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Scheduled Game: Concordia - Concordia Tournament (Portland)


Trinity Western112« FINAL


Game Date: 8/27/2011Location: Portland, Ore.
Game Time: 4:00 PMAttendance: 200
Referee: Ryan Abbott, Asst. Referee: Cindy Brooks, Cephes Quartson, Timekeeper: Andy Jobanek, Scorer: Andy Jobanek
Trinity WesternConcordia
Goal Scorer(s)Nikki Wright (19) - 42:47
Sarah-Kim Bergeron (15) - 89:55
Total Goals Scored20
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target67
Total Shots1720
Corner Kicks25
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards21
Other Fouls149
Trinity Western
0Cara Santaga (GK)90075,2
2Nikki Byrne900/00/00
6Jenna Di Nunzio550/02/00
9Natalie Boyd260/00/00
10Melissa Mobilio790/03/10
12Tessa Meyer730/01/00
17Caitlin Haines530/02/00
5Daniela Gerig591/00/00
4Jilian Dietrich900/00/00
8Colleen Webber900/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo900/01/00
11Jessica King100/00/00
15Sarah-Kim Bergeron*640/04/31
19Nikki Wright*210/02/21
24Alexi Foster640/00/00
29Alessandra Oliverio370/02/00
1T. Tori (GK)90240,4
3L. Adrienne900/00/00
11W. Kaylynn730/01/00
13H. Jackie900/04/10
5O. Tahlia630/02/10
14S. Hannah610/02/10
15T. Alex570/02/10
19H. Erin610/01/00
6H. Lauryn540/00/00
9O. Brittany900/03/10
21L. Becca800/00/00
4S. Kellie70/00/00
7H. Annika290/01/00
12H. Hayley150/01/00
16A. Jasmine601/00/00
18B. Alex400/03/20
20A. Ashley290/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




– Trinity Western University keeper Cara Santaga made seven saves to get the shutout as  the Spartans earned a 2-0 win over the Concordia University Cavaliers Saturday afternoon at Delta Park in Portland ,Oregon.

“Both teams played hard. All credit to our players who battled and got over a slow start and were able to pull out the win,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh. “I was really encouraged by our ability to get the ball on the ground, or pose and ability to pass and create opportunities.”  

“There were a number of quality individual performances and the decision making and coverage by our back four was fantastic,” added Roxburgh. “It was a good team win and pleased that it is another good step as we prepare for our season.”

The win moves the Spartans to 2-1-0 in preseason play.

Despite being outshot 20 to 17 in total shots and  seven to six in shots on goal the Spartans were able to come away with a hard fought road victory on a hot sunny afternoon.

TWU forward Nikki Wright opened the scoring in the 43rd minute when she took a pass from Melissa Mobiliio, went up the leftside and found the inside of the right post from 10 yards out to beat the Cavaliers Tori Talbutt and give the Spartans a 1-0 lead heading into the half.

In the final minute Spartans  rookie forward Sarah-Kim Bergeron made the final a two goal margin when she went up the right side of the park and found the left corner of the Cavaliers net to make the final 2-0 for Trinity Western.

Concordia keeper Tori Talbutt made four saves in the loss.

Next up for the Spartans is a pair of home games on Thursday, September 1 and Friday, September 2 when they will match up against UBC Okanagan in a scrimmage match at 4 p.m. and McGill University in a non-conference match at 6 p.m.

Match Notes: Concordia finished with five corner kicks, while Trinity Western finished with two… the Spartans committed 14 fouls, while the Cavaliers committed nine…




