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Scheduled Game: LETHBRIDGE*


Trinity Western (Canada)336« FINAL


Game Date: 9/7/2012Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 5:00 p.m.Attendance: 470
Referee: Joey Kenward, Asst. Referee: Noel Estacio, Ken Robyn, Alt. Official: Art Banenieks, Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
LethbridgeTrinity Western (Canada)
Goal Scorer(s)Krista Gommeringer (14) - 02:48
Krista Gommeringer (14) - 29:16
Jenna Di Nunzio (10) - 33:32
Jenna Di Nunzio (10) - 53:46
Jessica King (11) - 73:16
Alessandra Oliverio (6) - 90:00
Total Goals Scored06
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target019
Total Shots131
Corner Kicks16
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards00
Yellow Cards00
Other Fouls62
1Taura Willoughby (GK)906124,8
9Danielle Lagemaat900/00/00
5Brittany Wheeler900/00/00
11Cayley Fisher360/00/00
13Kim Shellenberg900/00/00
14Regan Aguasin900/00/00
16Jaime Nadeau360/00/00
19Keagan Moch900/00/00
4Kyllo Lemoal450/00/00
6Emily Felker900/00/00
10Stephanie Groten900/01/00
7Shannon Clark540/00/00
17Taylor Rypien450/00/00
18Kayla Wurzer540/00/00
Trinity Western (Canada)
1Kristen Funk (GK)90000,0
12Tessa Meyer760/00/00
10Jenna Di Nunzio*720/06/42
9Natalie Boyd800/04/20
3Stephanie Chin550/02/00
7Alicia Tesan630/00/00
14Krista Gommeringer*680/08/62
4Jilian Dietrich900/01/00
8Colleen Webber900/01/10
2Nikki Byrne830/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo780/00/00
11Jessica King*450/04/31
18Vanessa Wiebe120/00/00
25Isabella Di Trocchio140/00/00
16Kristen Santema70/00/00
6Alessandra Oliverio*450/04/21
24Cindy-Leigh Meyer220/01/10

Game Recap

Game Recap




LANGLEY, British Columbia – First-year striker Krista Gommeringer (Calgary, Alta.) opened the scoring in the third minute of play and the Trinity Western women’s soccer team simply rolled from there as the Spartans opened their Canada West campaign with a 6-0 win over the visiting Lethbridge Pronghorns Friday at Rogers Field.

The Spartans were the better team from the first whistle to the last as they never let up against an overmatched Pronghorns side on route to their most decisive Canada West victory in four years.

Following Gommeringer’s opening strike – in which Spartans goalkeeper Kristen Funk (Calgary, Alta.) sent her in on a breakaway with a brilliant over-the-top ball and the rookie forward made no mistake in finishing – the flood gates opened.

Gommeringer scored her second goal of the game in the 30th minute and then Jenna Di Nunzio (North Delta, B.C.) added two, in the 34th and 54th minutes, before Jessica King (Liverpool, England), scoring in the 74th minute, and Alessandra Oliverio (Calgary, Alta.), burying in second half stoppage time, rounded out the goal barrage.

The Spartans are now 1-0 on the season while the Pronghorns are 0-1.

“It’s a win and an opportunity for us to get a little more confidence,” said Spartans coach Graham Roxburgh. “Obviously in preseason we lost some games that were good games but now the regular season has started so it was a chance for some girls to get on the score sheet and get rolling. It was a chance to play with some possession and keep a clean sheet. But there’s still a lot of work to do so we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves.”

Gommeringer’s opening goal sent the crowd of 470 into a frenzy early on as she showed Spartans fans her keen ability to make runs while also displaying an early connection with Funk.

“Before the game started, Funk came up to me and said, ‘In the first 15 minutes I’m going to just hit one long and you just get behind their defenders,’” Gommeringer explained. “So she wound up and I went long and it went there and I slid it far side.”

Di Nunzio’s goals were also of note as she was held without a goal in league play all of last year.

For the second-year Oliverio, it was her first goal in Canada West play as a Spartan.

Trinity Western’s Funk earned the shutout without having to make a single save. The Spartans had a 19-0 advantage in shots on net and a 31-1 advantage in total shots.

Despite allowing six goals, Lethbridge goalkeeper Taura Willoughby was arguably the Pronghorns best player as she made 13 saves on 19 shots, including stymying the Spartans on number of quality chances.

Trinity Western will host Calgary Saturday at 5:00 p.m. at Rogers Field while Lethbridge will travel to play UBC also Saturday at 5:00 p.m.

