Box Score

Scheduled Game: Alberta - CIS Championship Fifth Place Match (McGill)


Alberta112« FINAL
Trinity Western000


Game Date: 11/12/2011Location: Montreal, QC
Game Time: 19:35Attendance: 50
AlbertaTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Elise Emmott (7) - 33:45
Carleigh Miller (18) - 60:24
Total Goals Scored20
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target53
Total Shots156
Corner Kicks52
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards01
Other Fouls68
31Kelti Biggs (GK)90031,2
3Annalise Schellenber900/00/00
5Darcie Kutryk900/00/00
6Shalla Kadima900/00/00
7Elise Emmott*900/04/11
9Kayla Michaels820/02/00
12Rebecca Brandt900/00/00
13Heather Lund900/03/10
14Amanda Black690/03/20
18Carleigh Miller*900/02/11
22Victoria Saccomani900/00/00
11Sarah Smyth210/01/00
16Paige Howes80/00/00
Trinity Western
0Cara Santaga (GK)90232,1
2Nikki Byrne900/00/00
4Jilian Dietrich720/00/00
5Daniela Gerig900/01/10
8Colleen Webber900/01/00
10Melissa Mobilio210/00/00
15Sarah-Kim Bergeron770/00/00
17Caitlin Haines800/02/00
19Nikki Wright730/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo900/00/00
24Alexi Foster901/00/00
7Alicia Tesan490/02/20
11Jessica King390/00/00
26Sarah Hannigan180/00/00
29Alessandra Oliviero200/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




MONTREAL – The No. 2 Trinity Western University women’s soccer team dropped their final match of the season 2-0 to the No. 9 University of Alberta Pandas in the CIS consolation championship this evening at Molson Stadium at McGill University in Montreal. The win gives the Pandas fifth place at the championship, while loss puts the Spartans sixth. TWU finishes the tournament at 1-2 and an overall record of 15-3-1, while Alberta finishes the tournament at 2-1 and an overall record of 12-6-1.

Tonight's loss was only the third time that the Spartans have lost a CIS tournament match. Their overall tournament record now stands at 11-3-1.

The two teams opened the contest looking for energy as they were competing in their third competition in three days. The Spartans injury depleted lineup had difficulty linking passes and maintaining possession of the ball and the Pandas would take advantage and finish the first frame outshooting the Spartans five to one, while also scoring the lone goal of the opening frame when Alberta’s Elise Emmott opened the scoring in the 34th minute.

TWU’s lineup just did not have enough left in the tank in the second half as Alberta outshot the Spartans 10 to five and added a lone goal in the 61st minute. The Pandas got their second of the night off of a corner kick by Emmott. Emmott’s cross found Carleigh Miller on the far post as the Pandas made it 2-0 over the Spartans with less than 30 minutes remaining.

The Spartans tried for a late goal, but were unable to get the ball past Alberta’s Kelti Biggs, who made three saves to get the win. TWU’s Cara Santaga also made three saves to record the loss.

The match was the fourth meeting of the year between the Pandas and the Spartans. Prior to tonight TWU had won all three matches. They last met in the Canada West gold medal match with TWU coming away with a 2-1 win in kicks.

Alberta defeated Dalhousie 2-0 in the other consolation semi-final, while TWU defeated Wilfrid Laurier 1-0.

Tonight’s match was the final match of the 2011 CIS season for both teams. It was also the final match for TWU graduating seniors Daniela Gerig, Melissa Mobilio and Alexi Foster.

Match notes: in addition to having a 15 to six overall shot advantage, the Pandas also had the edge in corner kicks at five to two…Player of the Match for the Spartans was Alexi Foster, Player of the Match for the Pandas was Elise Emmott…

ALBERTA: 1-1: 2
First half
1. Alberta, Elise Emmott 1 (Kayla Michaels), 34th
Second half
2. Alberta, Carleigh Miller 2 (Elise Emmott), 61th
ALB : Kelti Biggs (start, W, 0 GA, 3 saves, 90:00 min, SHO)
TWU : Cara Santaga (L, 2 GA, 3 saves, 90:00 min)
Shots: ALB 15, TWU 6
Shots on net: ALB 5, TWU 3
Corners: ALB 5, TWU 2
Offsides: ALB 3, TWU 3
Fouls: ALB 6, TWU 8
Yellow cards: ALB 0, TWU 1 (Alexi Foster, 57th)
Red cards: none
Players of the game:
ALB : Elise Emmott
TWU: Alexi Foster
Official championship website:
Thursday, Nov. 10
10:30 Quarter-final 1: Ottawa 3, Dalhousie 2
13:30 Quarter-final 2: Queen’s 2, Alberta 1
16:30 Quarter-final 3: Montreal 2, Laurier 1 (PK)
19:30 Quarter-final 4: McGill 1, Trinity Western 0 (PK 4-1)