Trinity Western Period: 1Concordia
Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.00:00
00:00TALBUTT, Tori at goalie for Concordia.
02:21Shot by CU HUISINGH, Erin WIDE LEFT.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by TWUW Jenna Di Nunzio WIDE RIGHT.03:58
06:41Shot by CU HENDRICKSON, Jackie HIGH.
Shot by TWUW Melissa Mobilio WIDE LEFT.07:51
Foul on Trinity Western.
11:50Shot by CU O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia BLOCKED.
12:12Shot by CU THOMAS, Alex, SAVE Cara Santaga.
Corner kick by TWUW Caitlin Haines [15:38].15:38
Shot by TWUW Tessa Meyer BLOCKED.16:36
17:54Offside against Concordia.
20:26Corner kick by CU HUISINGH, Erin [20:26].
20:47Header Shot by CU HENDRICKSON, Jackie WIDE RIGHT.
20:52Shot by CU SCOTT, Hannah, SAVE Cara Santaga.
Foul on Trinity Western.
24:11Shot by CU THOMAS, Alex WIDE RIGHT.
Foul on Concordia.
Shot by TWUW Caitlin Haines BLOCKED.25:05
TWUW substitution: Alexi Foster for Natalie Boyd.25:31
25:31CU substitution: AYALA, Jasmine for SCOTT, Hannah.
25:31CU substitution: BLALOCK, Alex for O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia.
25:31CU substitution: AMES, Ashley for HELMERS, Lauryn.
TWUW substitution: Sarah-Kim Bergeron for Jenna Di Nunzio.26:29
27:09Shot by CU BLALOCK, Alex, SAVE Cara Santaga.
Shot by TWUW Caitlin Haines BLOCKED.28:36
Foul on Concordia.
29:47CU substitution: HAYMAN, Annika for THOMAS, Alex.
29:47CU substitution: HAYES, Hayley for HUISINGH, Erin.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Concordia.
Shot by TWUW Jennifer Castillo BLOCKED.32:33
Foul on Trinity Western.
34:01Shot by CU HAYES, Hayley BLOCKED.
34:15Shot by CU ORR, Brittany, SAVE Cara Santaga.
35:07Header Shot by CU HAYMAN, Annika HIGH.
TWUW substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Caitlin Haines.36:10
Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron WIDE LEFT.37:59
38:06CU substitution: SKOFSTAD, Kellie for LONG, Becca.
40:08Yellow card on CU AYALA, Jasmine.
Yellow card on TWUW TEAM.40:08
40:36Shot by CU BLALOCK, Alex, SAVE Cara Santaga.
TWUW substitution: Nikki Wright for Daniela Gerig.41:08
Foul on Trinity Western.
GOAL by TWUW Nikki Wright (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Melissa Mobilio.42:47
*dribbled up the left side, shot just inside right post fromm 10 yds
Foul on Concordia.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Concordia
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
For TWUW: #0 Cara Santaga, #8 Colleen Webber, #21 Jennifer Castillo, #4 Jilian Dietrich, #2 Nikki Byrne, #29 Alessandra Oliverio, #12 Tessa Meyer, #24 Alexi Foster, #15 Sarah-Kim Bergeron, #19 Nikki Wright, #10 Melissa Mobilio.45:00
45:00For CU: #5 O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia, #15 THOMAS, Alex, #19 HUISINGH, Erin, #16 AYALA, Jasmine, #13 HENDRICKSON, Jackie, #9 ORR, Brittany, #21 LONG, Becca, #6 HELMERS, Lauryn, #1 TALBUTT, Tori, #3 LOMMASSON, Adrienne, #14 SCOTT, Hannah.
Shot by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio WIDE LEFT.45:30
Foul on Concordia.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Concordia.
Shot by TWUW Melissa Mobilio, SAVE TALBUTT, Tori.54:42
TWUW substitution: Caitlin Haines for Tessa Meyer.55:56
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
58:01Shot by CU ORR, Brittany BLOCKED.
58:27Corner kick by CU LOMMASSON, Adrienne [58:27].
Shot by TWUW Alessandra Oliverio WIDE LEFT.60:28
TWUW substitution: Jenna Di Nunzio for Alessandra Oliverio.61:46
Shot by TWUW Nikki Wright, SAVE TALBUTT, Tori.62:21
TWUW substitution: Daniela Gerig for Nikki Wright.62:22
62:22CU substitution: WINWOOD, Kaylynn for O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia.
Shot by TWUW Melissa Mobilio HIGH.63:30
Foul on Concordia.
Foul on Trinity Western.
65:18Shot by CU SCOTT, Hannah WIDE LEFT.
65:44Corner kick by CU LOMMASSON, Adrienne [65:44].
Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE TALBUTT, Tori.68:09
69:04CU substitution: HAYMAN, Annika for AYALA, Jasmine.
69:04CU substitution: BLALOCK, Alex for THOMAS, Alex.
69:30CU substitution: O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia for HUISINGH, Erin.
70:24Shot by CU O'LOUGHLIN, Tahlia, SAVE Cara Santaga.
70:52Corner kick by CU ORR, Brittany [70:52].
Foul on Trinity Western.
Corner kick by TWUW Caitlin Haines [72:31].72:31
Yellow card on TWUW Daniela Gerig.72:35
TWUW substitution: Tessa Meyer for Caitlin Haines.73:14
73:14CU substitution: AMES, Ashley for SCOTT, Hannah.
73:14CU substitution: AYALA, Jasmine for HELMERS, Lauryn.
Foul on Trinity Western.
74:53Header Shot by CU HENDRICKSON, Jackie, SAVE Cara Santaga.
Foul on Trinity Western.
TWUW substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Melissa Mobilio.78:37
TWUW substitution: Jessica King for Daniela Gerig.80:00
Foul on Trinity Western.
81:42Shot by CU ORR, Brittany HIGH.
82:52CU substitution: SCOTT, Hannah for HAYMAN, Annika.
82:52CU substitution: HUISINGH, Erin for AMES, Ashley.
Foul on Concordia.
Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE TALBUTT, Tori.83:52
85:32Corner kick by CU HUISINGH, Erin [85:32].
85:37Header Shot by CU HENDRICKSON, Jackie WIDE RIGHT.
86:25CU substitution: THOMAS, Alex for LONG, Becca.
Shot by TWUW Jenna Di Nunzio BLOCKED.87:24
87:45Shot by CU WINWOOD, Kaylynn WIDE RIGHT.
Foul on Concordia.
GOAL by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron.89:55
*dribble up the right side, shot from 15 yards to the left corner
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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