Notes – Trinity Western's Kristen Santema made her return to the pitch after missing all of last season with health issues. She played seven minutes as a forward...The Spartans previous biggest margin of victory in Canada West action was a 9-0 win over Regina Sept. 26, 2008.




Lethbridge Period: 1Trinity Western (Canada)
00:00Kristen Funk at goalie for Trinity Western (Canada)
Taura Willoughby at goalie for Lethbridge00:00
02:48GOAL by TWU Krista Gommeringer (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Kristen Funk, goal number 1 for season.
02:48Long punt to breakaway LLC
04:03SHOT by TWU Natalie Boyd, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
04:19Offside against TWU.
05:39Offside against TWU.
07:33Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).
09:12SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
Foul on Lethbridge.09:49
12:14SHOT by TWU Jenna Nunzio, SAVE TEAM.
12:29SHOT by TWU Natalie Boyd WIDE.
Foul on Lethbridge.12:59
SHOT by LETH Stephanie Groten HIGH.16:37
18:33SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
Foul on Lethbridge.20:51
Foul on Lethbridge.24:16
Corner kick by LETH Emily Felker[26:31].26:31
Foul on Lethbridge.27:34
29:16GOAL by TWU Krista Gommeringer, Assist by Stephanie Chin, goal number 2 for season.
29:16thru ball, beat GK to ball, around to left, open
31:09Offside against TWU.
31:57SHOT by TWU Stephanie Chin WIDE.
33:32GOAL by TWU Jenna Nunzio, Assist by Alicia Tesan, goal number 11 for season.
33:32chip from RS over GK, two touch to open net
LETH substitution: Shannon Clark for Jaime Nadeau.35:50
LETH substitution: Kayla Wurzer for Cayley Fisher.36:02
Foul on Lethbridge.36:30
Offside against LETH.37:02
39:50SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer BLOCKED.
42:51SHOT by TWU Jenna Nunzio WIDE.
44:10SHOT by TWU Stephanie Chin HIGH.
45:00Corner kick by TWU Jenna Nunzio[45:00].
45:00SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Lethbridge Period: 2Trinity Western (Canada)
45:00TWU substitution: Alessandra Oliverio for Stephanie Chin.
45:00TWU substitution: Jessica King for Alicia Tesan.
LETH substitution: Taylor Rypien for Kyllo Lemoal.45:00
45:44Corner kick by TWU Jenna Nunzio[45:44].
46:09SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer WIDE.
49:10Header HDR by TWU Alessandra Oliverio HIGH.
50:00SHOT by TWU Jessica King, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
50:27SHOT by TWU Natalie Boyd, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
53:46GOAL by TWU Jenna Nunzio, Assist by Natalie Boyd, goal number 2 for season.
53:46up LS, shot to lower LC
54:33SHOT by TWU Krista Gommeringer, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
55:23SHOT by TWU Jenna Nunzio, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
56:07SHOT by TWU Jessica King HIGH.
57:28Corner kick by TWU Jenna Nunzio[57:28].
64:48SHOT by TWU Jilian Dietrich WIDE.
65:39SHOT by TWU Natalie Boyd BLOCKED.
65:49Corner kick by TWU Jenna Nunzio[65:49].
66:27SHOT by TWU Colleen Webber, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
67:24Corner kick by TWU Jenna Nunzio[67:24].
67:53SHOT by TWU Alessandra Oliverio, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
68:26TWU substitution: Cindy-Leigh Meyer for Krista Gommeringer.
69:32SHOT by TWU Jessica King, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
70:26SHOT by TWU Jenna Nunzio WIDE.
72:12TWU substitution: Alicia Tesan for Jenna Nunzio.
73:16GOAL by TWU Jessica King, Assist by Jilian Dietrich, goal number 1 for season.
73:16from LS to cnt box RS net
75:31TWU substitution: Isabella Di Trocchio for Tessa Meyer.
76:11SHOT by TWU Alessandra Oliverio HIGH.
76:43SHOT by TWU Cindy-Leigh Meyer, SAVE Taura Willoughby.
77:21Offside against TWU.
77:36TWU substitution: Vanessa Wiebe for Jennifer Castillo.
79:36TWU substitution: Stephanie Chin for Natalie Boyd.
80:07Corner kick by TWU Alicia Tesan[80:07].
83:14TWU substitution: Kristen Santema for Nikki Byrne.
83:56Foul on Trinity Western (Canada).
85:50Offside against TWU.
90:00GOAL by TWU Alessandra Oliverio, Assist by Alicia Tesan, goal number 1 for season.
90:00cross to far left post, hammered into RS.
End of period [90:00].90:00End of period [90:00].
End of period [90:00].-END-90:00End of period [90:00].-END-

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