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Scheduled Game: Azusa Pacific - Concordia Tournament (Portland)


Trinity Western0101
Azusa Pacific0112« FINAL


Game Date: 8/25/2011Location: Portland, Ore.
Game Time: 4:00 PMAttendance: 50
Referee: Jeremy Hanson, Asst. Referee: Jim Lakehower, Andrew Marihart, Timekeeper: Jason Dormeyer, Scorer: Jason Dormeyer
Trinity WesternAzusa Pacific
Goal Scorer(s)Colleen Webber (8) - 49:11
HARDY, Shannon (5) - 79:22
SUN, Natalie (10) - 91:55
Total Goals Scored12
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target44
Total Shots1117
Corner Kicks23
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls108
Trinity Western
0Cara Santaga (GK)92222,0,0
2Nikki Byrne920/00/00
13Natalie Boyd510/00/00
20Melissa Mobilio640/01/00
24Alexi Foster580/00/00
7Alicia Tesan740/01/00
15Sarah-Kim Bergeron700/02/20
16Daniela Gerig530/03/00
4Jilian Dietrich920/00/00
8Colleen Webber*920/01/11
21Jennifer Castillo920/00/00
6Jenna Di Nunzio380/00/00
11Jessica King90/02/10
12Tessa Meyer530/01/00
17Caitlin Haines380/00/00
18Melissa Horahan230/00/00
29Alessandra Oliverio210/00/00
Azusa Pacific
1D. Alexa (GK)92132,1,0
4W. Emily430/01/00
8C. Jacqueline620/01/00
21F. Brittany900/03/00
10S. Natalie*730/04/31
18N. Natalie450/02/00
19R. Shannon580/01/00
2G. Markie920/00/00
7L. Molly740/02/00
12H. Rachael920/00/00
22R. Danielle920/00/00
5H. Shannon*300/02/11
9H. Allysa470/00/00
11T. Kendra340/00/00
16H. Amanda320/01/00
20C. Brittany50/00/00
23C. Logan510/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




– The Trinity Western University women’s soccer team dropped their first match of the season as they opened the Concordia University tournament with a 2-1 overtime loss to the Azusa Pacific University Cougars Thursday afternoon at Delta Park in Portland, Oregon.

The loss moves the Spartans to 1-1 on the season, while the Cougars, 1-0, get their first win of the year.

“Our back four played very well and we had some good overall performances and other positives, but it is disappointing to lose a game where we had a lead late and at stretches controlled the game,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh.

Despite a total of 13 shots, TWU – 4, APU-9, being directed towards the opponents’ goal neither team was able to find the back of the net in opening half as Cougars and Spartans finished the first 45 minutes knotted at 0-0.

Just over four minutes into the second half the Spartans Colleen Webber put the Spartans up 1-0 in the 50th minute. The goal came after a corner kick by the Natalie Boyd found the head of Jennifer Castillo. Castillo flicked the ball on to Webber who beat Azusa’s Alexa Douglas with the shot into the right side of the Cougars net.

Azusa’s Shannon Hardy got the equalizer with just over 10 minutes remaining when she converted a cross from Allysa Hinton.  From 16 yards out Hardy found the top left corner to beat TWU’s Cara Santaga in the 80th minute and tie the match at 1-1.

The two squads remained tied after 90 minutes and would go into an overtime period.

The Cougars ended the overtime quickly when Natalie Sun found the back of the Spartans net in the 92nd minute to give Azusa the 2-1 victory. Sun converted a cross from near the touch line on the left side from Logan Chan that went across the goal mouth to find Sun, who converted to end the match in favour of the Cougars.

TWU’s Cara Santaga made two saves in the Spartans loss, while Azusa Pacific’s Alexa Douglas made three saves to earn the victory.

Next up for the Spartans is host Concordia University of Saturday, August 27 at 4 p.m.

Match Notes: Azusa Pacific outshot Trinity Western 17-11 and had a three to two edge in corner kicks…the Cougars were called for four offsides, while the Spartans were called for two…game time temperature was in the low 90’s…




