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Scheduled Game: @Portland State


Trinity Western000
Portland State112« FINAL


Game Date: 8/14/2012Location: Portland, OR
Game Time: 3:53 p.m.Attendance: 347
Referee: Farhad Dadkho, Asst. Referee: Ryan Abbit, Alt. Official: Oscar Rivas, Timekeeper: Chris Hill, Scorer: Chris Hill
Trinity WesternPortland State
Goal Scorer(s)Beka Lofstedt (22) - 36:43
Megan Martin (19) - 70:40
Total Goals Scored02
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target612
Total Shots1117
Corner Kicks47
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards10
Other Fouls610
Trinity Western
1Kristen Funk (GK)902107,3
9Natalie Boyd810/01/00
10Jenna Nunzio660/01/10
12Tessa Meyer900/00/00
17Caitlin Haines450/01/00
7Alicia Tesan700/00/00
14Krista Gommeringer900/04/20
2Nikki Byrne690/02/20
4Jilian Dietrich820/00/00
8Colleen Webber900/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo701/00/00
3Stephanie Chin300/00/00
5Lindsey Pulice390/00/00
6Alessandra Oliverio110/00/00
11Jessica King310/00/00
16Kristen Santema200/01/10
25Isabella Di Trocchio30/00/00
26Sarah Hannigan80/00/00
27Rachel Antoniuk60/01/00
Portland State
00Caitlin Plese (GK)7000,0
1Lainey Hulsizer (GK)83062,4
2Torie Morris450/00/00
3Cori Bianchini450/04/30
7Amanda Dutra710/02/20
9Eryn Brown540/01/10
10Amanda Howie580/01/00
17Whitney Hilde410/01/10
18Carlie Martin810/00/00
21Kayla Henningsen900/00/00
25Melissa Bishop360/01/10
77Kajsa Sporseen710/00/00
00Caitlin Plese70/00/00
4Michelle Hlasnik540/00/00
5Lindsey Millen50/00/00
6Amber Fenton150/00/00
11Lynsey Gaines230/00/00
14Ariana Cooley110/00/00
15Emma Cooney480/02/10
19Megan Martin*590/03/21
22Beka Lofstedt*270/01/11
23Tamia Hasan210/01/00
24Lexi Greenwood450/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




PORTLAND, Oregon – The Trinity Western University women’s soccer team fell 2-0 to the NCAA Div. I Portland State University Vikings Tuesday evening at Hillsboro Stadium in Portland, Oregon. The loss drops the Spartans to 1-1 in preseason play.

The Spartans battled the Vikings and were unlucky to have two balls cleared off of the line, while Rachel Antoniuk’s header in the 87th minute found the Portland State post, but failed to find the back of the net.

“I’m disappointed that we lost, because we lost in a manner that we could have avoided their two goals,” commented TWU head coach Graham Roxburgh. “But we had some bright spots and we certainly were able to play with them and after their second goal it was all us, but we couldn’t find the back of the net. If not for their keeper making some fine saves the result could have been different.”

The Spartans had a bit of a slow start as the Vikings finished the opening half with a decisive 12 to four edge in shots. But thanks to Kristen Funk, who made seven saves in the opening 45 minutes, TWU only trailed PSU by one, 1-0 at the intermission.

The lone first have goal came in the 38th minute when Beka Lofstedt took a pass across the middle of the field from Whitney Hilde and beat Funk from about 20 yards out.

Trinity Western had a much stronger second half as they outshot Portland State seven to five. The Vikings got the insurance goal on a counter attack breakaway by Megan Martin, who put the home team up 2-0 in the 71st minute.

Forward Krista Gommeringer led the Spartans in shots with four, two finding the target, while Cori Bianchini led the Vikings in shots with four, with three finding the target.

All-Canadian keeper Kristen Funk played the full match and made 10 saves in the loss, while the Vikings split the goalkeeping duties between Caitlan Plese, who played just over seven minutes and Lainey Hulsizer, who made six saves in 83 and a half minutes of action.

The Spartans will now head to Olympia, Wash for a match with St. Martins University on Thursday afternoon at 5 p.m.

TWU opens Canada West conference play on Friday, September 7 when they will host the University of Lethbridge Pronghorns. Game time at Rogers Field is at 5 p.m.




