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Scheduled Game: MCGILL


Trinity Western123« FINAL


Game Date: 9/2/2011Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 6:00 pmAttendance: 205
Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
McGillTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Alexandra M-Boucher (11) - 20:56
Kathleen Wakeling (6) - 68:54
Daniela Gerig (5) - 15:29
Melissa Mobilio (10) - 69:46
Jessica King (11) - 77:59
Total Goals Scored23
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target68
Total Shots1014
Corner Kicks52
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls38
22Victoria Muccilli (GK)90353,2
6Kathleen Wakeling*760/02/11
7Rebecca Green900/01/10
8Jenna Holdham290/00/00
11Alexandra M-Boucher*900/03/21
12Valerie Dalle-Vedove900/00/00
14Alexandra Armstrong900/00/00
15Julia Bahen900/00/00
18Claire Hooper900/00/00
19Kelsey Wilson570/01/00
20Alexandria Hoyte900/03/20
4Kendra Bui330/00/00
5Hannah Rivkin610/00/00
9Bianca Cordileone141/00/00
Trinity Western
0Cara Santaga (GK)90240,4
2Nikki Byrne900/00/00
4Jilian Dietrich900/00/00
5Daniela Gerig*760/04/21
7Alicia Tesan760/00/00
8Colleen Webber900/00/00
9Natalie Boyd810/02/10
10Melissa Mobilio*840/02/11
12Tessa Meyer290/00/00
15Sarah-Kim Bergeron680/03/20
21Jennifer Castillo900/00/00
6Jenna Di Nunzio360/01/10
11Jessica King*230/02/11
17Caitlin Haines330/00/00
24Alexi Foster280/00/00
29Alessandra Oliverio60/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




LANGLEY, British Columbia
– Trinity Western University midfielder Jessica King scored the match winner midway through the second half to lead the Spartans to a 3-2 come-from-behind victory over the McGill University Martlets in non-conference match up Friday evening at TWU’s Rogers Park.

The Spartans controlled much of the play in the first half and if not for three point blank saves by McGill’s Victoria Muccilli, TWU could have finished the first 45 ahead in the goal department. The Spartans finished the half with a 6-3 edge in total shots and 4-1 in shots on goal, but the Martlets made the most of their lone shot as the two teams finished the half tied at 1-1.

Trinity Western forward Daniella Gerig opened the scoring in the 16th minute. Midfielder Melissa Mobillio set up the play when she broke open down the leftside of the park. Mobilio sent a cross to fellow Canadian FISU teammate Gerig at the top of the penalty area. Gerig controlled the ball took a touch to get by Muccilli and slotted the ball into the open net.

The Marlets tied the match at 1-1 on a pretty counter attack five minutes later. McGill’s Alexandria Hoyte sent  forward Alexandra Morin-Boucher in alone with a nice chip over the Spartan back line. Morin-Boucher in alone sent the ball high over TWU’s Cara Santaga and  into the top right corner of the Spartans net.

The second half it was the Spartans keeper Cara Santaga who had to stand on her head to keep the Martlets from scoring. Santaga made three strong saves to stop McGill. The Martlets efforts were finally rewarded in the 69th  minute. McGill’s Morin-Boucher took a hard shot from the centre of the box that Santaga was able to stop, but was unable to corral the hard shot. The rebound went to defender Kathleen Wakeling who sent the ball high into the Spartans net to give the visitors from Montreal the 2-1 lead.

The goal woke the Spartans up and it did not take them long to respond as Melissa Mobilio tied the match up at 2-2 less than a minute later.  Mobilio took a through ball up the middle from Natalie Boyd to go into the centre of the box alone on McGill’s Muccilli. Mobilio neatly sent the ball to the top right side of the net to tie the match with 20 minutes remaining.

King’s match winner came eight minutes later on a beatiful run from TWU forward Caitlin Haines. Haines ran hard up the left side of the park to get the ball over the top that had gone into the left corner of the Martlets end of the field. Haines played the ball across the centre of the penalty area to a hard charging King who beat the back line to the ball and hammered it into the rightside of the McGill net to give TWU the 3-2 win.

“I told the girls that they need to come off the bench provide a spark and affect change and both of them did,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh.

TWU’s Santaga made four saves to earn the win and move the Spartans to 3-1 in preseason play, while Muccilli made five saves in the loss as the Martlets drop to 2-3 in preseason play.

“Cara made two very good saves and in fairness their keeper was very busy, our touch in the box wasn’t very sharp and we made three or four clear cut chances fifty-fifty’s, but she made one phenomenal save when we were pressing and just robbed Daniela off of a great ball from Melissa Mobilio,” added Roxburgh.

