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Scheduled Game: VICTORIA - CW FINAL


Trinity Western112« FINAL


Game Date: 11/3/2012Location: Langley, BC
Game Time: 6:00 pmAttendance: 230
Timekeeper: Scott Stewart, Scorer: Scott Stewart
VictoriaTrinity Western
Goal Scorer(s)Carsen Machin (16) - 74:42
Krista Gommeringer (14) - 24:36
Krista Gommeringer (14) - 67:17
Total Goals Scored12
Penalty Goals00
Shots On Target55
Total Shots912
Corner Kicks61
Penalties Conceded00
Red Cards11
Yellow Cards23
Other Fouls920
1Stephanie Parker (GK)90232,1
2Carly Branion-Calles820/00/00
6Jaclyn Sawicki900/00/00
11Jackie Harrison740/01/00
13Nathalie Scharf451/01/00
4Lindsay Hoetzel450/00/00
7Emma Greig900/02/20
9Mallory Hackett900/00/00
16Carsen Machin*901/01/11
20Bijou Leavins340/00/00
22Amy Lawrence900/00/00
8Janelle Smith450/00/00
17Allie Wiebe80/00/00
18Tessa Margetts560/02/10
27Sarah Douglas160/01/10
Trinity Western
1Kristen Funk (GK)90142,2
9Natalie Boyd900/01/10
11Jessica King570/00/00
12Tessa Meyer601/00/00
13Vanessa Kovacs900/10/00
7Alicia Tesan900/03/20
14Krista Gommeringer*901/03/22
4Jilian Dietrich900/00/00
5Lindsey Pulice900/01/00
8Colleen Webber900/00/00
21Jennifer Castillo901/03/00
3Stephanie Chin190/00/00
16Kristen Santema200/01/00
17Caitlin Haines70/00/00
25Isabella Di Trocchio170/00/00

Game Recap

Game Recap




LANGLEY, British Columbia  – For the second time in two years the Trinity Western University women’s soccer team has won the Canada West Championship. Led by Final Four MVP Natalie Boyd the Spartans earned their fifth CW title with a thrilling 2-1 victory over the University of Victoria. The win gives TWU the Canada West No. 1 spot at next week’s CIS championship, while the Vikes will go in as Canada West No. 2 and host. The championship runs Nov. 8-11 at the University of Victoria in Victoria.

Canada West Rookie of the Year Krista Gommeringer made the most of her opportunities as she potted both Spartan goals, while Victoria defender Carsen Machin scored the lone goal for the Vikes. Both were named their team’s respective player of the game

Trinity Western keeper Kristen Funk made four saves to earn the win, while Victoria’s Stephanie Parker made three saves in the loss. Each team finished with five shots on target, while TWU had the edge in total shots at 12 to nine.

With the Canada West banner on the line and national championship seeding looming, both teams put up a fast, physical and gritty conference final. As anticipated, play moved from end to end, through heavy rains as both teams gave no quarter in the battle for top spot in the conference.

Gommeringer opened the scoring in the 25th minute when she intercepted a Victoria pass between the backline, created some space, and sent a hard shot past Parker and into the left side of the Vikes net.

The rookie forward from Calgary got the Spartans the insurance goal in the 68th minute. Gommeringer took a beautiful pass from midfielder Isabella Di Trocchio to go in alone on the Victoria net. The Canada West point leader made no mistake as she put the Spartans up two with 22 minutes remaining.

The Vikes Carsen Machin was the lone goal scorer for the visitors as she connected on a Mallory Hackett corner kick in the 75th minute to bring the game to a frantic finish.

The Vikes, as Canada West silver medalists, will re-group for their CIS quarter-final match up on Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. against the conference winner from the RSEQ (Quebec), either Sherbrooke or Montreal. Trinity Western will face the silver medalist of the Ontario University Athletics conference, either Ottawa or Laurier, at 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 8.