Trinity Western Period: 1Portland State
Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[].
00:00Lainey Hulsizer at goalie for Portland State
Kristen Funk at goalie for Trinity Western (Canada)00:00
00:00For PSU:#1 Hulsizer, Lainey, #2 Morris, Torie, #3 Bianchini, Cori, #7 Dutra, Amanda, #9 Brown, Eryn, #10 Howie, Amanda, #15 Cooney, Emma, #18 Martin, Carlie, #21 Henningsen, Kayla, #25 Bishop, Melissa, #77 Sporseen, Kajsa.
SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.00:15
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).01:23
04:22SHOT by PSU Emma Cooney HIGH.
06:14SHOT by PSU Cori Bianchini WIDE.
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).09:20
10:11Foul on Portland State.
11:32SHOT by PSU Cori Bianchini, SAVE Kristen Funk.
13:54Foul on Portland State.
14:19SHOT by PSU Eryn Brown, SAVE Kristen Funk.
16:11Offside against PSU.
17:00Foul on Portland State.
18:07Foul on Portland State.
SHOT by TWU Jenna Nunzio, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.20:24
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).21:28
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).22:56
23:18SHOT by PSU Melissa Bishop, SAVE Kristen Funk.
SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer BLOCKED.23:50
26:23PSU substitution: Lynsey Gaines for Kajsa Sporseen.
26:30PSU substitution: Megan Martin for Eryn Brown.
27:23SHOT by PSU Cori Bianchini, SAVE Kristen Funk.
28:52SHOT by PSU Emma Cooney, SAVE Kristen Funk.
32:29Foul on Portland State.
33:24SHOT by PSU Amanda Howie HIGH.
33:44Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[33:44].
35:42PSU substitution: Beka Lofstedt for Torie Morris.
35:50PSU substitution: Michelle Hlasnik for Melissa Bishop.
35:56PSU substitution: Whitney Hilde for Emma Cooney.
36:24Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[36:24].
36:43GOAL by PSU Beka Lofstedt (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Whitney Hilde, goal number 0 for season.
36:43pass across the middle shot from 20 yards out
36:59SHOT by PSU Megan Martin HIGH.
37:30SHOT by PSU Cori Bianchini, SAVE Kristen Funk.
Header HDR by TWU Caitlin Haines HIGH.37:30
37:34Foul on Portland State.
Corner kick by TWU Caitlin Haines[37:45].37:45
37:55Foul on Portland State.
38:15PSU substitution: Ariana Cooley for Amanda Dutra.
Corner kick by TWU Caitlin Haines[40:50].40:50
44:32SHOT by PSU Whitney Hilde, SAVE Kristen Funk.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Trinity Western Period: 2Portland State
45:00For PSU:#1 Hulsizer, Lainey, #4 Hlasnik, Michelle, #7 Dutra, Amanda, #9 Brown, Eryn, #10 Howie, Amanda, #11 Gaines, Lynsey, #18 Martin, Carlie, #19 Martin, Megan, #21 Henningsen, Kayla, #24 Greenwood, Lexi, #77 Sporseen, Kajsa.
For TWU:#1 Funk, Kristen, #3 Chin, Stephanie, #4 Dietrich, Jilian, #5 Pulice, Lindsey, #8 Webber, Colleen, #9 Boyd, Natalie, #10 Nunzio, Jenna, #11 King, Jessica, #12 Meyer, Tessa, #14 Gommeringer, Krista, #21 Castillo, Jennifer.45:00
45:07Foul on Portland State.
45:35Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[45:35].
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).46:14
48:31Offside against PSU.
49:22PSU substitution: Amber Fenton for Lynsey Gaines.
SHOT by TWU Natalie Boyd BLOCKED.56:27
SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer HIGH.56:34
Offside against TWU.57:26
Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).58:12
58:27PSU substitution: Whitney Hilde for Amanda Howie.
59:29SHOT by PSU Amanda Dutra, SAVE Kristen Funk.
59:39Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[59:39].
61:07Corner kick by PSU Amanda Dutra[61:07].
62:10SHOT by PSU Amanda Dutra, SAVE Kristen Funk.
64:29Offside against PSU.
64:44PSU substitution: Tamia Hasan for Amber Fenton.
TWU substitution: Alicia Tesan for Stephanie Chin.65:24
TWU substitution: Nikki Byrne for Jenna Nunzio.65:34
68:36SHOT by PSU Megan Martin, SAVE Kristen Funk.
Yellow card on TWU Jennifer Castillo.69:38
TWU substitution: Kristen Santema for Jennifer Castillo.70:21
70:40GOAL by PSU Megan Martin, Assist by Amanda Dutra, goal number 0 for season.
70:52long pass from 7 breakaway
72:26PSU substitution: Beka Lofstedt for Eryn Brown.
SHOT by TWU Nikki Byrne, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.75:02
TWU substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Jessica King.75:37
SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.75:47
76:22Foul on Portland State.
SHOT by TWU Nikki Byrne, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.76:59
77:20Offside against PSU.
77:41PSU substitution: Emma Cooney for Amanda Dutra.
77:55Foul on Portland State.
Corner kick by TWU Natalie Boyd[78:38].78:38
Corner kick by TWU Natalie Boyd[79:06].79:06
Header HDR by TWU Kristen Santema, SAVE Lainey Hulsizer.79:45
TWU substitution: Stephanie Chin for Natalie Boyd.80:42
80:49PSU substitution: Torie Morris for Carlie Martin.
TWU substitution: Sarah Hannigan for Jilian Dietrich.82:08
82:38Caitlin Plese at goalie for Portland State
82:49SHOT by PSU Tamia Hasan WIDE.
83:17Corner kick by PSU Kajsa Sporseen[83:17].
TWU substitution: Rachel Antoniuk for Lindsey Pulice.83:44
85:18PSU substitution: Ariana Cooley for Megan Martin.
85:23PSU substitution: Lindsey Millen for Tamia Hasan.
Header HDR by TWU Rachel Antoniuk POST.86:16
TWU substitution: Isabella Di Trocchio for Alessandra Oliverio.86:36
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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