Next up for the Spartans is their Canada West home opener on Saturday, September 10 when they will host the UBC Thunderbirds at 5 p.m. at Rogers Park. Next up for the Martlets is the University of Victoria Sunday afternoon at 3:30 p.m. at TWU’s Rogers Park.

Match Notes: The Spartans outshot the Martlets 14-10 in total shots and eight to six in shots on goal… TWU was called for 10 offsides, while McGill had none…the Spartans committed eight fouls to the Martlets three…McGill is the host of the 2011 CIS women’s soccer championships November 10-13 in Montreal…




McGill Period: 1Trinity Western
Victoria Muccilli at goalie for McGill.00:00
00:00Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.
02:13Offside against Trinity Western.
02:52Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig HIGH.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
06:26Offside against Trinity Western.
07:01Offside against Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
11:38Corner kick by TWUW Alicia Tesan [11:38].
15:29GOAL by TWUW Daniela Gerig (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Melissa Mobilio.
*Up LS pass mid deak gk into open net
19:23Shot by TWUW Melissa Mobilio BLOCKED.
19:37Corner kick by TWUW Alicia Tesan [19:37].
GOAL by MCGILLW Alexandra M-Boucher, Assist by Alexandria Hoyte.20:56
*chip up mid, TRC over gk
21:58Shot by TWUW Natalie Boyd, SAVE Victoria Muccilli.
22:20Offside against Trinity Western.
27:50Offside against Trinity Western.
28:24Offside against Trinity Western.
28:46TWUW substitution: Alexi Foster for Tessa Meyer.
MCGILLW substitution: Hannah Rivkin for Jenna Holdham.28:46
30:46TWUW substitution: Jenna Di Nunzio for Daniela Gerig.
Foul on Trinity Western.
33:04Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE Victoria Muccilli.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by MCGILLW Kelsey Wilson BLOCKED.34:53
37:41Offside against Trinity Western.
Shot by MCGILLW Kathleen Wakeling HIGH.38:41
39:16Offside against Trinity Western.
40:28Shot by TWUW Jenna Di Nunzio, SAVE Victoria Muccilli.
Foul on Trinity Western.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
McGill Period: 2Trinity Western
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00TWUW substitution: Daniela Gerig for Sarah-Kim Bergeron.
Foul on McGill.
Shot by MCGILLW Alexandria Hoyte, SAVE Cara Santaga.47:25
Foul on Trinity Western.
55:03Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig, SAVE Victoria Muccilli.
Shot by MCGILLW Alexandra M-Boucher, SAVE Cara Santaga.55:31
Shot by MCGILLW Alexandria Hoyte BLOCKED.55:42
Foul on McGill.
56:54TWUW substitution: Caitlin Haines for Alexi Foster.
MCGILLW substitution: Kendra Bui for Kelsey Wilson.56:54
58:31Offside against Trinity Western.
60:35Shot by TWUW Natalie Boyd WIDE.
Shot by MCGILLW Alexandria Hoyte, SAVE Cara Santaga.61:27
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by MCGILLW Rebecca Green, SAVE Cara Santaga.63:41
Corner kick by MCGILLW Hannah Rivkin [64:19].64:19
Corner kick by MCGILLW Hannah Rivkin [64:29].64:29
Corner kick by MCGILLW Alexandra Armstrong [65:14].65:14
67:15TWUW substitution: Sarah-Kim Bergeron for Alicia Tesan.
67:15TWUW substitution: Jessica King for Jenna Di Nunzio.
GOAL by MCGILLW Kathleen Wakeling, Assist by Alexandra M-Boucher.68:54
*shot by 11, save rebound high over gk
69:46GOAL by TWUW Melissa Mobilio, Assist by Natalie Boyd.
*thru middle shot TRC
71:05Shot by TWUW Daniela Gerig HIGH.
73:32Offside against Trinity Western.
MCGILLW substitution: Bianca Cordileone for Kathleen Wakeling.76:02
77:59GOAL by TWUW Jessica King, Assist by Caitlin Haines.
*up LS pass thru centre box RS
Corner kick by MCGILLW Hannah Rivkin [79:36].79:36
Corner kick by MCGILLW Hannah Rivkin [79:51].79:51
Shot by MCGILLW Alexandra M-Boucher WIDE.81:23
81:29TWUW substitution: Alicia Tesan for Natalie Boyd.
83:22Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron, SAVE Victoria Muccilli.
Foul on McGill.
Yellow card on MCGILLW Bianca Cordileone.84:14
84:20TWUW substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Melissa Mobilio.
84:20TWUW substitution: Jennifer Castillo for Tessa Meyer.
85:31Shot by TWUW Jessica King WIDE.
90:00Shot by TWUW Sarah-Kim Bergeron WIDE.
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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