Trinity Western Period: 1Azusa Pacific
Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00DOUGLAS, Alexa at goalie for Azusa Pacific.
02:10Header Shot by APUW NICK, Natalie WIDE LEFT.
Offside against Trinity Western.07:47
Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE DOUGLAS, Alexa.08:49
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Foul on Trinity Western.
16:34Shot by APUW SUN, Natalie, SAVE Cara Santaga.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig HIGH.22:08
22:20APUW substitution: CHAN, Logan for WOOD, Emily.
22:45Shot by APUW NICK, Natalie BLOCKED.
22:49Shot by APUW RIGHETTI, Shannon HIGH.
Foul on Trinity Western.
#21 cleared from backline with header#21 cleared from backline with header
24:37Corner kick by APUW NICK, Natalie [24:37].
24:52Shot by APUW FLANAGAN, Brittany HIGH.
TWUW substitution: Tessa Meyer for Alexi Foster.29:13
TWUW substitution: Jenna Di Nunzio for Melissa Mobilio.29:13
TWUW substitution: Caitlin Haines for Natalie Boyd.29:13
29:13APUW substitution: HARDY, Amanda for NICK, Natalie.
29:13APUW substitution: HARDY, Shannon for RIGHETTI, Shannon.
29:13APUW substitution: TRIFONOVITCH, Kendra for CONFORTO, Jacqueline.
Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE DOUGLAS, Alexa.32:13
33:09Shot by APUW SUN, Natalie, SAVE Cara Santaga.
TWUW substitution: Melissa Horahan for Daniela Gerig.34:24
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWUW Tessa Meyer BLOCKED.39:37
40:02APUW substitution: CADENA, Brittany for SUN, Natalie.
40:38Corner kick by APUW TRIFONOVITCH, Kendra [40:38].
40:53Shot by APUW LAVIN, Molly BLOCKED.
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
43:09Shot by APUW HARDY, Shannon WIDE LEFT.
43:42Header Shot by APUW HARDY, Amanda HIGH.
44:11Corner kick by APUW TRIFONOVITCH, Kendra [44:11].
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Azusa Pacific
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
For TWUW: #0 Cara Santaga, #8 Colleen Webber, #21 Jennifer Castillo, #6 Jenna Di Nunzio, #4 Jilian Dietrich, #16 Daniela Gerig, #2 Nikki Byrne, #12 Tessa Meyer, #24 Alexi Foster, #13 Natalie Boyd, #20 Melissa Mobilio.45:00
45:00For APUW: #21 FLANAGAN, Brittany, #11 TRIFONOVITCH, Kendra, #18 NICK, Natalie, #10 SUN, Natalie, #8 CONFORTO, Jacqueline, #9 HINTON, Allysa, #23 CHAN, Logan, #2 GLEASON, Markie, #22 ROSS, Danielle, #12 HARDING, Rachael, #1 DOUGLAS, Alexa.
Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.45:00
45:00DOUGLAS, Alexa at goalie for Azusa Pacific.
45:40Shot by APUW FLANAGAN, Brittany WIDE.
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Corner kick by TWUW Natalie Boyd [49:01].49:01
GOAL by TWUW Colleen Webber (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Jennifer Castillo and Natalie Boyd.49:11
*off corner, 21 flicked with header, shot from 8 yards to GKs right
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWUW Melissa Mobilio HIGH.50:39
54:39Offside against Azusa Pacific.
55:08Shot by APUW SUN, Natalie WIDE LEFT.
Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig WIDE RIGHT.55:51
56:44Offside against Azusa Pacific.
60:18APUW substitution: RIGHETTI, Shannon for NICK, Natalie.
Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig WIDE LEFT.61:37
Foul on Trinity Western.
63:18APUW substitution: LAVIN, Molly for TRIFONOVITCH, Kendra.
TWUW substitution: Alicia Tesan for Daniela Gerig.63:18
Offside against Trinity Western.64:06
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
TWUW substitution: Sarah-Kim Bergeron for Jenna Di Nunzio.67:08
TWUW substitution: Caitlin Haines for Natalie Boyd.67:08
68:06Shot by APUW LAVIN, Molly WIDE RIGHT.
68:37Offside against Azusa Pacific.
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Shot by TWUW Alicia Tesan HIGH.70:36
TWUW substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Alexi Foster.70:51
71:36APUW substitution: WOOD, Emily for CHAN, Logan.
Foul on Trinity Western.
75:26APUW substitution: HARDY, Shannon for SUN, Natalie.
75:26APUW substitution: HARDY, Amanda for CONFORTO, Jacqueline.
79:22GOAL by APUW HARDY, Shannon, Assist by HINTON, Allysa and HARDY, Amanda.
*long cross from R-to-L, shot from 16 yards to upper left corner
TWUW substitution: Melissa Horahan for Melissa Mobilio.79:55
Foul on Trinity Western.
81:29Shot by APUW WOOD, Emily WIDE LEFT.
TWUW substitution: Jessica King for Tessa Meyer.82:29
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Foul on Azusa Pacific.
Foul on Trinity Western.
85:33Shot by APUW FLANAGAN, Brittany WIDE RIGHT.
Corner kick by TWUW Alicia Tesan [87:01].87:01
Shot by TWUW Jessica King, SAVE DOUGLAS, Alexa.87:17
87:51Offside against Azusa Pacific.
TWUW substitution: Alexi Foster for Caitlin Haines.89:10
89:21APUW substitution: SUN, Natalie for RIGHETTI, Shannon.
89:21APUW substitution: CONFORTO, Jacqueline for HARDY, Shannon.
Shot by TWUW Jessica King WIDE LEFT.89:40
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 3Azusa Pacific
Start of OT period [90:00].90:00Start of OT period [90:00].
For TWUW: #29 Alessandra Oliverio, #24 Alexi Foster, #15 Sarah-Kim Bergeron, #11 Jessica King, #18 Melissa Horahan, #7 Alicia Tesan, #21 Jennifer Castillo, #4 Jilian Dietrich, #8 Colleen Webber, #2 Nikki Byrne, #0 Cara Santaga.90:00
90:00For APUW: #10 SUN, Natalie, #16 HARDY, Amanda, #8 CONFORTO, Jacqueline, #12 HARDING, Rachael, #22 ROSS, Danielle, #2 GLEASON, Markie, #4 WOOD, Emily, #7 LAVIN, Molly, #23 CHAN, Logan, #9 HINTON, Allysa, #1 DOUGLAS, Alexa.
90:00DOUGLAS, Alexa at goalie for Azusa Pacific.
Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.90:00
90:48Shot by APUW CONFORTO, Jacqueline WIDE LEFT.
91:55GOAL by APUW SUN, Natalie, Assist by CHAN, Logan and CONFORTO, Jacqueline.
*cross from deep left side by the end line across the goal face
shot from 5 yardsover GK's head-END-shot from 5 yardsover GK's head-END-

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