All games from the CIS national championship, hosted in Victoria at Centennial Stadium, will be streamed live with live stats at

Match notes: TWU received three yellow card and a red card in the 93rd minute, while the Vikes received two yellows and a head coach ejection in the 50th minute…the Spartans were called for two offsides, while the Vikes had none…the Spartans have previously won Canada West titles in 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011…this is TWU’s fourth CIS appearance in the last five years…It is Victoria’s first appearance at nationals since 2008, when they last won the CW title with a 1-0 (4-3PK win over TWU in Victoria…




Victoria Period: 1Trinity Western
Stephanie Parker at goalie for Victoria.00:00
00:00Kristen Funk at goalie for Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by VUIC Emma Greig, SAVE Kristen Funk.08:23
09:04Corner kick by TWUW Alicia Tesan [09:04].
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
11:19Yellow card on TWUW Jennifer Castillo.
Corner kick by VUIC Carly Branion-Calles [12:21].12:21
13:30Shot by TWUW Lindsey Pulice BLOCKED.
Foul on Victoria.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Victoria.
Foul on Victoria.
21:22Shot by TWUW Jennifer Castillo BLOCKED.
21:25Shot by TWUW Jennifer Castillo BLOCKED.
23:43Offside against Trinity Western.
24:36GOAL by TWUW Krista Gommeringer (FIRST GOAL).
*intercepted off defender, open drive to top right
Foul on Victoria.
26:09Header Shot by TWUW Jennifer Castillo WIDE.
Yellow card on VUIC Nathalie Scharf.26:15
27:15Shot by TWUW Alicia Tesan, SAVE Stephanie Parker.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Victoria.
31:20Shot by TWUW Alicia Tesan, SAVE Stephanie Parker.
Foul on Trinity Western.
31:43Yellow card on TWUW Tessa Meyer.
Shot by VUIC Nathalie Scharf WIDE.33:23
VUIC substitution: Tessa Margetts for Bijou Leavins.33:57
33:57TWUW substitution: Kristen Santema for Tessa Meyer.
Corner kick by VUIC Lindsay Hoetzel [34:49].34:49
Foul on Victoria.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Corner kick by VUIC Allie Wiebe [37:04].37:04
37:54TWUW substitution: Caitlin Haines for Jessica King.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Victoria.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by VUIC Tessa Margetts, SAVE Kristen Funk.45:00
Foul on Trinity Western.
End of period [45:00].-END-45:00End of period [45:00].-END-
Victoria Period: 2Trinity Western
Start of 2nd period [45:00].45:00Start of 2nd period [45:00].
VUIC substitution: Tessa Margetts for Nathalie Scharf.45:00
VUIC substitution: Janelle Smith for Lindsay Hoetzel.45:00
45:00TWUW substitution: Tessa Meyer for Kristen Santema.
45:00TWUW substitution: Jessica King for Caitlin Haines.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Red card on VUIC Team.50:00
Shot by VUIC Jackie Harrison WIDE.50:17
Corner kick by VUIC Jana Yates [53:21].53:21
Foul on Trinity Western.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Header Shot by VUIC Jana Yates BLOCKED.55:50
Ball cleared off of the lineBall cleared off of the line
Foul on Trinity Western.
Corner kick by VUIC Jaclyn Sawicki [62:45].62:45
Foul on Victoria.
Yellow card on VUIC Carsen Machin.63:52
64:00TWUW substitution: Isabella Di Trocchio for Jessica King.
Foul on Trinity Western.
Shot by VUIC Tessa Margetts WIDE.66:51
67:17GOAL by TWUW Krista Gommeringer, Assist by Isabella Di Trocchio.
*through ball up right side breakaway
Foul on Victoria.
70:24Offside against Trinity Western.
71:27TWUW substitution: Stephanie Chin for Tessa Meyer.
VUIC substitution: Sarah Douglas for Jackie Harrison.73:35
Foul on Trinity Western.
GOAL by VUIC Carsen Machin, Assist by Mallory Hackett.74:42
*free kick from right side header in box
Shot by VUIC Sarah Douglas, SAVE Kristen Funk.76:07
Foul on Trinity Western.
80:35TWUW substitution: Kristen Santema for Isabella Di Trocchio.
Corner kick by VUIC Jana Yates [80:49].80:49
Header Shot by VUIC Emma Greig, SAVE Kristen Funk.82:01
VUIC substitution: Allie Wiebe for Carly Branion-Calles.82:27
83:27Shot by TWUW Krista Gommeringer HIGH.
85:06Shot by TWUW Kristen Santema BLOCKED.
85:30Shot by TWUW Alicia Tesan WIDE.
85:52Shot by TWUW Natalie Boyd, SAVE Stephanie Parker.
VUIC substitution: Shannon Elder for Janelle Smith.90:00
90:00Yellow card on TWUW Krista Gommeringer.
Foul on Trinity Western.
90:00Red card on TWUW Vanessa Kovacs.
End of period [90:00].90:00End of period [90:00].
TWU coach ejected from game in 48th-END-TWU coach ejected from game in 48th-END-

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