substitution: Kayleen Davison for Jessica Filion.
Foul on Regina.
73:14GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig, Assist by Chantelle Whitehead.
*5 carried it across the front of the net and in
REGINA substitution: Natalie Crowdis for N. Hernandez-Solano.74:50
74:50TWUW substitution: Rebecca Ferguson for Melissa Mobilio.
REGINA substitution: Nicole Renneberg for Tegan Koroluk.76:04
77:01Shot by TWUW Chantelle Whitehead, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
77:23Shot by TWUW Rebecca Ferguson, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
78:03Header Shot by TWUW Kayleen Davison WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western.
79:15Shot by TWUW Alexi Foster, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
Foul on Trinity Western.
REGINA substitution: Chelsie Dorosh for Tarina Mayer.80:48
82:14Shot by TWUW Nikki Byrne, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
82:52GOAL by TWUW Chantelle Whitehead, Assist by Rebecca Ferguson.
*from the corner(15) bounces out 20 takes it from top of 18yrd box
84:50GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig, Assist by Carla Breadon and Rebecca Ferguson.
*from corner bounces around and out of air kicked into top corner
85:47Header Shot by TWUW Alexi Foster, SAVE Linsay Barbier.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by REGINA Nicole Renneberg, SAVE Veronika Rogina.87:53
89:00GOAL by TWUW Kayleen Davison, Assist by Rebecca Ferguson.
*header off the corner kick
90:00Shot by TWUW Rebecca Ferguson WIDE.

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