Friday, Nov. 11
16:30 Consolation 1: Alberta 2, Dalhousie 0
19:30 Consolation 2: Trinity Western 1, Laurier 0

Saturday, Nov. 12
13:30 Semifinal 1: Queen’s 1 vs. Ottawa 0 (PK 3-2)
16:30 Semifinal 2: Montreal 2 vs. McGill 1 (2OT)
19:30 Fifth-place game : Alberta 2 vs. Trinity Western 0

Sunday, Nov. 13
13:30 Bronze medal (SSN Canada webcast)
16:00 Championship final (SSN Canada webcast)

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Alberta Period: 1Trinity Western
Kelti Biggs at goalie for Alberta Pandas.00:00
00:00Cara Santaga at goalie for Trinity Western.
Offside against Alberta Pandas.05:29
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by ALBERTA Heather Lund, SAVE Cara Santaga {shot from top of box}.08:39
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Sabrina Jhamandas.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Elise Emmott [17:14].17:14
17:50Shot by TWU Daniela Gerig, SAVE Kelti Biggs {shot from in the box}.
Shot by ALBERTA Amanda Black HIGH {shot from far right wing}.18:50
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
21:19TWU substitution: Alicia Tesan for Melissa Mobilio.
Offside against Alberta Pandas.22:18
Foul on Trinity Western.
Offside against Alberta Pandas.24:48
Shot by ALBERTA Amanda Black, SAVE Cara Santaga {shot from close right wing}.26:40
Foul on Trinity Western.
32:27TWU substitution: Jessica King for Sarah-Kim Bergeron.
GOAL by ALBERTA Elise Emmott (FIRST GOAL) {shot from top of box}, Assist by Kayla Michaels.33:45
Shot by ALBERTA Elise Emmott WIDE RIGHT {shot from far right wing}.37:17
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
Foul on Trinity Western.
42:02Corner kick by TWU Alicia Tesan [42:02].
Foul on Trinity Western.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Alberta Period: 2Trinity Western
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
45:00TWU substitution: Sarah-Kim Bergeron for Alicia Tesan.
45:00TWU substitution: Alessandra Oliviero for Nikki Wright.
Shot by ALBERTA Amanda Black, SAVE Cara Santaga {shot from top of box}.47:16
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by ALBERTA Elise Emmott HIGH {shot from far right wing}.51:46
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
55:35Shot by TWU Caitlin Haines WIDE RIGHT {shot from top of box}.
56:15Yellow card on TWU Alexi Foster.
Shot by ALBERTA Kayla Michaels WIDE LEFT {shot from close right wing}.58:37
Shot by ALBERTA Elise Emmott BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.59:46
Corner kick by ALBERTA Elise Emmott [60:15].60:15
Header GOAL by ALBERTA Carleigh Miller {shot from in the box}, Assist by Elise Emmott.60:24
61:41TWU substitution: Nikki Wright for Jessica King.
62:04Shot by TWU Caitlin Haines BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.
63:42Offside against Trinity Western.
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
64:32TWU substitution: Alicia Tesan for Alessandra Oliviero.
65:42Offside against Trinity Western.
ALBERTA substitution: Sarah Smyth for Amanda Black.68:42
69:21Offside against Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Header Shot by ALBERTA Carleigh Miller WIDE RIGHT {shot from in the box}.70:08
Shot by ALBERTA Heather Lund WIDE RIGHT {shot from in the box}.71:49
72:09TWU substitution: Sarah Hannigan for Jilian Dietrich.
73:49Shot by TWU Alicia Tesan, SAVE Kelti Biggs {shot from far right wing}.
Corner kick by ALBERTA Elise Emmott [75:39].75:39
Shot by ALBERTA Kayla Michaels WIDE LEFT {shot from in the box}.75:46
Corner kick by ALBERTA Elise Emmott [77:05].77:05
80:12TWU substitution: Jessica King for Caitlin Haines.
Shot by ALBERTA Heather Lund BLOCKED {shot from top of box}.81:04
ALBERTA substitution: Paige Howes for Kayla Michaels.82:13
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by ALBERTA Sarah Smyth WIDE RIGHT {shot from close right wing}.89:28
Foul on Alberta Pandas.
90:00Shot by TWU Alicia Tesan, SAVE Kelti Biggs {shot from far left wing}.
90:00Corner kick by TWU Alicia Tesan [90:00].
90:00Shot by TWU Colleen Webber WIDE LEFT {shot from far right wing}.
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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